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PHFM0001 - Dynamics Cars

  • Plastic Body, 2carts/set
  • For demonstrating Newton's Laws of conservation and momentum. The set contains two high impact plastic cars with snap in wheels and two spring steel bumpers with rubber stopper assemblies. Each car is designed with large recession for holding additional weight.
  • Car measures 127mm x 50mm.

PHFM0003 - Dynamic Cars

  • Metal Body, 2carts/set
  • Each car is made from an enamel coated metal channel for strength and durability. Plastic bearing wheels reduce friction. Kit also includes four small bumper springs, one big spring, two rubber bumpers.
  • Dimension is 10cm x 25cm x 4.5cm.

PHFM0005 - Simple Hall's Carriage

Both the body and wheels are made from high impact plastic. The recession in the car allows for additional weight. The hole in the front of the molded plastic body allows you to attach a cord, which is useful with an incline plane.

(5-1/4" x 2" x 1-1/2")

PHFM0007 - Impact Car

The impact car is equipped with a spring scale and slide that is displaced on impact against a wall or similar obstacle. This slide remains in it displaced position until reset. The student rolls the car down the ramp and measures the amount of impact. Next more mass is added inside the car and the experiment is repeated. The student can take direct readings from the scale to measure the increasing force.

PHFM0009 - Ballistics Car

Demonstrates that the forward velocity of a ball ejected vertically is the same as the forward velocity of the vehicle from which it was ejected. Includes a vertical spring loaded barrel and a 1" diameter steel ball. The ejection mechanism has two settings which are controlled by a release pin and cord.

Size 250 x 60 x 140mm.

PHFM0011 - Ballistic Cart

For variety of experiments.

PHFM0013 - Dynamic Cart

Newton 3rd Law, Action and Rection Force

PHFM0015 - Dynamic Cart, Newton 3rd Law, Force and Reaction Force

This cart demonstrates how the car reacts when placing a panel in front of it and removing it. The cart moves forward without the panel when the fan spins. It stops moving when a panel is placed in front of it. Two AAA batteries are required for demonstration.

PHFM0017 - Dynamic Cart, Newton 3rd Law, Force and Reaction

This cart demonstrates how the car reacts when placing a panel in front of it and removing it. Students can understand Newton 3rd Motion Law through experiment. Two AAA batteries are required for demonstration.

PHFM0019 - Dynamic Car

Cast aluminum with 250g x 2 brass weights

PHFM0021 - Force and Reaction Force Cart

Newton 3rd Motion Law Demonstration Cart. Students can observe force and reaction forces by perfoming experiment.

PHFM0023 - Hall's Carriage

For variety of experiments.

PHFM0025 - Jet Cart

For variety of experiments.

PHFM0027 - Magnetic Dynamic Cart

For variety of experiments.

PHFM0029 - Multi-function Cart

For variety of physical experiments.
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