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Van De Graff Generator Motor Driven


Specially designed for electrostatic experiments and where continuous source of high voltage is required. Fitted on base with smooth running A.C. Motor, operates on 220 volts A.C. 50 Hz.
  • Charge collecting Belt : Silicon rubber having excellent insulation resistance.
  • Tracking : Belt-tracking easily adjusted.
  • Charge collecting combs : Aluminium mesh, clearly visible.
  • Sphere : Aluminium 150 mm. dia.
  • Connections : 4 mm. sockets in dome and base.
  • Voltage developed : Upto 200 kV, depending on ambient conditions, with a spark length of 60 mm.
  • Discharger : Spherical 100 mm. dia., with insulated handle and 4 mm. sockets.

Van De Graff Generator


Hand operated on base. The generator is self exiting and charge separation occurs. A metal sphere surrounds the upper pulley assembly and charge accumulates on the sphere, which is insulated by a plastic column supporting the pulley assembly. The charge builds up untill electrical breakdown of air surrounding the sphere occurs. Supplied with a discharging sphere.

Wimshuri Machine


The two plates are supported in two rigid uprights and driven by belt in opposite direction. They are heavy, high resistance plastic with sectors of aluminium sheet. Two leyden jars (condensers) made form corning glass and aluminium foil. The whole is mounted on a wooden base nicely polished.
Size :
  • 200 mm. Dia.
  • 250 mm. Dia.
  • 300 mm. Dia.

Nylon Rod


Length approx. 30 cm and 12mm dia

Polythene Rod
For use as insulators. Length approx. 30 cm. and 13mm dia.

Friction Rod - Ebonite
Length approx. 30 cm and 12mm dia.

Friction Rod - Compound
Half glass half-brass, length approx. 30 cm. and 13 mm dia.

Wool Cloth Pieces
Square size 30 x 30 cm. approx.

Rubber Silk
Square size 30 x 30 cm. approx.

Silk Cloth Pieces
Square size 30x30 cm. approx.

Carbon Electrodes Mounted


Newly designed holder which can hold different type of electrodes. Complete assembly can be put on the top of the vessel/jar.

Biots Conductor


To demonstrate that charge resides only on outside surfaces of a conductor. Sphere of 5 cm. diameter on insulated stand, complete with hemispherical cups, having insulated handles.

Aepinus Condenser


It consists of two adjustable plates 100mm. dia. insulated handle and a glass dielectric plate.

Proof Plan


Consisting of an ebonite rod with brass disc of 50 mm. diameter.



Jointed, small plated brass sphered mounted on curved arms, with ebonite insulating handle. Overall length 30 cm. approx.

Gold Leaf Electroscope


A plated brass pillar mounted on bakelite base supporting two pith balls in unspun silk.

Electroscope Pith Ball


We have mounted an insulated stand on a solid round base. Over the hook at the stands end you dangle a silk thread with a light pith ball attached to each end. Pith balls react sensitively to static charges like those from a charged friction rod. Comes with 3 strings and six 8mm. pith balls.

Electrostatic Kit


Comprises of 1 electroscope, 4 metallised polystyrene spheres, 1 each reel nylon, cellulose acetate strip, polythene strip, wire stirrup, rubber cloth, wire hook, electrophorus on handle and proof plane, 2 each of polythene tiles and aluminium cans.

Open Case Form Electroscope


Inexpensive Charge Detector with Scale Charge is indicated by deflection of an aluminized plastic straw which rotates freely on the saddle of the conducting rod. The conducting rod is recessed in the metal housing to shield against air currents.

Braun Electroscope


This rugged, sensitive electroscope can accept various accessories to change its capacitance. A sensitive aluminium vane is balanced in a vertical position on a metal support which is insulated from its base. The vane is easily observed and projected on a chalkboard (Light Source, not included) on which an arbitrary scale has been marked. Height without attachments is about 9".

Precision Projection Electroscope


Project your measurements onto a screen for a large group to see with this well-made electroscope. Its cylindrical metal case has two parallel plane glass windows, both removable, through which you can shine a light for projection. Close fittings and quality materials insulate the leaf system so it stays charged for several days in dry weather. The case is mounted on a heavy metal base. The Precision Projection Electroscope comes complete.
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