ASBN0005 - Binoculars 8x22, 10x25, 12x25 series roof prism

8x22, 10x25, 12x25 series roof prism, Rubber armored, fashion design, compact size, high quality optics. Ideal for outdoor activities.

ASBN0010 - Binoculars 8x40, 7x35

8x40, 7x35 Wide angle, long eye relief, Ideal for watching sports game, Customized color

ASBN0015 - Binoculars 7x50,10x50

7x50,10x50, Wide angle, long eye relief, in-focus, Strong body design. Customized color

ASBN0020 - Binoculars 7x50,10x50, 12x50

7x50,10x50, 12x50, Camo color rubber, strong design, Rubber Armored, Long eye relief, wide angle.

ASBN0025 - Binoculars 7x50, 10x50, 12x50 wide series

7x50, 10x50, 12x50 wide series, Rubber armored, plastic or metal body, Customized color

ASBN0030 - Binoculars Economy

7x35, 8x40, 7x50, 10x50, 12x50, Camo color, rubber armored

ASBN0035 - Binoculars Roof prism

Roof prism, Fashion and compact design, pocket size, High optical quality. Ideal to be used for promotional purpose

ASBN0040 - Binoculars 8x21 Poro prism

8x21 Poro prism, Fashion and compact design, pocket size, light weight. Ideal for outdoor activities

ASBN0045 - Binoculars 4x30, 5x30

4x30, 5x30, Compact design low cost.

ASBN0050 - Binoculars 7x50,10x50, 12x50 Wide angle

7x50,10x50, 12x50, Wide angle, long eye relief, large eyepiece, Fashion design, strong body, rubber armored.

ASBN0055 - Binoculars 8x40 Water Proof

8x40 water proof, Fashion design, nitrogen filled, strong body, water proof. Ideal for water activities.

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