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Spherometer-Disc Type

It consists of a small metal frame, supported by three legs fixed at the corners of an equilateral triangle. A screw of fine pitch passes through the centre of the metal frame. The screw forms the fourth leg. The main scale (or pitch scale) is marked on a metal strip fixed at right angles to the frame.This scale is marked in millimeters with zero mark at the centre (10-0-10mm). A circular scale is fixed to the screw head It carries a circular scale divided into 50/100 equal parts.The edge of the circular scale is very close to the metal strip and the metal strip is used also as a reference line for taking the circular scale reading. The disc & scales are brass lacquered & legs are made of steel black painted.

Code Particulars
CHMA0098a Spherometer-Disc Type, Size 1/100
CHMA0098b Spherometer-Disc Type, Size 1/200
CHMA0098c Spherometer-Disc Type, Stainless Steel, Size 1/100
CHMA0098d Spherometer-Disc Type, Stainless Steel, Size 1/200

Spherometer-Double Disc

It comprises of a circular metal table 50mm diameter with three accurately positioned black painted steel legs and ordinary steel screw thread working in long adjustable brass bearing. A circular scale is carried on the thread and a scale on the table, enabling the user take accurate micrometer type readings.

Code Particulars
CHMA0104 Spherometer-Double Disc
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