Collision in 2 D Apparatus

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PHFM0237 - Collision in 2 Dimension Apparatus

This inexpensive apparatus is a rich source of data for studying conservation of momentum and conservation of kinetic energy in collisions.

It is also used to compare elastic and inelastic collisions. A curved metal track and an adjustable target support form the core of the unit. It is supplied with two steel balls, a glass ball, and a plumb bob. It requires a G-clamp for mounting on a table.
Item No. Description
PHFM0237-A aluminum rail
PHFM0237-B aluminum black rail
PHFM0237-C acrylic rail

PHFM0239 - Collision in One Direction Apparatus, V Track

Five equal mass 1" balls on V shaped rail made from stainless steel. Students can observe one dimension collision by crash one ball to a group of 4 balls, only one ball shot out. Thus standents learn laws of momentum.
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