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Science could be made edutainment for students by involving its application. Science experiments are the most alluring thing for school kids. It not only helps the students in enhancing their practical knowledge of science but also paves way in creating interest for future scientific research.

As a school following contemporary education system it is indispensable to provide students and teachers with safe as well as useful laboratory equipments.

Different branches of science require different lab equipments. Getting all at one place is not a piece of cake considering the quality of the equipment and cost effectiveness.

Buying relevant and apt equipments for varied branches of lab for a school requires a lot of research. Keeping needs of the students in mind one can make right selection of equipments hitherto saving expense.

This is where "Science Lab supplies" comes for your help. It not only provides you wide range of laboratory equipments but also aids you in selection of equipments.

Science Lab Supplies is India's most reputed manufacturer & suppliers of all types of scientific & laboratory instruments including all types of Biology Models - Human Anatomy Models, Lab Hot Air Ovens, Engineering Equipments, Microscopes, Chemicals, Laboratory Glassware & Plastic-ware & Porcelain-ware, Medical & Surgical Equipments, Charts, Specimens, All types of Educational Teaching Aids etc. We have complete range for Physics, Chemistry & Biology. Our Products are being exported to many Countries all over the Globe. Our prices are very competitive and the quality is of International Standard. Our is a 100% Export Oriented Unit and ISO 9001 approved too.

Company PhilosophyCompany's Philosophy: Since the beginning, our business philosophy is based on exceptional service, high quality and value. We pride ourselves on exceeding the expectations of our customers, our employees and our partners.

qualityQuality Policy: It is our policy to attain a quality of product and service that surpasses our client's needs and expectations.

How are we different ?

The company's innovative approach, personalized services, impressive growth rate and 51 years of operational experience has positioned us at No. 1 spot. We are widely recognized as the "India's best source to import" because we don't compromise on quality in exchange for a cheaper price. We go beyond the mandatory ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 13485:2012 and CE norms to assure products of consistently good quality and effectiveness. Apart from product quality, we are also reputed for prompt delivery, buyers' friendly policies, and the team which includes some of the most experienced business and technology professionals.

Many importers in Europe sell our products under their brands. This itself is a testimony to acceptances of our core competencies in quality control, product design & development, prototyping, packaging and sterilization.

How we got started ?

Started as a small enterprise in early 1950's, the company got incorporated in 1989 and has since continued to expand its horizons to new markets around the world, providing quality products and the best of services. The present average annual growth rate in export sales is impressive 40%.

Quality policy ?

We believe in providing quality of highest level. The fact that we are in a business which is directly linked to the health and well being of the people makes us more responsible company, and no matter what, no compromises are made. No doubt, life is precious.

Not only our products conform to ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 13485:2012 and CE standards, but we also constantly exceed international quality norms. We boast of the most modern factories which have the state of the art manufacturing facilities. Also, rigorous quality assurance resources ensure stricter quality control.

Do you ship to my country ?

The company is currently exporting to more than 80 countries. The countries where we supply are marked in the following map:


Equipments necessary for school laboratory are:

Human Anatomy ModelModels of human anatomy- In today's world teaching students about human body parts is just not enough until you provide them anatomical models. Reading in books and viewing them in lab are two different things. To create interest and curiosity among students it's necessary to provide them with these models.

MicroscopesMicroscopes- Microscope is the centre of attraction for students in the lab. They want to see things beyond what they see from naked eyes and microscope makes it possible. Microscopes are of different types and of different standards. Here in science lab supplies you can select the one needed for the school.

Dissecting Lab Tools Dissecting lab tools- The collection of different and delicate tools used for dissection like needle, forceps, lab scissors, etc.

Specimen Studying Tools Specimen studying tools- Studying specimens with the help of these tools becomes easy and manageable.

Laboratory Safety Wears Laboratory safety wears- Safety precautions are the most important things to keep in mind while handling lab equipments. These safety wears helps students in carrying out experiments in an unharmed manner.

Chemistry Models Chemistry models- Getting accurate molecular models and chemistry charts are very important in order to maintain the standard of education.

Chemistry Laboratory Glassware Chemistry laboratory glassware- Not just the handling of beakers but also the quality of beakers and flasks are important for executing a safe experiment especially for students who are new to these activities. Good quality of glass is what makes these beakers, flasks and tubes friends of science lab students.

Physics Equipments Physics equipments- These are equipments which are safe and handy. Here you get all necessary equipments covering physics syllabus for primary to high school labs. For instance topics like Electricity and electrical circuits, magnetism, optics, electronics, electrostatics, etc

As Louis Pasteur once said "With no laboratories men of science are soldiers without arms." so here is the question do you want to equip your students with right arms or not? If yes, then make your school a destination for scientific exploration by availing appropriate, safe and cost effective laboratory equipments.

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