Newton's Colour Disc

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Newton's Colour Disc On Stand

Code: PHLO0150

For demonstrating that white light is composed of all the spectral colours through the additive mixing of the colours. Comprising a multicoloured circular disc having sectors of various spectral color in proper proportions. On rotating the disc at sufficient speed, all the colours will be observed to disappear by merging into a single white colour. The disc has a friction pulley at the back touching the driving wheel with a handle. Complete assemblymounted on a stable base.
Newton's Colour Disc, smaller economical model.

  • Diameters: 150 mm

Newton Color Disk, motor driven

Code: PHLO0153

Newton disc 75 mm dia. mounted on the axle of a small motor, which is fitted on a plastic base-plate with connection sockets. Operates on 4-6 volts DC.
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