Number Concept

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Number Planet

Code: MATH0611

To Demonstrate Number concepts visually, let students explore in Math lab or in classroom. Introduces number relationships and operations including addition, subtraction, value comparisons and early algebraic concepts. This manipulative is so versatile that teacher can use this as Number balance, Pan balance, Spick abacus and frame counting abacus. This balance is provided with assorted Plastic beads, Spicks, Two pan with hangers, Weight set, Plastic stand , connector and Base. Set includes: Two scales, connector(to join scales together), Scale stand, Base(Storage boxes has slot to fix stand on top), 20 Spicks, 100 Beads, 2 Hanging pan, Bear weight set of 3gm, 6gm, 9gm & 12gm in 4 colors.

Decimal Plate

Code: MATH0616

To understand Multipication of decimal number with the help of grid printed square Plate of size 10 cm x 10 cm and translucent plastic strip with measure 10cm x 2cm & 10cm x 1cm in multiple quantity. Total number of Plates-4pcs, 2cmx10cm strip-8pcs, 1cmx10cm strip-8pcs.

Cuisenaire Strips

Code: MATH0621

Cuisenaire strips are a collection of rectangular rods, each of a different color and size. The smallest rod is 1" x 1" and the longest rod is 10" x 1" in size. This set consist with multiple rods of different length duly printed numbers on it. It helps to demonstrate LCM, HCF, Equivalent fractions, addition, subtraction and so on. Measure 2.5cm to 25cm - 58pcs.

Power of 2

Code: MATH0626

This manipulative is consist with a pegboard having 122 pegs and 100 pec of Four color beads. This product is to Discover square numbers & triangular number provided with reusable box. Measure 23cm x 23cm

Factorization Tiles

Code: MATH0631

Set of 70 Opaque plastic tiles in Two colors and three shapes comes with a Manual showing how the pieces are used to develop model algebraic concepts. This set includes Modeling, the Zero Principle, adding and subtracting polynomials, and factorization.

Trick Stick Set 1-10 Cm

Code: MATH0636

This set includes 10 different size of Plastic rod with 10 colors and each color represents a different length and numeric unit value if measure. Use to understand: Addition & subtraction, fractions & decimals, multiplication & division, pattern & geometry & measurement and probability & statistics. Set consists of 74 pcs.

Integer Counter

Code: MATH0641

Every elementary classroom needs a set of math counters. Double-sided math counters are very useful. These Two color counter pasted together for modeling math concept, including addition and subtraction of integer numbers. Measure dia 18mm Set of 100pcs.

Integer Number Line Bar

Code: MATH0646

A line that represents the set of all real numbers in order is called a number line. We provide number line from 0 to 5 & 0 to -5 with magnet at the back for easy demonstration on magnetic board. This set is provided with two set of Number Line. Student will investigate positive and negative integers on the number line and identify opposites of integers. Measure 61cm x 5cm

Hook N Look Numerical Balance

Code: MATH0651

A very useful addition number balance which promote student to do activity on there own and explore the concept of addition by touching the number.

Roman Number Kit

Code: MATH0656

Roman number kit consist of square tiles with roman numbers printed on them. This set is provided with printed roman numerical on small tiles for student and big magnetic tiles for teacher demonstration. This kit is perfect for group activity as well as demonstration purpose, comes in reusable storage box. Teacher demo tile measure 10cm x 10cm - 14pcs, Student activity tile measure 2cm x 2cm - 270pc.
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