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GOWH0003 - Anemometer

Classic design demonstrates the operating principle of cup anemometers; cup rotation reflects changes in air velocity. Since this extra sensitive model responds to wind velocities as low as 2 mph, a standard electric fan may be used as the wind source.

GOWH0014 - Sling Psychrometer Kit

This kit includes a sling psychrometer with wet bulb, wick, and rubber band; and dry bulb thermometers that rotate on a plastic handle. No mercury filling.

GOWH0025 - Sling Psychrometer

The sling psychrometer measures dew point and relative humidity. It includes two thermometers, wet bulb wick.

GOWH0036 - Indoor/Outdoor Giant Round Thermometer

Large-display thermometer with 12" diameter is great for classrooms. The large numbers let you read temperatures from a distance. Range: -40° to 140° Fahrenheit outside and -40° to 60° Celsius inside. Includes keyhole slot for simple wall mounting.

GOWH0047 - Glass Barometer, Goethe Barometer

Indicates changes in air pressure quickly and accurately. The ball is filled with colored distilled water. Once filled the air trapped inside the ball is no longer subject to variations in atmospheric pressure. The liquid in the indicator tube, however, remains open to the atmosphere and is directly affected by atmospheric pressure. When atmospheric pressure rises, the liquid in the indicator tube is pushed down and an improvement in the weather can be anticipated. When air pressure falls, the greater pressure inside the ball causes the liquid in the indicator tube to rise, indicating that a deterioration in weather (storm) can be expected.

Sizes available for selection (height): 10cm, 13cm, 15cm, 17cm, 20cm, 25cm
Color choices of liquid: red, blue, green

GOWH0058 - Storm Glass, FitzRoy Glass

The liquid within the glass is a mixture of several ingredients to predict weather changing. The changes of the texture on the tube can predict the changes of weathersuch as clear/bright, rain/cloudy, froggy, frost, thunderstorm and snow.

Height sizes available for selection: 14cm, 15cm, 16cm, 18cm

GOWH0069 - Galileo Thermometer

This fascinating and functional instrument was designed in the 16th century by Galileo Galilei, who discovered that as a liquid's temperature increases, its buoyancy decreases. Each glass sphere is precision crafted, filled, and calibrated within 1/10°F. Accurate within ± 4°F.

Sizes available for selection (height): 15cm, 18cm, 24cm, 28cm, 33cm, 37cm, 40cm, 44cm, 56cm, 60cm

Please mention number and color of ball when placing order.

GOWH0080 - Weather Station Set

Put Gelileo thermomter and Goethe baromter to form a perfoct wather station excellent to measure temperature and atmospheric pressure and therefore to predict coming storm.

Sizes available for selection (height): 16cm, 25cn, 29cm

GOWH0091 - Dial Barometer

Diameter option: 70mm, 90mm, 108mm, 132mm, 180mm

Color option: blue, gold, yellow

GOWH0102 - Weather Station

Six-function weather meter tells daily and total rainfall, wind speed and direction, windchill, and temperature. Mounts on window.

GOWH0113 - Tru-check Rain Gauge

Measures from 0.01" of rain fall up to 5". Transparent, all plastic unit have wedge-shaped wall on which an easily read scale is imprinted. The gauge has inch markings on the front.

Anemometer Demonstration

Code: GOWH0200

This anemometer is useful in determining wind speed. Made of corrosive-resistant materials for prolonged outdoor use. One cup is coloured different for ease in determining the number of rotations..

Digital Anemometer

Code: GOWH0209

Digital anemometer is designed to measure and monitor positive, negative, and differential air pressure in a range equal to 0-10 inches water column. Other ranges are available: please consult the factory. In contrast with hydrostatic , which are typically bulky, fragile, and difficult to read and calibrate, Digital anemometer is compact, sturdy, and easy to calibrate. It is equipped with an accurate, easy-to-read LCD pressure display.

Anemometer Cup Counter

Code: GOWH0218

The Cup Counter Anemometer measures the run of wind past the Instrument over a period. The instrument consists of three semi-conical copper cups 127mm in diameter with beaded edges fixed to a central spider by three brass rods. The cups assembly is friction coupled to a vertical spindle, There is a small ball bearing at the top of the spindle and another ball bearing at the bottom. The cup wheel spindle is of stainless steel and connected worm gearing to a revolution counter mounted in a water proof housing. By observing the counter reading at the beginning and end of any period of interest the average wind speed during the interval can be calculated.

Digital Electronic Weather Station

Code: GOWH0227

  • Process & Display Data from 3 outdoor sensors through wireless 433 MHz frequency signal
  • RS 232 serial port for data output EI back light, clock, thermometer, Hygrometer, Dew Point, Barometer
  • Wind Display, Wind Chill, rain fall, 12 / 24 Hr forecast, weather forecast symbol, Built in Memory, weather alarm, PC COM Port Complete with all sensors & PC Software
  • Wireless Weather Station Touch Screen Display Transmission Of Outdoor Values Wireless (Max 100 m) Display Of Outdoor & Indoor Temp & Humidity Weather Forecast Tendency Of Atmospheric Pressure,Obsolute & Relative Pressure, Bargraph, Indication Of Atmospheric Pressure For Last 24/72 Hours,Rainfall Quantity Wind Velocity & direction,windchill Factor & Dew Point Programmable
  • Alarm Function For Certain Weather Conditions Like Temperature Alarm Storm Warning Clock With Alarm & Date Pc Interface With Software Download Of Up To 1750 Stores Sets Of Complete Weather Data El Backlight
  • DIGITAL Thermo + Hygro + Barometer (3 in 1)
  • DIGITAL Thermo + Hygro + Barometer (3 in 1) Model: KL - 501°F
  • Weather Station Sun / Moon Model WS-8025
  • Model: ABH-4225, Lutron Taiwan Make (4 in 1), Air Velocity: 0 40 to 30 m/s, ft/min, km/h, mile/h, knots
  • Barometer: 10 to 1100 hPa, mmHg, in Hg , Humidity: 10% to 95% R H, Dew
  • Temperature: 0 to 50% (C & F Combined)
  • Thermo - Hygro - Barometer, Dial Type (Weather Station), German (on attractive wooden Case), Wall Hanging / Table Model
  • Digital Barometer Model WS-7396, With Humidity,Temperature, With Wireless Remote Sensor
  • Digital Barometer with Humidity, Temperature, Germany (in & Out) & Clock, with Weather Forecast
  • Transmission Of Outdoor Temperature Via Transmitter Pressure Barometric Trend Table Or Wall Mount

Portable Weather Station

Code: GOWH0236

Portable weather station, you can measure all environmental conditions like temperature, wind speed, heat index etc. Our portable weather station can be held in hand and it is not difficult to carry it along.

Pocket Weather Meter

Code: GOWH0245

We provide a wide range of Weather Meter Pocket, which is a measuring instrument. These instruments are compact in sizes and predicts about the weather conditions such as humidity, speed and temperature levels of atmosphere. Our range of Weather Meter Pockets are useful for Hunters, Travellers,Mountaineers etc to know about the latest weather conditions.

Ordinary Raingauge

Code: GOWH0254

Rain Gauge is manufactured from non corrosive fiber glass reinforced plastic container. It consists of collector assembled with brass Ring. Funnel, Locking Rings and Base.

The Rain Gauge is supplied with 4 liter bottle and glass measuring cylinder. Rain Gauges are available in 200 sq. cms collection area.

Self Recording Raingauge

Code: GOWH0263

Rain Gauge is manufactured from non corrosive fiber glass reinforced plastic container.

Recording raingauges are used to obtain a continuous record of daily or weekly rainfall. It consists of a funnel-shaped collector at the top of the gauge and a float syphon chamber and recording mechanism just below it. the rain water collected by the collector is led into the float chamber. The float is having a central stud on which a pen assembly is fixed. The pen is moving over a daily chart wound over a clock drum. After every 10 mm of rainfall syphoning occurs and recording of rain starts afresh.

Tipping Bucket Raingauge

Code: GOWH0272

A tipping bucket rain gauge is used for measurement of rainfall. It measures the rainfall with a least count of 0.5 mm. Rain Gauge consists of Fiberglass body & twin buckets mounted on a horizontal shaft. It has two stable positions. The collector area of the rain gauge is 324 cm2 . Thus a volume of 32.4 cm3 corresponds to 1 mm of rainfall. The rainfall collected by the receiver reaches to one of the twin bucket through a funnel. The weight of rain in bucket causes the tilting of the bucket from position to another position and brings the other bucket under the funnel for collecting water. Every time the bucket tilts the small magnet attached to the horizontal shaft of the bucket actuates a reed switch generating one electric pulse. Facility for leveling the bucket and proper calibration are also provided in the Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge.

The pulses are counted by Digital Datalogger & stored alongwith Date & Time in its internal Memory. The stored data can be downloaded to PC in Datasheet format & analyze it using any spreadsheet software.
Models : 0.5 mm / 0.01 inch per tip

Automatic Rain Gauge

Code: GOWH0281

Automatic Rain Gauge Self contained battery operated data collection system for measuring rainfall.

Application: For measuring rainfall in dams.

Digital Rain Gauge

Code: GOWH0290

  • All the rain information you want - with none of the hassle of traditional rain gauges.
  • Exceptionally easy set-up with no wires or cables to string anywhere.
  • Unprecedented long-range collector may be placed up to 300 feet from the main console!
  • Self-emptying collector is the ultimate in convenience.
  • Stay informed from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Clear, easy to read LCD screen shows daily and cumulative rainfall, indoor temperature and time of day

  • 4-Line Liquid Crystal Display shows total rainfall, daily rainfall, indoor temperature, time of day.
  • Records and saves cumulative and daily totals for up to nine days in inches or centimeters.
  • Wireless, self-emptying Rain Collector has 300-foot transmission range.
  • Programmable daily rainfall alarm.
  • Indoor thermometer shows temperature in degrees C or F

Altimeter Barigo Pro525

Code: GOWH0299

Technical Specifications
  • Functions: Wind speed Display in: Knots, km/h, m/s, ft/s, mph, Beaufort precision: 0.1 m/s, 0.1 ft/s, 1 km/h, 1 kts, 1 mph, 1 beauf (max. resolution) -+ 4% speed range: 0,8 up to 39,9 m/s (144 km/h) measuring interval: every second
  • Barometer range: 220 up to 1280 hPa / 6,49 up to 37,8 inHg resolution: 1 hPa / 0,03 inHg
  • Altimeter range: -2.000 m up to 10.000 m / -6.600 up to 33.000 ft resolution: 1 m / 2 ft
  • Hygrometer range: 1% RH up to 100% RH resolution: 1% RH
  • Thermometer Display in °Celsius and °Fahrenheit range: -24° up to 60° Celsius resolution: 0.1 °C /0.1 °F
  • Clock I Stop-Watch I Alarm / Regatta Timer


Code: GOWH0308

  • Range 0 to 4000 meter, minimum reading division 10 meter.
  • Range 0 to 2500 meter, minimum reading division 20 meter.
  • Range 0 to 4500 meter, minimum reading division 50 meter.


Code: GOWH0317

  • Range 0 to 4000 meter, minimum reading division 10 meter
  • Range 0 to 2500 meter, minimum reading division 20 meter
  • Range 0 to 4500 meter, minimum reading division 50 meter
Round, dial type, range 0 - 5000 meters.

Digital Altimeter

Code: GOWH0326

  • Time Accuracy: +/- 60 second a month

Digital Compass
  • Degree Range: 0 to 355 degree
  • Degree resolution: 5 degree
  • Degree accuracy : +/- 10 degree
  • Direction mode: 8 direction

Altitude Meter:
  • Altimeter Range -703 to 4191 meter -2306 to 13245 (depends on Barometer readings)
  • Display range:-4703 to 8191 meter(-1.25 feel to 26865 (feet)
  • Display value = measure value reference value
  • Where reference value ranging from (-4000 to 4000 meter)
  • If measurement = 100 meter using altimeter set-reference stage can change display from -603 meter to 4091 meter
  • Altimeter resolunon:1 meter/5 feet
  • Bar Chart rate:05 min /15 min 130 min/1 Sour

  • Barometer Range: 601 to 1100 mbar/hPa
  • Barometer resolution: 1 mbar
  • Barometer accuracy: +/-20 mbar
  • Sampling rate: 2 sec(for First 15 sec), 1 minute (afterwards)
  • Bar chart rate: 05 min 15 min/30/1 hour

  • Range:-10 to 60 degree C
  • Resolution: 0.1 degree °C

  • Count up timer up to: 23:59 to 59:99
  • Timer resolution: 1/100 second
  • Memory size : 10 Split dates

Forest Hagha Altimeter

Code: GOWH0335

Forest Hagha Altimeter : For measuring the height of the Trees complete in case.

Stenvenson Meteorogical Screen

Code: GOWH0344


Thermo Hygrograph

Code: GOWH0353

Thermo hygrograph is widely used in storage rooms, paper storage and galleries to measure the air temperature and relative air humidity. This hygrograph is manufactured by our ingenious professionals using supreme quality components with the aid of pioneering techniques. Besides, the provided Thermo Hygrograph can be purchased from us at marginal prices.

  • Accurate result
  • Sturdy design
  • Long working life
  • Clear and wide screen

  • Temperature -15À°C to +65À°C
  • Relative Humidity 0-100%
  • Housing made of cast aluminum and chrome steel white finish
  • Glazing made of transparent synthetic material

Steel Discharge Boat

Code: GOWH0362

Steel Discharge Boat : With one pair of oars & rubbers.(i) Size 16 ft(ii) Size 20 ft


Code: GOWH0371

A fact is that evaporation rate is extremely sensitive. So, keeping this fact in mind, we have tried our best to make the top evaporimeter's with as much accuracy as possible. To keep you bliss, we charge only moderate prices for the high quality evaporimeter's

Temperature Humidity Recorder

Code: GOWH0380

Our Temperature Humidity Recorder is a user friendly equipment for the data collection of temperature and humidity. These Temperature Humidity Recorders are embraced with many special features such as 8-bit resolution, Record 7943 readings and Blinking LED confirms operation etc. In case of battery failure, it keeps the data safe with Non-volatile memory.

  • included traceable calibration certificate
  • easy user adjustment and calibration of relative humidity by means of optional accessory and PC software
  • variability of connection to the computer - USB, RS232, Ethernet, GSM modem
  • fast data transfer to the PC (full memory of 32 000 readings in approximately 30s)
  • permanent connection to the PC enabled, it is possible for data to download even during logging
  • large dual line display with special symbols, switchable
  • optional display of minimum and maximum measured values (reset of min/max memory from PC or by magnet)
  • dual level alarm is enabled for each channel, alarm is indicated by blinking of the value on the LCD display or LED
  • two alarm modes: instant or with memory (detected alarm is indicated permanently till alarm memory is cleared)
  • robust watertight case, easy installation, locking enabled
  • low power consumption - battery life up to 7 years, indication of remaining battery life, easy battery replacement
  • standard temperature sensor is Pt1000
  • combination of measurement of temperature and RH with two user calibrated voltage signals 0-5V
  • logging mode is enabled, if measured values are out of adjusted alarm limits
  • each logger can describe with text - maximum of 32 characters
  • each channel can describe with text - maximum of 16 characters
  • password protection is enabled to prevent unauthorised manipulation with logger

Wind Vane - Wind Direction

Code: GOWH0389


Wet Dry Thermometer Zeal

Code: GOWH0398

  • Maximum Minimum Thermometer Zeal
  • Wet & Try Thermometer Zeal (Round Bulb)
  • Zeal Thermometer 120c Zeal (Fahrenheit)
  • Zeal Thermometer 110c Zeal (Fahrenheit)
  • Zeal Thermometer 240c Zeal (Fahrenheit)
  • Zeal Thermometer 110c Zeal (Alcohol)
  • Zeal Thermometer 50c Zeal (Mercury)
  • Zeal Thermometer 110c Zeal (Mercury)
  • Zeal Thermometer 150c Zeal (Mercury)
  • Zeal Thermometer 250c Zeal (Mercury)
  • Zeal Thermometer 360c Zeal (Mercury)
  • Zeal Room Thermometer (Mercury)

Max Min Thermometer

Code: GOWH0407

  • We offer Max Min Thermometer
  • This is easy to use push button maximum/minimum registering thermometer.
  • Wall mounting housed in plastic case with instructions for use
  • Range -40° to +50°C and °F


Code: GOWH0416

Variable speed mixer to eliminate hand mixing. Holding tube against vibrating rubber cup does rapid mixing of contents. Speed regulator controls the degree of vibration. A unique touch feature operates the unit when the tube is pressed on the rubber cup.

  • Interchangeable adaptors greatly enhance the use of Cyclo Mixer for mixing in different applications.
  • Adaptor (CM-01/01) for mixing upto 18 Micro tubes( 6 x 0.5 ml, 6 x 0.4 ml, 6 x 1.5 ml)
  • Adaptor (CM-01/02) useful for tube, bottles or flasks upto a maximum capacity of 250 ml.

Water Current Meter Magnatic Type

Code: GOWH0425

Water Current Meter Magnetic Type : (Fish Type weight) complete in wooden box with accessories. Duly calibrated by Govt. Lab

Cup Type Water Current Meter

Code: GOWH0434

Water Current Meter (Cup Type), which are used for determining velocity of flowing water in open channels and streams. Made in compliance our Water Current Meter (Cup Type) is able to cater to any and every water current measurement need of our clients.

Construction and Working :
  • Consist of six cup assembly mounted on a vertical shaft
  • This shaft is held vertical in a yoke frame on two pivot points.
  • Yoke frame while holding the moving assembly protect its cups from damage from the Floating bodies in flowing water, he vertical shaft rests on a pivot point at the lower end, which is adjustable
  • The upper end of the shaft is held in at a pivot position inside the magnetic contact Chamber, which is made water tight by a cap.
  • The magnetic contact chamber is equipped with Two contact switches the terminals of which are located outside on the body of the contact chamber.
  • Only one switch is used at a time, the other is a spare and stands by switch and can be used immediately, if one goes out of order.
  • The other end of the contact terminal (earth) is the yoke frame itself and so a common earth terminal has been provided on the yoke frame.
  • The bucket wheel rotates in between two pivots in the yoke frame.
  • Each revolution of the bucket wheel makes a contact of the magnetic switch in the magnetic chamber which can be recorded on a counter. The yoke frame consists of a tail fin with a balance weight, which moves in a slot and can be adjusted at any place within slot.
  • The balancing weight is so adjusted so as to keep the current meter horizontal when suspended in water
  • The tail fin keeps the yoke frame with the bucket wheel to the upstream direction as the tail fin goes to downstream direction with the flow of water
  • The meter is suspended in water with the help of a suspension flat in deep water, and by a suspension wading rod in shallow water.

Pygmy Type Water Current Meter

Code: GOWH0443

Pygmy water Current Meter is used for Stream-flow measurements in shallow streams, flumes and small channels, where the velocity of water does not exceed 1m/sec. The principle of operation is based on the proportionality between the velocity of water and the resulting angular velocity of the meter rotor. By placing a current meter at a point in a stream by Wadding rod and counting the number of revolutions of the rotor during a measured interval of time, the velocity of water at that point is more...
Complete with accessories in box. Duly calibrated by Govt. Lab

Propeller Type Water Current Meter

Code: GOWH0452

This current meter is suspended in the water using a cable with sinking weight or wading rod and will accurately measure stream flow velocities from 0.3 to 3.5 meters per second with Multiple propellers. (Also available in measuring range up to 6 meter per second) Magnetic current meter has a permanent magnet mounted on its shaft. In every revolution of the cup wheel the magnet actuates the proximity resulting in one make and break of the contacts. You can connect this current meter to an automatic counter / Water Velocity indicator (Sold Separately). The calibration chart provided with the meter gives the velocity in m/sec

Automatic Counter For water current meter

Code: GOWH0461

  • Digital Counter:Electronic Counter with LCD display.
  • Counting frequency:Max. 20 pulses per sec, anti bounce input.
  • Counting Range:up to 999
  • Counting Resolution:1 count.

Prismatic Binocular

Code: GOWH0470

Features :
  • 20 - 120 X 70mm
  • 6 times high power zoom binoculars with fully coated optics.
  • Provides a good grip with non-slip material
  • Water Proof Standard Class A
  • Easy to change power by zooming lever
  • Black Rubber covering complete with semi-hard case and wide type neck strap.

Automatic Water Level Stage Recorder

Code: GOWH0479

Automatic Water Stage Level recorder: float type graphical recording with daily and weekly by electronic clock/ Mechanical Clock.

The horizontal chart drum of the type F automatic water stage recorder which actuated by float action through the float pulley and is rotated proportional to the changes in the water levels.

The Pen moves across the chart from left to right at a multi- speed by means of quartzes clockwork operated by D.C, cell. With 100 graph sheets and ink.

Humidity Sensors

Code: GOWH0488

These humidity sensors are a chief part of our meteorological instruments range. We provide these humidity sensors for indoor as well as outdoor use. The function of our humidity sensors is to measure the humidity levels in the air.

Whirling Hygrometer

Code: GOWH0497

  • Accurate temperature reading
  • Light weight
  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance cost

Ultraviolet Sensor

Code: GOWH0506

Specially designed for this model of UV Sensor provides good viewing of the flame and is also easy to maintain. The sensor is enclosed in a metal jacket ensuring mechanical protection.

Snow Sensor

Code: GOWH0515

Features & Benefits:
  • Minimum snow melting costs
  • No supervision required
  • Reliable snow sensing
  • Senses both temperature and precipitation
  • Application flexibility
  • Simple installation
  • Field proven in thousands of installations

Wind Speed Sensor

Code: GOWH0524

These High performance Wind Speed Sensors are considered to be one of the best option available in entire marketplace.
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