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Boss Head Die Cast Double "V"

Code: CHSRC001

For use with laboratory stand in school and colleges. Die-cast metal alloy, two V-grooves orthogonal to each other to accept rods up to 16.5mm diameter, which are secured through nickel-plated thumb screws.

Available in following types: Black Zinc Plated

Boss Head Die Cast Double 'V' Plastic Headed Thumb Screw

Code: CHSRC006

For use with laboratory stand in school and colleges. Die-cast metal alloy, two V-grooves orthogonal to each other to accept rods up to 16.5mm diameter, which are secured through nickel-plated thumb screws. With tightening thumb screws having moulded plastic screw-heads instead of plated, all metal thumb screws. Zinc plated die-cast metal alloy body.

Boss Head Square

Code: CHSRC011

Die-cast alloy metal body, accepts square and tubular sections up to 16.5mm diameter at right angles to each other. Will also hold flat articles such as rulers, magnets, drawing board metal / wooden strips etc.

Size: Dimensions 30 × 30 × 50 mm

Clamp Retort With Zinc Plated Clamping Jaws

Code: CHSRC016

Clamping jaws of Die-cast alloy metal, having four cork lined prongs to take articles from 2-90mm diameter. The design of the jaw ensures a firm grip at all angles of opening. Plated steel thumb screw for tightening the clamp jaws. Fitted with 15cm long plated MS rod for mounting on suitable boss-head.

Clamp Retort Three Pronged

Code: CHSRC021

To gain a strong foothold in this industry, we are devoted towards offering a wide gamut of Clamp Retort Three Pronged. The offered product is well designed by our professionals utilizing optimum quality material and advanced technology. This product has plated metal thumb screw for tightening the clamp jaws. Besides, we provide this product after checking properly on numerous parameters in order to assure its flawlessness.

Features: Longer functional life Anti-corrosiveness Require minimum maintenance

Clamp Retort Two Pronged

Code: CHSRC026

We have gained a remarkable position in the industry by offering a qualitative assortment of Clamp Retort Two Pronged. The offered product is two pronged cork lined jaws, comprises jaws of metal alloy pressure die-casting with other parts of brass plated. We deliver this product in well-defined time frame along with numerous specifications. Offered product is inspected in terms of quality so as to supply a defect free range.

Features: Dimensional accuracy Reliability Optimum finish

Clamp Retort Universal With Vinyl Dipped Jaws

Code: CHSRC031

With sincere intentions to preserve and uplift our reputation in the market, we bring forth a distinguished assortment of Clamp Retort Universal with Vinyl Dipped Jaws. These products are manufactured from the sheet metal, spring controlled curved jaws, enamel painted, two pronged & cork lined. Our offered products are completely checked by quality experts under strict parameters meeting all the standards. Customers can avail these products from us at nominal rates.

Features:Precisely engineered Elevated quality High efficiency

Clamps Retort With Boss-head

Code: CHSRC036

We feel immensely pleased to offer an exclusive quality of Clamps Retort with Boss-Head. The offered products having die cast alloy metal jaws with extension rod having die cast boss-head at its other end for mounting on suitable retort stand. These provided products are made using the latest techniques and excellent quality of material. Our products come with different specifications to choose from.

Features: Rigid construction High performance Elevated quality

Clamps Retort with detachable Boss-Head

Code: CHSRC041

Die cast alloy metal jaws, vinyl dipped, mounted on detachable and adjustable boss-head. The clamping jaws are rotatable about its mounting axis to any desired angle. Two Pronged, with spring loaded jaws

Test Tube Holder Wooden

Code: CHSRC046

Two wooden pieces connected together by a spring for opening / closing of jaws.

Specifications: Length about 18 cm Accepts tubes of Diameter 11-19 mm

Test Tube Holder Metal Strip

Code: CHSRC051

Two metal strips mounted in a wooden handle, with sliding collar and free end curved to accept tubes of diameter 22-32mm. Metal strips of MS, Chrome Plated

Specifications: Diameter: 22-32 mm

Test Tube Holder Metal Wire

Code: CHSRC056

Plated steel wire holder with finger grip and wire collar. The jaws accept tubes up to 40mm diameter and their alignment is maintained by a wire collar.

Specifications: Overall length about 16 cm

Test Tube Holder Cross Pattern

Code: CHSRC061

A pair of spring strip of hard rolled brass, mounted in wooden handle in cross-scissor shape.

Specifications: Accepts tubes of Diameter 12-43mm. Overall length about 225mm

Retort Stand Base A-Shaped Big

Code: CHSRC066

Made of rugged cast iron for extra stability, comes with a baked, chemical resistant, paint finish. The bridge between two support arms has threaded hole for 12.5mm diameter rod at the center.

Specifications: Length of side about 200 mm

Retort Stand Base Rectangular Steel Metal

Code: CHSRC071

A simpler, stable and economical base made of diepressed sheet metal with threaded hole for 12.5mm diameter rod at the center of one of the shorter sides. with 9.5mm Rod

Available in Sizes: CHSRC066-1: 160 × 100 mm CHSRC066-1: 200 x 125 mm CHSRC066-1: 250 x 160 mm

Retort Stand Base A-Shaped Heavy Pattern

Code: CHSRC076

A bigger, heavier, A-shaped base of pressure die cast alloy metal has raised bridge between the two arms. The bridge has a vertical hole with a plated metal tightening screw for vertical mounting of rods up to 13mm diameter. the design permits the mounting of even unthreaded rods. Provided with leveling screws. Length of side about 200 mm.

Retort Stand Base Rectangular Pressed Steel

Code: CHSRC081

Die-pressed, rectangular, steel base with threaded hole for 12.5mm diameter rod at the center of one of the shorter sides. Finished in blue. Base is recessed at the bottom with two shorter sides having rubber feet for added stability and preventing damage to the work-surface.

Available in Sizes: CHSRC081-1: 160 × 100 mm CHSRC081-2: 200 x 125 mm CHSRC081-3: 250 x 160 mm CHSRC081-4: 315 x 200 mm

Retort Stand Base Tripod Heavy

Code: CHSRC086

A heavier, more stable, cast iron tripod base, finished matte black, having central raised portion with a circular hole to accept rods up to 12.5mm diameter. Provided with a plated metal, threaded thumb screw for securely clamping the rods.

Retort Stand Base Rectangular Steel

Code: CHSRC091

Heavier, rectangular, stable, pressed sheet steel base finished matt black, hole for 12.5mm diameter rod is located at the center of one of the shorter side. Size: 200 × 130 mm

Burette and Funnel Stand

Code: CHSRC096

To hold one burette and one funnel simultaneously. Polished hard wood with cork lined jaws and moulded plastic screws. Base fitted with non-skid feet for stability.

Overall height 490 mm, Base Size 330 × 110 mm

Pipettes Stand Horizontal Wooden

Code: CHSRC101

Well polished hardwood, to hold 12 pipettes horizontally - 6 on each side.

Approximate size 23×26×12cm(H×W×D).

Pipettes Stand Horizontal Polypropylene

Code: CHSRC106

Completely detachable stand, moulded in polypropylene, is totally non-corrosive and unbreakable, and can hold a total of 12 pipettes, 6 on each side. This autoclavable stand has two sides attached to each other through three metallic rods coated with polypropylene.

Pipettes Stand Vertical Polypropylene

Code: CHSRC111

Stable, non-corrosive, detachable stand with heavy base, which can hold maximum of 28 pipettes of up to 14mm diameter. The base measures 225mm in diameter and a polypropylene coated square rod about 375mm in length is screwed on to the base. This rod carries two discs, upper one has holes for holding pipettes while lower one has pilot holes for supporting tips of the pipettes from where liquid drains out to the base. The distance between both the discs is adjustable according to length of the pipette.

Pipettes Stand Vertical Light Polypropylene

Code: CHSRC116

Moulded in polypropylene, the stand holds maximum of 94 pipettes and is rotatable about vertical axis for convenient selection of any particular pipette. The lower rotating disc has four concentric annular troughs with tapered sides and open bottoms, which cradle the pipette tips protectively and permits liquids drops to run off. The upper disc has grid pattern that corresponds to the bottom disc and keeps pipettes vertical. Stand can be easily assembled and disassembled.

Test Tubes Stand Polyproylene

Code: CHSRC121

Most commonly used test tube stand. Rack with six holes is supported at each end by a vertical column. The top plate has 2 holes for 25mm tubes and 4 holes for 16mm tubes with corresponding recesses at the bottom plate just below the holes. Bottom plate also has 6 vertical pegs for drying test tubes.

Test Tubes Stand Plastic

Code: CHSRC129

A single piece, moulded plastic test tube stand has 2 rows of 6 holes each to take up to 12 test tubes - 4 holes of about 25mm diameter and 8 holes of 16mm diameter. also has five vertical pegs for draining. The single piece moulding makes it long-lasting and durable.

Test Tube Stand Wood & Plastic

Code: CHSRC131

Comprises wooden base and top with single row of holes, without pegs. Clips together quickly and easily with two moulded ABS plastic supports - one on either side. Supplied flat for compact storage when not in use.

Specifications: Height 11 cm.

Can accepts 6 tubes of up to 21 mm diameter

Test Tube Stand Wood With Drying PEGS

Code: CHSRC134

Made of seasoned hardwood, well polished, with single row of holes. Vertical pegs are provided for quick drying of the test tubes. For Six Test tubes, with six pegs, two holes of 32mm diameter and four holes of 22mm diameter. For Six Test tubes, with six pegs, two holes of 32mm diameter and four holes of 22mm diameter.

Test Tube Stand 3 Tier Sheet Metal

Code: CHSRC138

Made of sheet metal, from thick 18 SWG sheet, 3-tiered construction. Made of Aluminium, Anodized,

Test Tube Stand Aluminium Z-Shaped

Code: CHSRC141

Made of metal sheet, Z type, new design, single piece fabrication, one row of holes of 30 mm diameter, the second row of holes of 25 mm diameter and third row of hole of 16 mm diameter

Thermometer Rack

Code: CHSRC145

Rack is used to hold thermometers in vertical manner and safely hold the tip of the thermometers. Max. capacity of 25 thermometers.

Stand Tripod Triangular Stainless Steel

Code: CHSRC149

Triangular top, made of Mild Steel wire. Lower end of legs covered with plastic cap to avoid scratching the work surface.

Size available is 125 × 200 mm (length of side × height).

Stand Tripod Round Top CI

Code: CHSRC152

Triangular top of thick sheet steel and mild steel legs. Zinc plated. Lower end of legs are bent outwards for stability and covered with plastic cap to avoid scratching the work-surface.

Size available is 125 × 200 mm (length of side × height)

Crucible Tongs

Code: CHSRC155

Metal wire, rolled flat at joint, jaws corrugated inside. Stainless steel, with Bow. Length 150mm

Tong Beaker

Code: CHSRC159

For the convenient and safe handling of beaker containing hot solutions and for pouring out the contents. The curved jaws are covered to provide thermal insulation to the metal body and to ensure firm grip. Overall length of tong 30cm approx. Made of stainless steel. Jaws covered with plastic/silicone sleeves

Burette Clamp Sheet Metal

Code: CHSRC161

For holding burettes vertically in a retort stand, sheet metal, diepressed with built-in boss head and spring loaded jaws covered with rubber sleeve. Single for 1 burette

Draining Rack Metal Wire

Code: CHSRC164

For general laboratory use. Made of thick metal wire that provides durability and ruggedness, completely covered with plastic layer to avoid any rusting of metal wire, ensuring longer life. Also provided with an arrangement for hanging on the wall.

Burette Rack Vertical Wooden

Code: CHSRC168

Rack made of polished hardwood. The tier wooden frame has upper tier with vertical recesses on one side to take burettes. Can take up to 13 burettes.

Rubber Cones

Code: CHSRC172

To use with buchner funnels of different sizes with a set of 7 cones. Made of durable rubber material.

Retort Ring With Die Cast Boss Head

Code: CHSRC176

Thicker metal ring with rod to support heavier objects, mounted on the die-cast boss head. Boss-head provided with plated thumb metal screw having moulded plastic head for securely clamping the bosshead to retort stand rod. All metal parts zinc plated.

Size (Inside dia) of ring: 55 mm

Retort Ring With Boss Head CI

Code: CHSRC180

Our rapidly growing organization is offering a quality-oriented Retort Ring with Boss Head CI. Circular retort rings with 'V' groove boss-head, complete in single piece cast iron with plated metal thumb screw. These offered products are manufactured using supreme quality material & modern techniques in adherence with the set norms of industry. Our provided products are thoroughly checked on diverse parameters so as to deliver a flawless range.

Features: - Reliability - Fine finish - Dimensional accuracy

Specifications: Size (Inside Diameter) of the ring : 55 mm
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