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Laboratory Fume Hood

Laboratory Fume Hood is a thick wooden board with outer part finished with Lamination Mica and inner duly painted. We are unsurpassed Manufacturer and Supplier of Laboratory Fume Hood in Delhi. The offered Laboratory Fume Hood throws out all toxic/harmful vapors, thus protecting costly instruments and the person working in the lab. The working table Top is fitted with acid/alkali resistant tile. The front door moves vertically up and down with concealed counter balanced weight/by Hinges. Fluorescent light and a gas cock for gas/air supply. The space under the work station can be provided with switches for exhaust system and fluorescent lights. It works on 220 Volts AC supply

Fume Hood Codes (WOODEN) Fume Hood Codes (MILD STEEL) Fume Hood Codes (S.STEEL) Fume Hood Size
SLEP6202W SLEP6202MS SLEP6202SS 2x2x2ft
SLEP6204W SLEP6204MS SLEP6204SS 3x2x2 ft
SLEP6206W SLEP6206MS SLEP6206SS 4x2x2ft
SLEP6208W SLEP6208MS SLEP6208SS 5x2x2ft
SLEP6210W SLEP6210MS SLEP6210SS 6x2x2ft

Laboratory Fume Hood

Fume Exhaust Hoods are designed to contain and exhaust all toxic or otherwise harmful gases, vapors, mist etc to protect personnel and equipment. A motor driven blower creates negative pressure within the chamber extracting the contaminated air from work-area and expels it into the atmosphere. The hood is ventilated by the air drawn from inside the laboratory which is used effectively for thorough sweep out of work chamber. Fume Cupboard is made of Powder Coated Mild Steel. Inner walls of the chamber lined with thick chemical resistant epoxy. A strong centri-balanced centrifugal blower unit fitted for instant sweep-out of the fumes. The chamber is fitted with tube lights for illumination and power plug within the work area for operations. An S.S. sink is also provided. The Air Expeller canopy, designed by our technical experts, is aerodynamic and lined with aluminum & further epoxy coated. The work top of the unit is of S.S. Sheet or Ceramic (as opted by the user). The front sash is of toughened glass or thick plexi-glass and is counter balanced on bush mounted pullies, to make the movement noiseless to work on 220VAC 50 Hz.

Fume Hood Codes (WOODEN) Fume Hood Codes (MILD STEEL) Fume Hood Codes (S.STEEL) Fume Hood Size
SLEP6230W SLEP6230MS SLEP6230SS 2x2x2ft
SLEP6232W SLEP6232MS SLEP6232SS 3x2x2 ft
SLEP6234W SLEP6234MS SLEP6234SS 4x2x2ft
SLEP6236W SLEP6236MS SLEP6236SS 5x2x2ft
SLEP6210W SLEP6238MS SLEP6238SS 6x2x2ft

Laboratory Fume Hood

We are manufacturers of Fume hood. Our chemical bench fume hoods are indispensable and a pre-requisite in practically all chemical laboratories that handle toxins and hazardous chemical fumes and effluents. Our fume hood capture the fumes/effluents released during any given experiment, contain them in the enclosure and then emit through their well designed exhaust system.
We specialize in standard fume hood and customized chemical fume hood models specifically designed to meet the challenging demands of various scientists for individual and specialized research applications.

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Energy Efficient Mechanism
  • Low Noise Levels

PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Our chemical fume hoods are conceptualized and designed to provide a work area which is free from all the potentially hazardous fumes or chemical effluents that may be emitted during the course of a given experiment or procedure in a laboratory.
Our fume hoods capture the fumes released during an experiment by drawing fresh air from the environment, past the user into the unit.. This way the concentration of the chemical fumes/effluents are kept at the minimum possible levels in and around the breathing zone of the user. The vector of the air in the fume hood points to the inward direction and perpendicular to the face of the user. The velocity of the air is controlled at approximately 80 feet per minute, so as to control the particle kinetics of various aerosols and diffused gases.

AIR VELOCITY : Our fume hood ensure that the optimum face velocity of 80 feet - 100 feet per minute is maintained with an accuracy of + 10 feet/minute with the sash in complete open position.

Pressure (Static) Our fume hoods are designed to minimize the loss of static pressure at a given baffle opening position. As per our standard procedures the average loss of static pressure at any given four points at ninety degree angle and 3 duct dia from the fume hood will not exceed 75 feet per minute at 0.25 inch, with full sash opening and face velocity of 100 feet per minute.

NOISE/SOUND LEVELS : Our fume hoods are designed to generate lower noise levels. The performance of our fume hoods are rated better than the industry standards of 60 db, at approximately 15 cm distance from the sash.

ILLUMINATION LEVELS AT WORK SPACE : Our fume hood ensure that a minimum of 800 lux light is available on the work table through the diffuser fluorescent light arrangement.

EXHAUST ASSEMBLY : Our fume hoods are provided with a very strong and high end exhaust system having a range of 500 - 1250 CFM (designed as per the size of the hood). The exhaust assembly consists of a dynamically balanced centrifugal impellers which are coupled with a heavy duty three phase motor.

Fume Hood Codes Fume Hood Size
SLEP6258 3x2x2 ft
SLEP6260 4x2x2ft
SLEP6262 5x2x2ft
SLEP6264 6x2x2ft

Laboratory Fume Hood

Description Fume Hoods and Lab Fume Hoods that is fabricated out of thick wooden board. It designed to throw out all toxic/harmful vapours& fumes and hence protecting costly instruments and the persons working in the lab. Outer wall is finished with sunmica and the inner portion with epoxy paint. Moreover, the working table top is acid/alkali resistant and a small wash basin with connections provided for inlet and outlet of water. The front door moves vertically up and down with concealed counter balanced weights. The unit is fitted with fluorescent light and a gas cock for gas/air supply. The front facing panel is fitted with 15/5 Amp socket with switches for exhaust system and fluorescent light. Lab Fume Hoods work on 220 volts AC. 50Hz supply.

  • High CFM exhaust system (for dust exceeding 10 feet in length)
  • S.S. Lining of work bench
  • PVC Fume Duct (per ft.)

Fume Hood Codes (MILD STEEL) Fume Hood Codes (S.STEEL) Fume Hood Size
SLEP6284MS SLEP6284SS 2x2x2xft
SLEP6286MS SLEP6286SS 3x2x2 ft
SLEP6288MS SLEP6288SS 4x2x2ft
SLEP6290MS SLEP6290SS 5x2x2ft
SLEP6292MS SLEP6292SS 6x2x2ft

Laboratory Fume Hood

Description Laboratory Fume Hood Stations by Bionics Scientific are available in various sizes and dimensions to meet specific requirements of your research. These fume hoods have a choice of vertical or horizontal sliding sash and MS or stainless steel construction. The standard sizes of our fume hoods are available in most demanded requirements (4ft, 5 ft, 6 ft & 8 ft).

Often known as chemical fume hood, these systems also dilute effect on flammable gases and vapors. Our product range includes general purpose fume hoods, ductless fume hoods, and mobile units; designed with number of optional features and specifications required to meet critical challenges in laboratory research areas worldwide.

  • Durable and chemical-resistant construction
  • High performance centrifugal blower
  • Powder Coated Mild Steel / Stainless Steel MOC
  • Ductless design
  • Double wall construction
  • Easy to clean surfaces
  • Vertical or horizontal sliding sash
  • Efficient fluorescent lighting
  • Energy saving blowers
  • CE & ISO certified

Detailed Description Construction: Our fume hood cabinets come with double wall construction made of Epoxy Coated Mild Steel or Stainless Steel as required by customer. It is ensured that the exterior is matched with the base unit. The inner walls and baffles are made of molded reinforced thermoset epoxy resins that meet or exceed NFPA 45 standard on Fire protection for laboratories using chemicals. The jambs are radiuses and aerodynamically designed to reduce the turbulence as the air enters the hood. The construction materials are used as mild steel, type 304 or 316 stainless steel (Epoxy Coated).

Sashes: Our standard models are generally equipped with vertical sashes but as required horizontal sashes can be fixed. The sliding sash rides in 18 gage type 316 stainless steel stainless steel sash guides. Tempered safety glass is used as standard.

Controls: Equipped with easy to use controls which are fixed outside the working area in order to provide convenient working environment. These units have start / stop switches for whole the unit and a light on / off switch.

Lighting:Supplied with fluorescent bulb shielded from the hood interior by laminated safety glass or tempered glass panel. The bulb is operated by a on / off switch and bulb changing process is done from the hood exterior without major disassembly of the unit.

Alarm: Equipped with highly reliable audio / visual alarm device capable enough of detecting a drop or rise in airflow (no static pressure) through the hood unit. If the hood exhausts volume falls below a preset exhaust level, the alarm will alert the operator by sound and visual sign. The monitor also uses dual theristor or dual diode sensing system to measure the velocity. The sensor is mounted in a flow tube placed on either side wall or front face of the fume hood. Local Audible and visual alarms have capabilities for remote monitoring hook up. These systems are designed in both ducted and ductless pattern.
Fume Hood Codes (MILD STEEL) Fume Hood Codes (S.STEEL) Fume Hood Size
SLEP6312MS SLEP6312SS 2x2x2ft
SLEP6314MS SLEP6314SS 3x2x2ft
SLEP6316MS SLEP6316SS 4x2x2ft
SLEP6318MS SLEP6318SS 5x2x2ft
SLEP6320MS SLEP6320SS 6x2x2ft
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