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Incubator B.O.D.

Design for low temperature incubation and routine determination of Bio-chemical oxygen demand (B.D.O). For work in lower temperature a cooling unit is provided at the lower portion of the working chamber and heating arrangement has been made in the inner chamber for work of higher temperature. The temperature varies from 5 °C to 60°C adjustable at any desired point by Dual Display Microprocessor PID Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controller with an accuracy of + 0.5°C.

Air circulation fan has been provided to keep the temperature uniform inside the chamber. Inner chamber is made up of anodized aluminium or stainless sheel sheet. Supplied with two/three removable perforated shelves. Exterior made out of thick mild steel duly finished in powder coating. Double wall door is provided with magnetic gasket and lock & key arrangement. Inner door made out of clear acrylic sheet allowing inspection of material in the chamber without disturbing the chamber temperature. Door operated inner illumination has been provided. Door operated inner illuminatio has been provided. Incubator to work on 220 V AC 50 Hz single phase.

Optional :-
  • Co2/ air mixer nozzale is provided.
  • Timer 0-24 hours
  • Internal illumination with 3 fluorescent tubes.
  • Automatic voltage stabilizer 3-5KVA (Most Rec.)

Code Size
SLEP0007a 455x410x610 mm
SLEP0007b 505x415x830 mm
SLEP0007c 565x565x865 mm
SLEP0007d 650x580x900 mm
SLEP0007e 700x650x900 mm

Orbital Shaking Incubator-cum-B.O.D

Orbital shaking incubator cum B.O.D incubator is specifically designed to controlled incubation with orbital shaking arrangement with powerful geared motor for many labotatory procedures such as tissue culture, fermentations studies, enzyme reactions, growth studies etc. The outer chamber is made up of M.S sheet duly powder coated & inner chamber is made of thick S.S. sheet. The gap between wall is fitted with high grade glass wool to avoid thermal loss. The plexi glass window provided to inspect the specimen without disturbing the inner temp. The incubator is illuminated with one door operated or panel operated flurescent tube. The unit has a temp. Range from 5°C to 60°C. The temperature is controlled by Dual Display Microprocessor PID Temperature Indicator cum Controller with a accurancy of + 0.5°C. Air circulation fan is provided to maintain stability throughout. The speed of shaker is variable from 30 RPM to 250 RPM. The tray of the shaker is also made of S.S sheet with lotus type clamps to hold flasks. The unit is fitted with Digital RPM meter, 999 min digital timer.

Optional Accessories :
  • Timer 0-24 Hours
  • Automatic voltage stabilizer 3KVA (Most rec.)

Code Size
SLEP0013a 16 Flasks of 500ml.
SLEP0013b 25 Flasks of 250ml.
SLEP0013c 36 Flasks of 100ml.
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