Pharmacy Instruments/Equipments

We offer a comprehensive range of high precision and superior quality Pharmacy Instruments/Equipments equipment.

Electro Convulsiometer


The instrument provides 50Hz stimulus current which can be adjusted from 0.15mA to 330mA in discrete steps for producing minimal and supra maximal Seizures required in the assaying of anti-epileptic and anti-convulsant drugs. The application of stimulus current can be controlled by an electronic timer from 0.1sec. to 1 sec. in steps of 0.1 & the 11th step is of 3 secs. An L.E.D indicates the duration of stimulus.

Cook's Pole Climbing Response Apparatus

Code: PHAR0009

New improved model bult in solid state buzzer and stimulator to provide electrical shocks of 400V in pulsating rates 0.2mA a frequency of 5per sec, for a duration controlled manually or by built in 30 second timer.Output available for recording on kymograph or polygraph complete to work on 220V AC.

Rabbit Holder

Code: PHAR0017

Rabbit Holder (Wooden): Wooden, box-type, front top lid opening, air-window push system and neck holding arrangement

Sieves Shakers

Code: PHAR0025

Rotap Sieve Shaker(Rotap Motorise) : This heavy machine riven by 1/4 H.P motor. The circular end to end from motion to give by mechanism which is fully immersed in oil. The tapping motion is given by hammer from the top. The shaker takes 6” to 8” sieves. It is recommended for ISS or BSS test sieves.

Sieve Shaker (Grytory Motorised) : This can accommodate upto 7 sieves of 6” to 8” dia and is driven by 1/4 H.P . Electric motor through reduction gear. Every part of the sieves moves and vibrate with upward and downward movement. The whole gear mechanism runs in oil bath. Supplied without test sieves suitable for operation on 220V A.C.

Sieve Shaker (Hand Operated) : Can accommodate upto 7 sieves of 8” dia during a train or gears operated by a hand wheel. A heavy-fly wheel ensured smooth operation. Supplied without test sieves and lid receiver.

Permeability Cup

Code: PHAR0033

Offering Permeability Cup;
Code Sizes
PHAR0033a  Small 2”
PHAR0033b Big 4”

Super Speed Kymograph

Code: PHAR0041

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying an optimum quality kymograph. Owing to the features like excellent performance, high durability and sturdy construction, these widely acclaimed by the customers. Our highly qualified professionals develop these in accordance to the defined industry standards and using the advanced technology. To assure the delivery of a detect free range of products to our customers, our quality analysts check these on various defined parameters. These Super Speed Kymograph are highly demanded in the market for their wide application in various physiology lab.

Rota Rod Apparatus

Code: PHAR0049

Rotarod Apparatus engineered by our company comes with digital counter for recording muscle tone, neuro proximity, motor co-ordination in mice and rat, balance, etc. Rota Road Apparatus provided by us consists of compartments that can be two, three or four with 75mm width of each compartment. This Rota rod apparatus possess a rotating road of 25mm diameter with the speed of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 rpm. Every compartment of these apparatuses has in built time interval counter. We offer two compartment, three compartment and four compartment Rota Rod apparatus. Today, we are regarded as one of the eminent Digital Rota rod Apparatus Manufacturers in Haryana.

Rota Road Apparatus - Latest with Digital Counter for determining neuro-pixicity, muscle tone, balance and motor co-ordination in rats and mice. Consisting of two or three or four compartments of 75 mm width each with a rotating rod of 25 mm diameter having speed of 5,10,15,20 and 25 rpm with time interval counters in each compartment.

  • Two Compartment
  • Three Compartment
  • Four Compartment

Telethermometer Six Probe

Code: PHAR0057

We offer Telethermometer( 6 Channel Model) for accurate temperature measurement in laboratories. Telethermometer helps in achieving optimum temperature and temperature gradients which aids in obtaining accurate experimental results

Tissue Processing Unit Single

Code: PHAR0065

Offering Single Tissue Processing Unit. Tissue Processing Unit is a compact model, suitable for use in small Laboratories. Supplied with One S.S.Basket Rotor, One S.S. Tissue Basket, One S.S. Wax Bath, 24 Nos. S.S Tissue Capsules, 6 Nos. S-type Dividers. Tissue Processing Unit is suitable to work on 220 V, single phase, 50 Hz, Ac supply.

Tissue Homogenizer

Code: PHAR0073

We are engaged in providing high quality laboratory Tissue Homogenizer. These products are available in market at competitive rates.

Detail of our Laboratory Tissue Homogenizer:
  • Type Of Motor: AC / DC Universal
  • Horse Power: 1/8
  • Electric Supply: 230 V 50 Hz 1f
  • Maximum Speed: 10000 RPM (No Load Speed)
  • Capacity ( Depending On Viscosity): 25 / 50 ml cups
  • Stirring Shaft Diameter: 9.5 mm
  • Stirring Shaft Length: 250 mm
  • Propeller Sweep & Type: PTFE Grinding Pestle
  • Shaft & Motor Coupling: Self Centering Chuck
  • Height of Retort Stand: 750 mm

Dubois Raymond Key

Code: PHAR0081

Physilab Dubois Raymond Key :On Vulcanite Base with Table Clamp.


Code: PHAR0089

Dehumidifiers - Designed to remove excess moisture from the atmosphere where manufacturing activities to Tablets, Capsules are performed. These Dehumidifiers are also useful to maintain the quality of precision equipment & instruments where accuracy is counted. Humidity is brought down up to 30% Accuracy ± 3% RH. Cooling is controlled by hermetically sealed unit.
Code Sizes (approx) Capacity
PHAR0089a 25” X 25” X 40” 1 TON
PHAR0089b 25” X 25” X 40” 1.5 TON
PHAR0089c 25” X 25” X 40” 2 TON

BMR Apparatus (Vetlograph)

Code: PHAR0097

Phys. lab recording spirometer: a recording Spirometer is a spirometer with recording kymograph. The "physilab" spirometer consist of a hollow double-walled vessel the space between the two walls contains water, making it air light. In the space between the two walls an inverted hollow cylindrical bell of 61 capacity is placed. The bell is attached to a counterbalance with a chain, which passes over a pulley. The counterbalance carries a pen for writing on the kymograph paper. The kymograph can operate at four different speeds selectable from the front panel. The "physilab" spirometer records the volume and capacity of lung.

Tablet Making Machine Motorized

Code: PHAR0105

This tablet making machine ( motorized) useful for making tablets upto 100 mg. Size of punch & die of 9 mm. Automatic compression and ejection device has been provided, actuated by revolution of the wheel drive. In this tablet making machine feed and removal of tablets has also been made automatic.
Accentric pressure system has been applied for easy setting of thickness and hardness of tablets. A S.S. hopper has been given.
The unit has been mounted on a mild steel fabrication. Complete with one die and punch set made of stainless steel, easy setting for thickness & hardness of tablets with nuts and lock nuts. We also provide with these machines a set of two spanners.

  • Motor single phase ½ HP
  • Maximum capacity 8-10mm
  • Machine speed 60 tablets per minute

Pls Note:We can also offer Heavy duty tablet machine motorized capacity(500 mg) with die & punch 12mm on order basis.

Antibiotic Zone Reader

Code: PHAR0113

'physilab '_antibiotic zone reader offers _antibiotic zone reader, most suitable to measure the diameter of the inhibited zone in microbiology, botany, zoology, bacteriology and pathology labs. _Antibiotic Zone Reader is unique in design and measures the diameter of the inhibited zone to 0. 1 mm within the range of 0 to 35 mm. Light from a source in the base passes up through the transparent and semitransparent portion of the agar-agar, then to a reflecting mirror supported by an arm above the unit. The mirror reflects the light to a glass prism mounted at the front of the unit and the magnified image of the zone of inhibitions can be clearly seen on the prism. The instrument is supplied complete with all the required accessories like prism, petri dish, etc. The unit is suitable for operation on 230 v, 50 hz, single phase ac supply.

Aseptic Cabinet

Code: PHAR0121

Aseptic cabinet :-size 95x50x50 cms with sloping front. Acrylic sheet front and side doors (full visible transparent) 3' germicidal ultraviolet tube and 2' fluorescent tube for white light with necessary choke blast, starter and switches fitted. Also main lead and plug provided. Two holes with rings and sieves for insertion of arms provided.
Aseptic cabinet is fitted with small tube.

Prescription Balance

Code: PHAR0129

Preferably Torsion with a removable glass pan or S.S pan suitable for weighing 50gms to 200gms and sensitivity 30gms for one division indicator shifting on the index plates (Known as dispensing balance) Available in following ranges:-
Code Ranges
PHAR0129a 50gms
PHAR0129b 100gms
PHAR0129c 200gms

Ointment Cream Filling Machine

Code: PHAR0137

Physilab ointment cream filling machine Electrically operated. Suitable to fill tubes, bottles etc in the range of 5gms to 90gms. Per stroke, Motorised operated (motor 1/2 hp or dc geared motor) the unit is supplied complete with 3 set of standard Nozzles and all electrical accessories in the motorized models.

Ampule Filling & Sealing Machine (Electric Operated)

Code: PHAR0145

PHYSILAB Ampule Filling & Sealing Machine(Electric Operated) Ampule Filling & Sealing Machine motorised with capacity adjustment.

Suppository Moulds

Code: PHAR0153

Physical Suppository Moulds: Made from brass/gun metal machine made perfect shapes smooth and polished cavities. Nickel plated various capacities with a number of mould in each set.
Code Capacity
PHAR0153a 1 gm
PHAR0153b 1.5 gms
PHAR0153c 2 gms (15.4grains).
4-moulds set
6-moulds set
12 moulds set
Note:Other sizes and capacities on request can be supplied

Conical Percolator

Code: PHAR0161

PHYSILAB Conical Percolator:- Stainless Steel jar on stand. Capacity of Conical Percolator : 500ml, 1 lit., 2 lit.

Capsule Filling Machine

Code: PHAR0169

Capsule Filling Machine is a versatile lever operated semi automatic machine for various operations with lever order of:

  • Plates for putting of capsules by hand.
  • Removal of Caps.
  • Filling of powder by dispensing of brush pressing.
  • Fixing of caps and selling.
  • Injection of capsules contact parts of stainless for 100 capsules of size 0.
  • Capacity of 200 Capsules on order.
  • Any other size as per your requirement.

Variable Interrupter

Code: PHAR0177

Variable Interrupter : We also provide Tetnus set with Complete unit on two stands. Mercury cup and magnet.

Other available recorders:
  • Piston recorder
  • Out-flow (Float) recorder
  • Condons drop recorder
  • Inchleys drop recorder
  • Mechanical Strhomour
  • Jaquet chronometer
  • Jackson Enterograph
  • Oncometer kidney
  • Oncometer Heart
  • Hair Aesthesiometer
  • Compass Aesthesiometer

Student Organ Bath Double Unit

Code: PHAR0185

A Perspex organ bath with fine thermostatic temperature control, complete with accessories, bath size 8”x4”x5” with leak proof dovetailed joints, fitted an sturdy metal frame.

Activity Cage Actophotometer

Code: PHAR0193

Improved and solid state type with six photo cells for measuring spontaneous or induced activity with digital totalizes or counter.

Analgesiometer Tail Flick Model

Code: PHAR0201

Radiant heart or tail flick type: Analgesiometer Tail Flick Model provides pain stimulus by heated nichrome wire in a rat's tail to determine analgesic effect of drugs. Complete with one spare element to work on 220 a. C.

Analgesiometer Eddy's Hot Plate

Code: PHAR0209

Analgesiometer Eddy's Hot Plate with square box consisting of 30x30cms, heating surface with perpex enclosure and solid state digital temperature controller with indicating galvanometer to set surface temp. Between 30° to 80°c.

Tablet Disintegration Test Apparatus Single Basket

Code: PHAR0217

Tablet-disintegration with single disc with six removable glass vessels have a stainless steel wire mesh bottom, which dip in water in a beaker of 1000ml kept on the hot plate, temperature of which is maintained 370°c with an accuracy of ± 1°c.

Tablet Disintegration Test Apparatus Double Basket

Code: PHAR0225

The test equipment work on up and down movement of tablet in medium of water kept 37°C. Built on a steel cabinet which housed a geared motor for the vertical shaft drive the shaft moves up and down.On the upper end of the shaft fitted a horizontal strip with clamp on either side.These clamps hold glass vessels open at both ends and with stainless steel wire gauge with rubber rings at the lower end, which dips in water.Two independently thermostatically controlled hot plate rating 65watt are fixed on the top of the cabinet upon which beakers of 1000ml size are net filled with water.Temperature is maintained at 37°C with and accuracy of 1°C.Independent switches with neon indicators for motor hot plate are fitted on a panel.Mains fuse with two Digital Temperature meter and plug provided.Work on 220Volt AC mains.

Research Polarimeter

Code: PHAR0233

Used in medical, pharmaceutical and chemical research laboratories. Consist of a imported half shade nicol polariser, analyser, 100mm. Diameter circular scale divided in degrees 0- 360 deg. X 1 deg. And a sugar scale divided –30 deg. To + 130 deg. X 1 deg. Iss, a divided micrometer drum is given to read 0. 05 deg. (3 minutes) and 0. 1 deg. Iss, the scale is properly illuminated for taking readings, the body is very sturdy and separate sodium lamp is stand is provided. Complete with polarimeter tube, bubble traps at the center, 200mm. Sodium lamp with stand and transformer
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