Electricity & Electrical Circuits

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Code: PHEE0001

For use as series resistors or potentiometers. Open type slide wire type with a variety of resistance and current carrying capacity. Copper-nickle alloy wire is oxidised to provide perfect insulation. Three 4mm. socket terminals are provided. Supports are made of metal/bakelite. Diameter 43 mm.

Rheostats Single

Code: PHEE0003

With protected cover, newly designed, wounded with heavily oxidised resistance wire upon a tube. Fitted with 4 mm. safety socket terminals. Resistance + 10% compared to nominal value.

Resistance Ohms Current Amp.
10 4
10 5.6
33 2.2
33 3.1
100 1.25
100 1.75
330 0.7
330 0.95
1000 0.4
1000 0.5

Wheat Stone Bridge, One Meter

Code: PHEE0005

This substantial bridge has broad, heavily plated brass strips mounted on polished hardwood base. Terminals with 4 mm. sockets are provided. The 24 SWG constantan wire is stretched along the top of a meter scale in mm. and cm. Supplied WITH JOCKEY. Dimensions 1.13 mm x 80 mm x 50 mm approx. Wheatstone Bridge, Two - Gap Wheatstone Bridge, Four - Gap


Code: PHEE0007

Sodium Lamp with Power Supply

Code: PHEE0009

Solar Cell Unit

Code: PHEE0011

With motor, unit capable of rotating a small propellor, mounted on mini motor to explain conversion of solar energy into mechanical energy.

Mounted Motor for Solar Cell

Code: PHEE0013

This is a small low consumption electric motor on a base specially designed to run directly from the output of the solar cell and to illustrate the direct conversion of light energy to electrical and hence to mechanical. The motor spindle carries a simple pulley, 16 mm. diameter, and is capable of raising a mass of at least 4g. when powered by the solar cell.

Photo Electrical Cell Unit

Code: PHEE0015

Mounted on base, colour coded sockets, with circuit diagram printed for demonstration.

Photo Gates & Timer

Code: PHEE0017

These pair of photo gates is housed in tough moulded cases giving them excellent durability. The lamps operate on 6Volts with a special built in circuitry which prevents lamps from damage in case higher voltage is applied accidently. The photo gates can be connected by 4 mm. sockets to a timer and power supplies.

Electrical Whirl

Code: PHEE0019

For demonstrating the effect of electric discharge from points. The apparatus has a 60mm diameter, Three-pointed star wheel with all the points curved in one direction. The wheel rotates freely on a pivot point mounted on a short stand and the stand is provided with a 4mm connection socket on its round moulded base.

Copper Voltmeter

Code: PHEE0021

Consists of 3 copper plates with insulated cover and glass jar.

Voltmeter with Carbon Rod

Code: PHEE0023

Consists of two Carbon Rod with insulated cover and plastic jar.


Code: PHEE0025

Platinum electrodes, with two graduated test tubes, 10 ml. capacity. Mounted on a base with terminals.

Banana Plugs

Code: PHEE0027

4 mm. Pin, 18 mm. Long spring insert and hard plastic body. Overall length of plug 40mm.

Insulated Socket, Spin Free

Code: PHEE0029

Panel mounted, spin free with 4 mm. sockets. Available in Black/Red colours

Socket for Banana Plugs

Code: PHEE0031

Moulded plastic body 4mm. socket, threaded with fixing nut. Sockets are also available in Black, Red, Green & Yellow colour.

Crocodile Clips, Standard

Code: PHEE0033

Spring-loaded, serrated jaws, with screw to clamp end of lead held in tubular extension, both sides insulated. Length 50 mm. and jaws open 9 mm. Red Colour & Black Colour.

Bulbs Holder

Code: PHEE0035

Mounted bulb holder for easy connections to electrical circuits. Overall dia. 30 mm.

Circuit Modules

Code: PHEE0037

Simple circuit modules can be used to construct simple circuits. Very useful for younger pupils.

Worcester Circuit Board Kit

Code: PHEE0039

The kit consists of baseboard terminals, set of metal connection pillars and a number of clip-on connections strip and accessories units, enable a variety of circuits to be constructed quickly. Supplied with all accessories without cells. Operating instructions provided.
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