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Spatula, Plastic

Material : Polypropylene
Moulded in polypropylene spatula consits of a spoon in one end side while the other end is a flat construction with a knife edge.This edge is helpful in breaking up crystals of different salts while the spoon is used to draw salts from the container.

Code Length (mm)
CHMS0001a 150
CHMS0001b 200

Spatula, Flat & Bent


Code Overall Length (inches)
CHMA0005a 6
CHMA0005a 8

Spatula, Laboratory, One Side Flat, One Side Spoon

Stainless Steel

Code Overall Length (inches)
CHMA0009a 6
CHMA0009a 8

Spatula, Superior, Laboratory, One Side Flat, One Side Spoon

Stainless Steel

Code Overall Length (inches)
CHMS0013a 4 Flat Centre
CHMS0013b 6 Flat Centre
CHMS0013c 8 Flat Centre 8 Flat Centre 8 Flat Centre 8 Flat Centre
CHMS0013d 10 Flat Centre
CHMS0013e 12 Flat Centre
CHMS0013f 9" with Big Spoon and Round Rod
CHMS0013g 6" Nickle Plated

Spatula, Both Side Flat

Stainless Steel

Code Overall Length (inches)
CHMS0017a 6
CHMS0017b 8

Spatula, One Side Flat, One Side Pointed

Stainless Steel One side flat and other side pointed for scraping, chopping and breaking lumps

Code Overall Length (inches)
CHMS0025a 6
CHMS0025b 8
CHMS0025c 10
CHMS0025d 12

Spatula, Chattaway (Micro)

Stainless Steel, One end flat, other end bent up.

Code Overall Length (inches)
CHMS0029a 6
CHMS0029b 8
CHMS0029c 10
CHMS0029d 12

Spatula, Nuffield Pattern

Stainless Steel. With scoop at one end and narrow bent blade at other end

Code Length (mm)
CHMS0033 140

Spatula with Plastic Handle

Stainless Steel. One side spoon and other with plastic handle.

Code Overall Length (inches)
CHMS0037 7

Spatula, Ointment/Palette Knife

Parallel sided flexble stainless steel blade set in handle

Type A: Wooden Handle
Code Overall Length (inches)
CHMS0041Aa 4
CHMS0041Ab 6
CHMS0041Ac 8
CHMS0041Ad 10
CHMS0041Ae 12
Type B: Aluminium Handle
Code Overall Length (inches)
CHMS0041Ba 6
CHMS0041Bb 8

Spatula, Micro

Stainless Steel. One side spoon, one side flat

Code Overall Length (inches)
CHMS0045a 6
CHMS0045b 8
CHMS0045c 10
CHMS0045d 12

Scoop/Trowel Spatula/Trulla Spatula

Double ended with trowel shaped scoops for handling large quantities of material.

Code Length (mm)
CHMS0053 165

Scoop/Spatula, Micro

Stainless Steel

Code Overall Length (inches)
CHMS0057a 6
CHMS0057b 8

Spatula, Horn

Made of Horn. Rigid with spoon end.

Code Item
CHMS0065 Spatula, Horn
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