Meters (Electricity Physics)

Round Panel Meter

Code: PHEE0077

SO 65 (AC/DC Moving Iron Type)

Regular Panel Meter, Large Size

Code: PHEE0079

Size : 100 x 80mm
Ranges: 50mA - 75 Amps and 3V - 600V
Accuracy: + 3%
Case: Black Bakelite Case
Scale Length: 55 mm + 2 mm.
Size: 80x80mm

Square Panel Meter

Code: PHEE0081

Size : 72x72mm

Moving Coil Meters

Code: PHEE0083

Meters are designed for D.C. measurements to meet every need of schools, colleges and technical institutions. All meters are housed in moulded dust proof cases with zero-adjuster and have connections terminals.
Type MO-65 Round
Case: ABS Plastic
Accuracy: Class 2.5
Scale length: 50 mm.
Overall size: 100x90x90 mm. approx.

Galvano Meter

Code: PHEE0085

Moving coil D.C. only, with 4 mm. terminals.
  • 1-0-1 mA.
  • 35-0-35 mV.
  • 3.5-0-3.5 mA.
30-0-30 Sensivity 20 mA / Div. are also available.

Milli Ammeters

Code: PHEE0087

Moving coil, D.C. only, single range 0-1, 5, 10, 30, 50, 100, 500 mA.


Code: PHEE0089

Triple Scale, Moving coil D.C. only, with 4 mm. terminals.
  • 3V/15V/30V
  • 3V/15V/300V


Code: PHEE0091

Dual Scale, Moving coil D.C. only. Any rnage 1/5, 3/15, 5/15 volts.

Digital Meters

Code: PHEE0093

Portable type, having large display of 3½ digits, type LCD, power 9 Volts battery, accuracy + 1 digit, size 125x65 mm.

DC voltage ranges
  • 0-199.9 mV
  • 0-1.99 V
  • 0-19.9 V
  • 0-199.9 V
DC current larges
  • 0-199.9 mA
  • 0-1.99 mA
  • 0-19.9 mA
  • 0-199.9mA
  • 0-10 Amp.

Demonstration Meter Inter Scale

Code: PHEE0095

Housed in a ABS plastic case 300x150x300 mm with glass front and rear. Moving coil type with accuracy of + 2.5%. Basic sensitivity of meter is 5 mA, 100mV f.s.d. The meter can be used to demonstrate the working principle of AC or DC ammeters or voltmeters with the interchangeable plastic scales. DIFFERENT DIALS ARE AVAILABLE.

Dial Interchangeable

Code: PHEE0097

For use with Meter Interchangeable. Each dia, comprises a laminated plastic panel 315x115mm. with a sealed moulded box at one end which contains the shunt or voltage multiplier appropriate to the scale.
Code D.C. Current D.C. Voltage A.C. Current A.C. Voltage
PHEE0097a 2.5-0-2.5mA 0-1 V 0-10 mA 0-5 V
PHEE0097b 10-0-10mA 0-5 V 0-50 mA 0-10 V
PHEE0097c 0-10 mA 0-10 V 0-100 mA 0-15 V
PHEE0097d 0-50 mA 0-15 V 0-500 mA 0-50 V
PHEE0097e 0-100 mA 0-300 V 0-1 A 0-300 V
PHEE0097f 0-500 mA 5-0-5 V 0-5A Millivolts
PHEE0097g 0-1A 10-0-10 V Range
PHEE0097g 0-5A 0-100
PHEE0097i 0-10A 0-500

Mounted Joule Meter

Code: PHEE0099

A domestic electricity meter adopted to operate single-phase 2, wire C1.2mAx8.33 A 12V 50 Hz. 0.01 rev./J and dials reading in joules. The meter is mounted on a wooden bench stand input and output socket terminals. The aluminium disc rotates once for every 100 Joules with the consumption recorded on three digits calibrated 100, 1000 and 10000 joules per division respectively. The instrument records a maximum of 99,900 Joules.

Ohm's Meter

Code: PHEE0101

Ohm's meter is designed for measuring the resistance in electric circuits. It is housed in unbreakable case with front clear cover. The dry battery cell is fixed to stand from the bottom side.
SHUNT Type 0-2 KW SERIES Type 0-100 W

Demonstration Meter

Code: PHEE0103

In a rectangular transparent plastic case, provides clear view into the working of meter. Moving coil type, can be supplied as ammeter, voltmeter or galvanometer 4 mm. terminals.
Galvanometer Voltmeter Ammeter
30 0 30 0 to 5, 10, 50, 250V 0 to 1, 1.5, 3, 5A

Spot Reflecting Galvanometer

Code: PHEE0105

Suitable for Industrial Kelvin Double Bridge and Senior Kelvin Double Bridge. Galvanometer Resistance 125 ohms Nominal, Sensitivity 15 mm. scale division per micro amp., time period 2 second, critical damping resistance 1000 ohms and working voltage is 230 Volts. AC. 50 Hz.

Digital Multi Meter

Code: PHEE0107

D.C. Voltage 200mV-1000V +0.5% +2 digits
A.C. Voltage 200V-750V +1.2% +10 digits
D.C. Current 200mA-10A +1% + digits
Resistance 200Ohms-2000kOhms+0.8%+2 digits
Max. Display 1999
Display Size 16x48mm., 3½digits LCD
Range Manual
Transistor Test Yes Standard
Accessories Battery, Testing Probes with Instruction Manual, in case, CE Marked

Moving Coil Multi Range Meter

Code: PHEE0109

For DC & AC current and voltage. The operation of these meters depend on the reaction of the current circulating in the moving coil an da field of a fixed permanent magnet. Considering the operational nature and design of these instruments, the scale is linear. Since the direction of the movement rotation depends on the direction of the current flow (polarity) in the circuit. The moving coil multirange meter can be used on direct current circuit and also alternating current with a suitable rectifier inserted in the circuit.
Accuracy DC + F.S.D. & AC + 2.5 F.S.D.
Scale Length 60 mm approx. with knife edge pointer and anti parallel mirror scale.
Dial Size 80x80 mm, rectangular.
Moving Coil Multirange Voltmeter has following ranges DC & AC 0-5 - 25 - 50 - 100 - 250 - 500V
Moving Coil Multirange Ammeter has following ranges DC & AC 10 mA - 100mA - 500 mA - 1A - 2.5A - 5A

Ballistic Galvano Meters

Code: PHEE0111

Used for measurement of small quantities of electrical charge. Levelling Screws for balancing the coil. Coil with mirror suspended between long suspension at the upper end and a spring at lower end. Clamping arrangement for transportation. Consistent sensitivity over a large period. Strip provided for making it a periodic.
Res. in Ohm Crit. Damp. Res. in Ohms Sensitivity mm per m Coul. Sensitivity mm per m Amp. Time period in Seconds
100 300 1000 12 2000
500 600 1400 12 3500

Water Circuit Board

Code: PHEE0113

This is an analogue apparatus to illustrate electrical current flow. It consists of a large board on which is mounted a low-voltage electric pump, connected to 4 mm socket terminals, which circulates the water through the 'circuit'. The circuit is of clear plastic tubing connected to glass tubes of differing bores representing resistance. Across the 'resistances' is connected a detachable manometer to show the 'potential difference'. Following the resistance is a taper-ended tube discharging into a funnel so that the rate of flow representing the current may be shown.
Dimensions of board 590x320 mm approx.
Dimensions of manometer 275x155 mm approx.

DC Regulated Power Supply (Single Output)

Code: PHEE0115

  • PR 230 (0-30V / 2A), PR 231 (0-30V / 5A)
  • High accuracy, high stability
  • Overload & short circuit protection
  • Allow full scale long time operation
  • Voltage and current continuously variable within nominal value
  • CC/CV indication

DC Regulated Power Supply (Dual Output)

Code: PHEE0117

  • PR 240 (0+ 30V / 2A), 0+30V/5A)
  • High accuracy, high stability
  • Overload & short circuit protection
  • Over all output protection
  • Allow full scale long time operation
  • Voltage and current continuously variable within nominal value
  • CC/CV indication

Multiple DC Regulated Power Supply

Code: PHEE0119

  • High accuracy, high stability
  • Short circuit & overload protected
  • Allow full scale long time operation
  • Voltage and current continuously variable within nominal value
  • CC/CV indication
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