Osteology Models (Skeleton, Bones & Joints Models)

Vertebral Column with Skull

Code: BIOM0103

It is 44cm tall. The vertebral column forms the central part of the skeleton. It supports the skull and protects the spinal cord. It also serves as attachment for the ribs, the pectoral and pelvic girdles. The vertebral column consists of separate bones, the vertebrae. The different vertebrae are arranged above each other. Because the separate vertebrae are attached to each other by means of fibrous cartilaginous discs they form a flexible column. Each vertebra has articular surfaces above and below, which allow articulation movement between them.The vertebral column of 33 vertebrae is divided into five regions according to their position and structure. The five regions consist of: Seven cervical (neck) vertebrae, Twelve thoracic (chest) vertebrae, Five lumbar vertebrae, Five fused sacral vertebrae, and Four fused vertebrae.It comes with an entire skull and pelvis. The skull has a calvaria cut and a spring-held lower jaw. On stand.

Cervical Vertebral Column with neck Artery

Code: BIOM0108

The Anatomical Cervical Vertebral Column With Neck Artery consists of occipital plate, the 7 cervical vertebrae with intervertebral discs, cervical nerves, vertebral arteries and spinal cord.
Cervical vertebral column with neck artery, occipital, herniated disc and nerves.
  • Life-size
  • Presented on a stand

Adult Male Pelvis, PVC

Code: BIOM0109

The size of this model is just the same as the realities and made of PVC plastic.
It shows the following:
  • Pelvis shapes: Long and narrow
  • Pelvis cava: Like a funnel
  • Aperture pelvis superior: Heart-like
  • Sacrum: Long and narrow with great flexibility
  • Angles of pelvis arch:70-75 degree
  • Symphysis pubica: Long and narrow
  • Packing:10pcs/carton,82x44x33cm,13kgs

Didactic Vertebral Column with Pelvis, PVC

Code: BIOM0110

This model is upgraded from XC-105, and features different sections of the spinal column in different color: cervical vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae, sacrum and the coccyx

Packing: 2pcs/carton, 80x32x39cm, 9kgs

Pelvis with 5pcs Lumber Vertebrae

Code: BIOM0113

Life-size Lumber Vertebrae are shown with normal intervertebral disc, spinal chord and pelvis.

Vertebral Column with Pelvis and Femur Heads Life Size, PVC

Code: BIOM0115

This model shows all significant features of each vertebra, including spinal cord, nerve roots, the vertebral artery, a herniated disc and vertebral notch etc. Special features include: inflexible 29" tall vertebral column complete with pelvis, sacrum, occipital bone, vertebral artery, all nerve branches and herniated lumbar disc.

Packing: 2pcs/carton, 88x32x39cm, 10kgs

Adult Female Pelvis, PVC

Code: BIOM0116

The size of this model is just the same as the realities and made of PVC plastic. It shows the following: Pelvis shapes: Short and broad Pelvis cava: Like a barrel Aperture pelvis superior: Rounded Sacrum: Broad and short with little flexibility Angles of pelvis arch: 90-100 degree Symphysis pubica: Short and broad


Female Pelvic Muscles & Organs

Code: BIOM0118

This model is designed as an aid to the teaching of anatomy of female pelvis in institutes.

Female Pelvic Muscles and Organs, PVC

Code: BIOM0120

This model is designed as an aid to the teaching of anatomy of female pelvis. It demonstrates pelvic muscles and pelvic organs as a whole. Natural size.

Packing: 10pcs/carton, 74x43x29cm, 16kgs

Adult Female Pelvis

Code: BIOM0123

We are one of the top-listed manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Adult Female Pelvis. These products have a high demand in different medical in institutes for teaching students about the inter structure and organs of a female pelvis. High quality PVC plastic has been used for the manufacturing of these products. In order to ensure their error free nature, these products are tested by our team of skilled and trained quality inspectors. Adult Female Pelvis is packed in special packaging material so as to ensure its safe and secure transit.
  • Size are just the same as in realities and made of PVC Plastic.

Birth Demonstration Model

Code: BIOM0128

Incorporating latest technology with modern machinery, we are able to manufacture, supply and export Birth Demonstration Model. Supreme quality raw materials has been procured from the trusted sources of the market for the manufacturing of these products. Used in different hospitals and medical centers, these products provide the accurate diagram of the birth cycle. Birth Demonstration Model is delivered to the clients in a stipulated time frame owing to our expert logistics team.

Other details:
It facilities the students to get an integral knowledge of normal labor of a pregnant women

Birth Demonstration Model, PVC

Code: BIOM0130

This model consists of 2 innominate bones, sacrum, coccyx, with fetal skull which is firmly connected with the model by means of a flexible metal tube which can be fixed in any position.

Packing: 8pcs/carton, 58x45x50cm, 15kgs

Human Male Pelvis With Lumbar Vertebrae

Code: BIOM0133

This model shows all the features of adult human male pelvis. It includes L1-L5 also with spinal cord, nerve roots, the vertebral artery & a herniated disc.

Foot Joint With Ligaments Life Size

Code: BIOM0138

Demonstrate all of foot functionality and the external anatomical structures. Including flexible artificial ligaments.
Made of PVC plastics.

Foot Joint Life Size, PVC

Code: BIOM0140

Demonstrate all the foot functionality and the external anatomical structures. Made of PVC plastic, natural size, on stand.

Packing: 10pcs/carton, 55x35x33cm, 8kgs

Foot Joint With Ligaments Life Size, PVC

Code: BIOM0141

Demonstrate all of foot functionality and the external anatomical structures. Include flexible, artificial ligaments. Made of PVC plastic, natural size, on stand.

Packing: 10pcs/carton, 55x35x33cm, 8.5kgs

Human Foot Joint Model

Code: BIOM0143

This life size foot model demonstrates whole anatomy of the foot & is useful for any one studying the human anatomy or for doctors to explain the problems to the patients.

Bone Microstructure

Code: BIOM0145

Made Of high grade synthetic polymer having long durability Mounted on sturdy plastic base for easy display

  • Size : 30x20x16 cm.
  • Total 19 positions are shown.
  • 3-D section of a lamellar bone.
  • Model shown various planes in cross and logitudinal section.
  • The model helps to understand the typical elements of a lamellar bone along with the Volkmann and Haversian system, spongy and compact parts, endosteum, cortical substance and osteocytes.
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