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Analogue to Digital Convertor

Code: PHMP0001

An excellent system for demonstrating the basis of digital communications. An analogue input in the range 0 to 7V is converted to a binary digital output in 1V steps (i.e. 1V is represented by 001, 2V by 010, etc.)

A switch converts the unit to 0 to 2V sensitivity so that low frequency sine waves from a signal generator can be digitized. The binary output is available at 4mm sockets for use with the companion EISCO Digital to Analog Converter.

A 12 V DC input is required from a separate power supply. The ADC has dimensions of 8 x 5 x 2.25 inches.

Digital to Analogue Convertor

Code: PHMP0008

This is great companion unit to the EISCO Analog to Digital Converter (PH1366). A 3 bit binary input (0V represents 0 and 5V represents 1) is converted to 0 to 7V analogue output. By using the two units together the sampling process can be demonstrated to show that information is lost during the conversion process.

The Digital to Analog Converter can be powered from the ADC or from a separate 12V power supply. The DAC has dimensions of 8 x 5 x 2.5 inches.

Planck’s Constant Determination Box

Code: PHMP0015

  • Determine approximate value of Planck's Constant
  • 7 LEDs from 470nm to 940nm
  • 9V power supply or battery required

Includes: (1) Determination Box
This apparatus is designed to determine the approximate value of Plancks constant using the elbow voltage in the characteristic curves of a number of LEDs. There are 7 LEDs covering from deep blue at 470 nm to near IR 940 nm mounted on the box with sockets for voltage and current measurements..By monitoring the voltage at which each LED just begins to emit light a graph of energy input as a function of light emitted frequency can be plotted and an approx value of Planck's constant can be deduced. External power supply for 9 volts is required or a 9 Volts battery with suitable connecting cords can also be used.

Solar Cooker Model

Code: PHMP0022


Spectrum Tube Holder

Code: PHMP0029

Newly designed economy version of spectrum Tube Holder fitted with 4mm safety socket. This Holder is having Boss head as well to allow its clamping on retort Rod. This Tube Holder do not come with Stand. Ask for separate Stand. Optical Bench Sliding with light Source with radius New design light in easy to assembled & dismantle

Spectrum Tube Power Supply

Code: PHMP0036

A specially designed high quality spectrum
tube power supply, designed keeping in view user's safety in mind. Complete assembly is housed in a sturdy and durable, pillar type sheet metal casing with indicator type ON/OFF switch and captive mains cable. All the connecting sockets are fully shielded to prevent electric shock. A pair of highly insulating,moulded plastic sockets are fitted – one near the top and other near the bottom to hold spectrum tubes firmly, while preventing the user from touching the electrodes. The bottom socket is spring loaded to enable quick and easy changing of spectrum tubes. Black metal panel behind the mounted tube eliminated distracting ambient light and protects tube from breakage. Operates on 220-240VAC, 50Hz.

Four Probe Arrangement

Code: PHMP0043

Four probe arrangement is used to determine the resistivity and hence the energy band gap of a semiconductor.

Spark Discharge Apparatus

Code: PHMP0050

Spark Discharge Apparatus. Demonstrates the ionizing effect of the radioactive emissions. A long narrow metal strip is mounted on edge parallel to and underneath a wire mesh, together form two long conductors with a narrow air gap insulation between them and are provided with a 4mmsocket terminals for power input. On applying high voltage across the terminals, a continuous spark along the length of the wire mesh is produced. The radioactive material source is located on the wire mesh while use. Complete assembly housed in a insulated moulded plastic box (240x130x40) mm approx. Operating voltage for the instrument is 5 to 6 kv. The offered apparatus demonstrates the ionizing effect of the radioactive emissions. We deliver this apparatus in well-defined time frame along with numerous specifications. Offered apparatus is inspected in terms of quality so as to supply a defect free range.

  • Demonstrates the ionizing effect
  • Precise engineered
  • Compact design
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