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Dip Circle

Code: PHMG0004

The case is made of aluminium, strongly mangetised cobalt steel needle fitted with imported hard axle rolls on knife edges agates and can be clamped when desired by a V clamp, a sensitive spirit level is provided. The tripod stand is provided with three levelling screws.

Tangent Galvanometer

Code: PHMG0008

The plastic ring or bobbin, 162.5 mm overall diameter wound with three coils of insulated copper wire with 2, 50 and 500 turns mounted on bakelite moulded platform fitted with 4 terminals, rotating on a tripod non-magnetic metal base, supported by levelling screws. Complete with compass box (Magnetometer) mounted at the centre of the ring.


Code: PHMG0012

Comprising a stout metal box, 100mm. diameter, with aluminium dial graduated in degrees 0-90 four times, anti-parallex mirror slot.

Magnetic Needles

Code: PHMG0016

Carbon steel with brass cup bearing for pivoting.
A B C (Length (mm))
50 75 100

Stand Magnetic Needle

Code: PHMG0020

Non-magnetic metal pillar with carbon steel point, on stable base, overall height 110 mm.


Code: PHMG0024

A small compass in a metal case, 45 mm. dia. marked in degree with N & S indications.

Ring Magnetic Ceramic

Code: PHMG0028

  • 32x16x8mm.
  • 36x18x6mm.
  • 36x18x8mm.
  • 45x22x8mm.
  • 45x22x11mm.
  • 53x24x10mm.
  • 72x32x10mm.

Bar Magnets

Code: PHMG0032

Chrome Steel, in Pairs, half Red/Blue painted with keepers. Dimensions are nominal.
Size :
  • 37x12x5 mm.
  • 50x12x5 mm.
  • 75x12x5 mm.
  • 100x12x5 mm.
  • 150x12x5 mm.

Bar Magnets

Code: PHMG0036

Dimensions are nominal. supplied in cardboard boxes.

Horsheshoe Magnets

Code: PHMG0040

Chrome steel, with keepers, dimensions are nominal.
Size :
  • 50x12x5 mm.
  • 75x12x5 mm.
  • 100x12x5 mm.
  • 150x12x5 mm.

Horsheshoe Magnets

Code: PHMG0044

ALINCO, with keepers. Dimensions are nominal. Supplied in cardboard boxes.
  • 50x12x15 mm.
  • 75x12x15 mm.
  • 100x12x15 mm.

Cylinderical Magnets

Code: PHMG0048

Chrome Steel, 12mm. diameter, in Pairs.
  • Length 50mm.
  • Length 100mm.
  • Length 150mm.

U-Shape Magnet

Code: PHMG0052

ALINCO, with keepers. Dimensions are nominal. Supplied in card board boxes.
Size (mm) Center Gap Lifting Power
37x13x10 18mm. 350 gms.
50x13x10 18mm. 500 gms.
75x13x10 18mm. 500 gms.


Code: PHMG0056

Lifting type. Built with a coil of 300 turns of insulated copper wire. Operates on 6-12 volts and will easily lift 15 kg. when energised by a current of 6-8 amperes. Complete with disc armature.

Electromagnetism Coil

Code: PHMG0060

Output variable from 100V to 5KV DC at 50 A, 6.3V AC at 2A, separate earthing terminal.

Demonstration Induction Coil

Code: PHMG0064

With primary of heavy gauge enamelled copper wire, approximate resistance 0.5 ohms wound on former 110x30 mm. length x diameter. Secondary coil of fine enamelled copper wire, approximately resistance 100 ohms on former 120 x 82 mm. length x diameter. Both coils fitted with 4 mm. sockets. Iron core 160x15 mm. length x diameter.

Barlow's Wheel

Code: PHMG0068

For demonstrating the conversion of electric energy into mechanical energy. Star-shaped copper disc rotatable vertically on pair of adjustable centers and dipping into mercury trough between the vertical limbs of a small horseshoe magnet on a wood base. Disc adjustable vertically on metal pillar which is connected to one of two terminals mounted on base. The other terminal is connected to the mercury trough. The apparatus will operates on 4 volts at which voltage it takes 1.8 amps, with out battery.
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