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Balance Weights

Code: PHMC0002

Polished brass, supplied with wooden block, as illustrated.
  • Capacity 500 gm. Comprising 1x200 gm, 2x100gm, 1x50gm, 1x20gm, 2x10gm, 1x5 gm, 2x2 gm, 1x1 gm
  • Capacity 1000 gm. Comprising 1x500 gm, 1x200 gm, 2x100 gm, 1x50 gm, 1x20 gm, 2x10 gm, 1x5 gm, 2x2 gm, 1x1 gm.
  • Capacity 2000 gm. Comprising 1x1000 gm, 1x500gm, 1x200gm, 2x100gm, 1x50gm, 1x20gm, 2x10gm, 1x5gm, 2x2gm, 2x2gm, 1x1gm.

Balance Weights

Code: PHMC0005

Polished brass, in hardwood case with hinged lid. Divided compartment with dust cover holds nickel-silver and aluminum fractions. With chrome plated brass forceps.
  • Capacity 1 mg to 100gm.
  • Capacity 1 mg to 200gm.
  • Capacity 1 mg to 500gm.
  • Capacity 1 mg to 1000gm.
  • Capacity 1 mg to 2000gm.

Masses, Slotted

Code: PHMC0008

Solid brass, Accurate machined masses placed on a plastic and metal rack with handle.
  • Set of 8: 1x10 gm, 2x20 gm, 1x50 gm, 1x100 gm, 2x200 gm, and 1x500 gm, Total 1100 gm.
  • Set of 10: 1x10 gm, 2x20 gm, 1x50 gm, 5x100 gm, 1x500 gm, Total 1100 gm.
  • Set of 12: 1x1 gm, 2x2 gm, 1x5 gm, 1x10 gm, 2x20 gm, 1x50 gm, 1x100 gm, 2x200 gm, 1x500 gm, Total 1110 gm.
  • Set of 14: 1x1 gm, 2x2 gm, 1x5 gm, 1x10 gm, 2x20 gm, 1x50 gm, 5x100 gm, 1x500 gm, Total 1110 gm.

Set Of Masses, Brass

Code: PHMC0011

Set comprises masses of brass with slots, brass hangers with hook. Fine finish, masses removable and replaceable on hanger.
  • Set of 9 weights, one hanger each of 10 gm. Total weight 100 gm.
  • Set of 9 weights, one hanger each of 25 gm. Total weight 250gm.
  • Set of 4 weights, one hanger each of 50 gm. Total weight 250gm.
  • Set of 9 weights, one hanger each of 100gm. Total weight 1000gm.
  • Set of one hanger 20 gm. three weights 20 gm. Total weight 100gm.
  • Set of one hanger 50 gm, nine weights 20 gm. One weight 10 gm. and two weights 5 gm. Total 250 gm.
Spare slotted weights and Hangers 5gm., 10gm., 20gm., 50gm., and 100 gm. are also available.

Masses Aluminium

Code: PHMC0014

Set comprises masses of aluminium with slots, aluminium hanger with hook. Fine finish, masses removable and replaceable on hanger.

Slotted Mas Set-Cast Iron

Code: PHMC0017

A set of slotted iron masses suitable for use with sono-meters or other applications where a large load is required. The masses and hanger are finished in black color.
  • Hanger and Mass each of 500 gm. Total weight 2.5kg.
  • Hanger and Mass each of 1 kg. Total weight 5 kg.

Slotted Mas Set Iron

Code: PHMC0020

Made from iron shaft with slots painted in black color. Hanger and Mass each of 500 gm. Total weight 2.5 kg. Hanger and Mass each of 1 kg. Total weight 5 kg.

Masses Iron

Code: PHMC0023

Hexagonal with lifting ring, Within international tolerance. Weights are 50gm, 100gm, 200gm, 500gm, 1000gm, 2000gm, 5000gm.


Code: PHMC0026

Weights of brass, Set of five, with hooks on both sides.

Electronic Scale 'Digital'

Code: PHMC0029

  • Strain Gauge Precision Technology
  • Capacity x Readability : 5000g x 1g, 3000g x 1g., 2000g x 1g., 1000g x 0.5g, 500g x 0.1g, 200g x 0.1g
  • Display Modes : g and oz (optional, upto four units)
  • Easy-View LCD Display
  • Low Battery Indication/Over-Load Indication
  • Auto / Manual Shut - Off
  • Powered By 4 x AAA Battery or DC 6V / 220V Adaptor

Baby Weighing Balance

Code: PHMC0032

A single beam scale, robust steel body with epoxy powder coated parts. The beam carries a sliding weight to indicate the weight from 0 to 5kg in divisions of 20 grams each. One hanger and one slotted mass is provided to increase the capacity of the balance. When only the hanger is suspended from the end of the beam the capacity increases to 10 kg and the reading starts from 5 kg onwards on the scale up to 10 kg. On adding the slotted mass on to the hanger the capacity increases to 15 kg and the reading starts from 10 kg onwards on the scale up to 15 kg. The tray is detachable and can be easily replaced in position by sliding on to fixed plate. Second scale is provided which reads 0 to 1 kg in division of 10 gms. Making the total capacity of balance 16 kg in to 10 gms.


Code: PHMC0035

Basic general purpose balance for students. The hangers have double hooks for specific gravity experiments, and pans are detachable. The balance is finished in black colour with chrome plated fittings and mounted on polished wooden base with leveling screws.

Balance Lever

Code: PHMC0038

A direct reading, single pan balance with its scale in the form of a quadrant. The arc scale is graduated in dual ranges of 0-250x 1 gm and 0-1000x5gm which can be set using the weight arm provided. Cast aluminium frame with all steel parts chrome plated. Levelling screw for zero adjustment.

Balance Spring

Code: PHMC0041

Dial type, circular scale, 6 inches with suspension and load hooks, with zero adjuster.
Capacity Sub-division
10 Kg 50 gm.
25 Kg 100 gm.
50 Kg 200 gm.
100 Kg 500 gm.

Balance Spring

Code: PHMC0044

Polystyrene bodies with large, easily read flat scales, zero adjustable device having anodized metal scale is provided.
Capacity Sub-division
100 1
200 2 gm.
250 Kg 2.5
500 Kg 5
1000 Kg 10
2000 Kg 20

Balance Spring

Code: PHMC0047

In graduated tubular aluminium, with zero adjustment, provided with top suspension loop and hook, with dual scale in Metric and Newton range.
Capacity Sub-division
100gm./1N 1
250gm./2.5N 2 gm.
500gm./5N 2.5
1000gm./10N 5
2000gm./20N 10
2000 20

Newton Meters

Code: PHMC0050

Plastic, tubular Newton spring balances. Each range is colour coded for convenience, and is graduated in both grams and Newtons. The spring mechanism is clearly visible and zero adjustment is incorporated.
Capacity Sub-division
250gm 2.5N
500gm 5N
1 Kg 10N
2 Kg 20N
3 Kg 30N
5 Kg 50N

Meter Scale, Hardwood

Code: PHMC0053

Horizontal reading, length one meter and width 25 mm. Double scale, one edge divided in inches and tenths and other in centimeters and millimeters also available graduated in vertical readings.

Rules Steel

Code: PHMC0056

Made of steel, graduated in centimeters and millimeters. Rule Steel is available in size 30 cms, 50 cms, and 1 meter.

Tape Measures

Code: PHMC0059

Both sides metric, or one side metric and other in feet-inches Fiber glass with PVC covering. Non-conducting, waterproof, washable, and water-resistant. Case made of zinc-coated steel sheet, covered with vinyl, & fitted with a flush winding handle. all metal fittings are chrome-plated. The Tape Measures are provided in size 5 meters, 10 meters, 15 meters, 20 meters, 25 meters, 30 meters.
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