Sound Waves Oscillations

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Tuning Forks, Steel

Code: PHSW0001

Plain shanks, chrome plated/Blued. Best quality steel
  Frequency Hz. Note
A 256 C
B 288 D
C 320 E
D 341 F
E 384 G
F 426 A
G 480 B
H 512 C

Tuning Forks, Aluminum

Code: PHSW0005

Plain shanks, Best quality aluminium.
  Frequency Hz. Note
A 256 C
B 288 D
C 320 E
D 341 F
E 384 G
F 426 A
G 480 B
H 512 C

Brain Tuner

Code: PHSW0009

Tuning Forks, Iron

Code: PHSW0013

Round shanks, Best quality iron.
  Frequency Hz. Note
A 256 C
B 288 D
C 320 E
D 341 F
E 384 G
F 426 A
G 480 B
H 512 C

Tuning Forks, Iron Set Of Eight

Code: PHSW0017

Tuning Forks Planetary

Code: PHSW0021

Each tuning fork is individually stamped with the musical scale note and the frequency in Hz at the base of each fork.
Frequencies include(in Hertz):
  • 256 Hz- 7 ¼ " long, handle is 1 ¾ "
  • 288 Hz- 7" long, handle is 1 ¾"
  • 320 Hz.- 6 ¾ " long,handle 1 ¾"
  • 341.3 Hz.- 6 ½" long, handle is 1 ¾"
  • 384 Hz. - 6 ½" long, handle is 1 ¾"
  • 426.6 Hz.- 6" long, handle is 1 ¾"
  • 480 Hz.- 5 ¾" long, handle is 1 ¾"
  • 512 Hz.- 5 ½" long, handle is 1 ¾"

Planetary Tuning Forks Weighted

Code: PHSW0025

Tuning Forks Chakra Set Of Seven

Code: PHSW0029

Tuning Forks Harmonic

Code: PHSW0033

Tuning Forks Harmonic Weighted

Code: PHSW0037

Tuning Forks Chakra Weighted

Code: PHSW0041

Pair Of Tuning Forks In A Resonance Box

Code: PHSW0045

For demonstrating the production of beat frequencies. Comprises two nickel plated forks A (426.6) mounted on individual boxes. One fork is provided with adjustable mass by means of which frequency may be shifted from the nominal 426.6 When both forks are sounded a clearly audible 'beat' is produced, its rate depending upon the difference in frequency between the forks.

Powell's Wave Machine

Code: PHSW0049

For demonstrating longitudinal and transverse motion. Consisting of a number of eccentric disc supporting a series of metal rods on revolving the handle, transverse waves are obtained. Longitudinal waves are obtained with bent rods running in metal guide on metal base.

Tuning Forks, Electrically Maintained

Code: PHSW0053

On sturdy streamlined base with provision for horizontal or vertical use. Forks are manufactured from selected steel. Prong is 10 x 25 x 300 mm. accurate frequency adjustment, chrome plated, vibrations rate 60 per seconds. Electromagnet can work on 6 Volts. The amplitude of vibration can vary by sliding the electromagnet inside prongs. Complete with styled, mirror and counterpoise.

Melde's Apparatus

Code: PHSW0057

Designed to show the effect of vibrations in a stretched cord, and investigate the relationship between frequency, tension and density. In addition the provision of electrical contacts, opened and closed by the vibrating armature, allow the apparatus to be used as high speed changeover switch in. Comprises a thin steel rod armature, mounted in a clamp formed by a pair of 4 mm. socket terminals, so that its free length may be adjusted as desired.

Hand Stroboscope

Code: PHSW0061

A hardboard disc with twelve 50x3 mm. slots and finger hold, pivoted on a ball bearing mount which also acts as a convenient handle. Diameter of disc. 255mm.


Code: PHSW0065

This Stroboscope is small in size, light in weight, easy to carry. Although complex and advanced, it is convenient to use and operate. Its ruggedness will allow many years of use.

10 mm (0.4") LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) with function annunciation.

Parameters Measured
FPM (Falshes Per MInute)

2350 A : 50 12,000 FPM

0.1 FPM (50 999.9 FPM)
1 FPM (over 1000 FPM)

+ (0.05%n+1d)

Sampling Time
0.4 second

Operating Temp
0 40°C, Power supply 220V A.C. (default) 110V A.C.

220x130x115mm (8.6x5.1x4.5 inch), Weight about 1000 g.

Organ Pipe

Code: PHSW0069

Stopped, varnished wood, with movable piston marked with the chromatic scale from C (512) to (1024). Overall length when fully extended 840mm. May be used for investing the phenomenon of beats in conjunction with a second pipe of the same type.

Bell In Vaccum

Code: PHSW0073

For use on pump plate not less than 15 cm. dia. Electric Bell operating on 4-6 volts AC/DC, suspended on rubber cord in bell jar. Fine coiled wire connections to terminals mounted in rubber bung sealing the jar.

Wave Form, Helix

Code: PHSW0077

Steel wire close-wound helix 20mm. diameter, closed length 3 meters extending to approx. 9 meters, with looped ends.
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