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Spanner, Double Ended Open Jaw

Duly hardened, nickel chrome plated. Each head set at 15 degree angle.

Codes Size (mm)
CHHT0001-1 6x7
CHHT0001-2 8x9
CHHT0001-3 10x11
CHHT0001-4 12x13
CHHT0001-5 14x15
CHHT0001-6 13x17
CHHT0001-7 14x17
CHHT0001-8 16x17
CHHT0001-9 18x19
CHHT0001-10 19x22
CHHT0001-11 20x22
CHHT0001-12 21x23
CHHT0001-13 24x26
CHHT0001-14 24x27
CHHT0001-15 27x32
CHHT0001-16 25x28
CHHT0001-17 30x32
CHTU0001-18 6 pcs set 6x7-16x17
CHTU0001-19 8 pcs set 6x7-20x22
CHTU0001-20 10 pcs set 6x7-24x27
CHTU0001-21 12 pcs set 6x7-30x32

Spanner, Bihexagonal Ring

Duly hardened, nickel chrome plated.

Codes Size (mm)
CHHT0009-1 6x7
CHHT0009-2 8x9
CHHT0009-3 10x11
CHHT0009-4 10x11
CHHT0009-5 14x15
CHHT0009-6 14x17
CHHT0009-7 16x17
CHHT0009-8 17x19
CHHT0009-9 18x19
CHHT0009-10 19x22
CHHT0009-11 20x22
CHHT0009-12 21x23
CHHT0009-13 24x27
CHHT0009-14 24x26
CHHT0009-15 25x28
CHHT0009-16 27x32

Spanner, Four Way Wheel

Made of carbon steel. Nickel chrome plated. Sockets induction hardened.

Code Size (mm)
CHHT0017 17x19-21x23

Spanner, Angular Wheel

Scale made of carbon steel. Nickel chrome plated. Socket induction hardened.

Codes Size (mm)
CHHT0025-1 17
CHHT0025-2 19
CHHT0025-3 21
CHHT0025-4 23

Wrench, Pipe, Stillson Type

Jaws angled against the direction of turn. Drop forged from carbon steel, hardened & tempered.

Codes Size (mm)
CHHT0033-1 8
CHHT0033-2 10
CHHT0033-3 12
CHHT0033-4 14
CHHT0033-5 18
CHHT0033-6 24
CHHT0033-7 36
CHHT0033-8 48

Wrench, Adjustable

Made out of malleable cast iron, nickel chrome plated or blackened, with or without dip sleeve

Codes Size (mm)
CHHT0041-1 150
CHHT0041-2 200
CHHT0041-3 250
CHHT0041-4 300

Wrench, Chain Pipe

Drop forged from carbon steel, powder coated, duly hardened with dip sleeve

Codes Size (mm)
CHHT0049-1 50
CHHT0049-2 75
CHHT0049-3 100
CHHT0049-4 150
CHHT0049-5 200
CHHT0049-6 250
CHHT0049-7 300

Plier, Combination

Drop forged from chrome vanadium steel. Polished with cellulose acetate sleeve. Induction hardened and tempered.


Plier, Long Nose

Drop forged from carbon steel. Polished with sleeve. Hardened & tempered.

Codes Size (inches)
CHHT0065-1 6
CHHT0065-2 7
CHHT0065-3 8

Plier, Slip Joint

Drop forged from carbon steel. Duly hardened. Nickel chrome plated with dip sleeve.

Codes Size (inches)
CHHT0073-1 6
CHHT0073-2 8
CHHT0073-3 10

Plier, Side Cutting

Drop forged from carbon steel. Duly hardened. Polished with sleeve. Hardened and tempered.

Codes Size (inches)
CHHT0081-1 6
CHHT0081-2 7
CHHT0081-3 8

Plier, Locking

Drop forged from carbon steel. Duly hardened.

Codes Size (inches)
CHHT0089-1 5
CHHT0089-2 7
CHHT0089-3 10

Plier, Circlip, Internal Straight

Hardened and tempered. Induction hardened. Nickel chrome plated. Double colour Dip sleeve.

Code Size (mm)
CHHT0097 175

Plier, Circlip, Internal Bent

Hardened and tempered. Induction hardened. Nickel chrome plated. Double colour dip sleeve.

Code Size (mm)
CHHT0105 175

Plier, Water Pump

Drop forged from carbon steel. Duly hardened & tempered. Nickel chrome plated.

Code Size (inches)
CHHT0113 10

Plier, Top Cutter

Drop forged from carbon steel. Black finish. Duly hardened. Head polished. Cutting edge. Induction hardened. Powder coated.

Codes Size (inches)
CHHT0121-1 9
CHHT0121-2 10

Wire Stripper & Cutter

Induction hardened and tempered.


Hammer, Sledge

Drop forged from carbon steel. Heads hardened and tempered. With wooden handles.

Codes Size Lbs (gram)
CHHT0137-1 2
CHHT0137-2 3
CHHT0137-3 4
CHHT0137-4 5
CHHT0137-5 6
CHHT0137-6 8
CHHT0137-7 10
CHHT0137-8 12
CHHT0137-9 14
CHHT0137-10 16

Hammer, Cross Pein

Drop forged from carbon steel. With hardened and tempered heads and wooden handles.

Code Size (gram)
CHHT0145-1 100
CHHT0145-2 200
CHHT0145-3 300
CHHT0145-4 500
CHHT0145-5 600
CHHT0145-6 800

Hammer, Ball Pein

Drop forged from fine grained carbon steel, duly case hardened, polished faces , powder coated with seasoned wood handle

Codes Weight (grams)
CHHT0153-1 115
CHHT0153-2 120
CHHT0153-3 225
CHHT0153-4 340
CHHT0153-5 450
CHHT0153-6 675
CHHT0153-7 900
CHHT0153-8 1120

Screw Driver, with Plastic Handle (Philips Type)

Nickel chrome plated with plastic handle. Made of spring coil magnetic tip.

Codes Diameter x length (mm) Tip Size (mm)
CHHT0161-1 3.25x75 0
CHHT0161-2 3.25x150 0
CHHT0161-3 5x75 1
CHHT0161-4 5x200 1
CHHT0161-5 5x250 1
CHHT0161-6 6x100 2
CHHT0161-7 6x150 2
CHHT0161-8 6x200 2
CHHT0161-9 6x250 2
CHHT0161-10 8x200 3
CHHT0161-11 8x250 3
CHHT0161-12 10x200 4

Hammer, Claw

Malleable or Drop Forged made out of malleable cast iron or Drop forged from fine grained carbon steel, duly case hardened, polished faces, powder coated with seasoned wood handle.

Codes Weight (grams)
CHHT0169-1 225
CHHT0169-2 340
CHHT0169-3 450
CHHT0169-4 675
CHHT0169-5 900
CHHT0169-6 1120
Note: Hammer, Lady Claw and Hammer, Claw, with Tubular Handle are also available on specific request.

Hammer, Club

Drop forged from fine grained carbon steel, duly case hardened, polished faces, powder coated with seasoned wood handle.

Codes Weight (grams)
CHHT0177-1 800
CHHT0177-2 1000
CHHT0177-3 1250
CHHT0177-4 1500
CHHT0177-5 2000

Hacksaw Frame

Size: 300mm

Codes Item
CHHT0185-1 Hacksaw Frame, Tubular, with Plastic Handle
CHHT0185-2 1000Hacksaw Frame, with Wooden Handle
Note: Different types of blades are available as per requirements.

Screw Driver, Plastic Handle (Flat Type)

Nickel chrome plated with plastic handle. Made of spring coil magnetic tip

Codes Diameter x length (mm) Tip Size (mm)
CHHT0193-1 3.25x65 3.25x0.5
CHHT0193-2 3.25x75 3.25x0.5
CHHT0193-3 3.25x100 3.25x0.5
CHHT0193-4 4.5x75 4.5x0.6
CHHT0193-5 4.5x100 4.5x0.6
CHHT0193-6 4.5x150 4.5x0.6
CHHT0193-7 6x75 6x0.8
CHHT0193-8 6x100 6x0.8
CHHT0193-9 6x125 6x0.8
CHHT0193-10 6x150 6x0.8
CHHT0193-11 6x200 6x0.8
CHHT0193-12 6x250 6x0.8
CHHT0193-13 8x125 8x1.2
CHHT0193-14 8x150 8x1.2
CHHT0193-15 8x175 8x1.2
CHHT0193-16 8x200 8x1.2
CHHT0193-17 8x250 8x1.2
CHHT0193-18 8x300 8x1.2
CHHT0193-19 10x200 10x1.5
CHHT0193-20 10x250 10x1.5
CHHT0193-21 10x300 10x1.5
CHHT0193-22 10x350 10x1.5
CHHT0193-23 10x400 10x1.5
CHHT0193-24 10x450 10x1.5

Screw Driver, Reversible

Nickel chrome plated with plastic handle. Made of spring coil magnetic tip.

Codes Diameter x length (mm) Tip Size (mm)
CHHT0201-1 6x100 6x0.8
CHHT0201-2 6x150 6x0.8
CHHT0201-3 6x250 6x0.8

Screw Driver, Electrical, With Neon Bulbs

Special with neon bulbs.

Codes Size (mm)
CHHT0209-1 125 mm Insulated
CHHT0209-2 175 mm Insulated

Screw Driver Kit

With neon line tester. Plastic case. Extension rod. Philip head No. 0.1 & 2. Flat blade 3mm, 5mm & 6mm. Pocker. Cellulose acetate handle. Std Pkg 40 pcs

Code Item
CHHT0217 Screw Driver Kit

Precision Screw Driver Kit

27 Pcs. CRV bits. Rubber grip. Durable plastic box. Attractive blister packing

Code Item
CHHT0225 Precision Screw Driver Kit

Pincer, Carbon Steel, with Dip Sleeve

Drop forged from carbon steel. Duly hardened. Head polished cutting edge. Induction hardened.

Codes Size (inches)
CHHT0233-1 6
CHHT0233-2 7
CHHT0233-3 8
CHHT0233-4 10


Malleable iron with square cut thread clamping bolt. Swivel head on bolt adapts itself to any angle of grip.

Codes Size (inches)
CHHT0241-1 2
CHHT0241-2 3
CHHT0241-3 4
CHHT0241-4 5
CHHT0241-5 6
CHHT0241-6 8
CHHT0241-7 10
CHHT0241-8 12

Jack Plane

Made from fine grey seasoned iron castings. Induction hardened and ground EN-42 steel blade. Polished and laquered to high finish. Nickel chrome plated. Polished plate.

Code Size (inches)/ No.
CHHT0249-1 8/No.3
CHHT0249-2 9/No.4
CHHT0249-3 14/No.5
CHHT0249-4 18/No.6
CHHT0249-5 22/No.7

Bit Driver


Codes Dia x length (mm)
CHHT0257-1 3.0x125
CHHT0257-2 4.0x125
CHHT0257-3 4.5x125
CHHT0257-4 5x125
CHHT0257-5 5.5x125
CHHT0257-6 6.0x125
CHHT0257-7 6.5x125
CHHT0257-8 7.0x125
CHHT0257-9 7.5x125
CHHT0257-10 8x125
CHHT0257-11 9.0x125
CHHT0257-12 10x125
CHHT0257-13 11x125
CHHT0257-14 12x125
CHHT0257-15 13x125
CHHT0257-16 14x125

Flower Cutter

Die Alloy. With carbon steel blades.

Code Size (mm)
CHHT0265 200

Oil Can Tin Plate Steel Pump


Codes Size (mm)
CHHT0273-1 1/4
CHHT0273-2 1/2
CHHT0273-3 3/4
CHHT0273-4 1

Grease Gun- Lever


Codes Capacity (Oz)
CHHT0281-1 10
CHHT0281-2 15

Bench Vice


Codes Size (Inches) Weight (Kg)
CHHT0289-1 4 6
CHHT0289-2 5 10
CHHT0289-3 6 12.5
CHHT0289-4 8 15
Note: Bench Vice with fixed base and swivel base are also available.

Hand Drill Machine


Codes Size (Inches)
CHHT0297-1 1/4
CHHT0297-2 3/8

Try Square

Made of carbon steel. Graduation in cms./inches.

Codes Size (Inches)
CHHT0305-1 6
CHHT0305-2 8
CHHT0305-3 10
CHHT0305-4 12
CHHT0305-5 14
CHHT0305-6 16

Hex Allen Key

Champhered heads. Chrome vanadium steel. Black finish. Fully heat treated 48-52 HRC.

Codes Size (mm)
CHHT0313-1 1.5
CHHT0313-2 2
CHHT0313-3 2.5
CHHT0313-4 3
CHHT0313-5 4
CHHT0313-6 5
CHHT0313-7 6
CHHT0313-8 7
CHHT0313-9 8
CHHT0313-10 10
CHHT0313-11 12
CHHT0313-12 14
CHHT0313-13 17
CHHT0313-14 19
CHHT0313-15 22

Bolt Cutter

Drop forged jaws. Inducted cutting edges. Inactivation finishing on blades. Adjust by book size bolt

Codes Size (inches)
CHHT0321-1 14
CHHT0321-2 18
CHHT0321-3 24
CHHT0321-4 30
CHHT0321-5 36
CHHT0321-6 42

3/4" Driver Bi-Hex Carbon Steel Socket

14 Pcs. Set: 10 Sockets + 4 Accessories. Square drive with knurling, Material: Carbon steel, Finish: Mirror finish. (T-bar,Ratchet handle, Extn Bars(2)

Code Item
CHHT0329 3/4" Driver Bi-Hex Carbon Steel Socket


Each file has about 100mm length of cut. Supplied without handles.

Codes Item
CHHT0337-1 File, Wide Flat, 12mm
CHHT0337-2 File, Wide Pillar with safe edge, 12mm
CHHT0337-3 File, Wide Half round, 10mm
CHHT0337-4 File, Wide Triangular, 8mm
CHHT0337-5 File, Wide Square, 4mm
CHHT0337-6 File, Round, 4mm Diameter
CHHT0337-7 File, Triangular, 150mm length, slim tapper, second cut
Note: Customized size also available on specific request.
Note: Different types of blades are also available as per requirements.

Drill Set

Consist of drills for hand and portable electric drills, metric and imperial ranges are available. Nicely packed in plastic case.

Codes Item
CHHT0345-1 High speed steel- set of 10, 1/16" to 1/4"
CHHT0345-2 Carbon Steel- set of 10, 1/16" to 1/4"
CHHT0345-3 Superior- set of 13 drill sizes

Glass Writing Diamond

Mounted securely on brass stem in wooden/plastic handle. Overall length is 150mm.


Chisels, Wood, Bevel Edge

Made from steel with wooden handle.

Codes Blade Width (mm)
CHHT0361-1 6.25
CHHT0361-2 9.4
CHHT0361-3 12.5
CHHT0361-4 15.6
CHHT0361-5 18.7
CHHT0361-6 22
CHHT0361-7 25


Provided with morticed handle. Size is approx. 112mm.

Code Item
CHHT0369 Mallet

Cutter With Disposable Blades

Plastic body cutter having a continuous blade which is advanced by a side mechanism. Length is approx 140mm.

Code Item
CHHT0377 Cutter With Disposable Blades

Tool Kit, 6 Items

  • Combination Plier C.S(8")
  • DOE Spanner C.V.- 6 Pcs.Set
  • Water Pump Plier(Box Type C.V.)-10"
  • Claw hammer(with tubular handle)-1/2Lb
  • Water pump plier C.V.(BOx type)-10"
  • Flower cutter-8"

Code Item
CHHT0385 Tool Kit, 6 Items

Tool Kit, General Purpose

  • Adjustable wrench with sleeve-12"
  • Combination plier C.S. with sleeve-8"
  • Pipe wrench stillson type painted-12"
  • Screw driver reversible-4"
  • Ball pein hammer with wooden handle-1/2 Lbs.

Code Item
CHHT0393 Tool Kit, General Purpose

Cantilever Tool Box

  • Overall Size (mm)- 460x200x200mm
  • Gross weight: (3.12 Kg)
  • 18" with 5 Trays
  • Two Handles. Colour: Yellow & Black.

Code Item
CHHT0401 Cantilever Tool Box
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