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Measuring Tape (1 Meter)

Code: MATH0501

Sixty-inch tape measure even any curve surface, also helps to measure circumference. This tape is provided with Inches in front and centimeters on the reverse. Set of 5 pcs.

Measuring Tape (3 Meter)

Code: MATH0506

Three-meter/10-feet retractable tape use to measure any distance up to 10 feet.

Measuring Tape (15 Meter)

Code: MATH0511

15 - Meter retractable tape measure use to measure any distance up to 15 - meter, like play ground, classroom, or height.

Metric Wheel

Code: MATH0516

Now it's easy to measure long distances using metrics wheel. This half meter (50 cm) circumference wheel attached with the durable plastic rod duly covered with rubber grip. Students will find it easier to measure longer distances with these sturdy plastic Metric Wheel. Each time the wheel completes one revolution, it completes half meter length. This wheel is having non-. Slip rubber tires which provide this sturdy and more accurate reading.

Vernier Caliper

Code: MATH0521

When highly accurate measurement are needed Vernier Caliper refines the accuracy of the measurements.

Folding Meter Sticks (Plastic)

Code: MATH0526

This folding meter stick folds into fourths on three hinges for easy storage. Calibrated in Metric units and enable us to measure objects, it's important to know how to read a ruler because you never know when you might need to measure furniture or other objects. Metric rulers only deal with centimeters and millimeters. Inches are a part of the American system, but the metric ruler uses the metric system, which is based on decimals.

Half Meter Scale (wooden)

Code: MATH0531

To measure a line segment up to half meter. This half meter wooden scale is duly printed up to 50 centimeters.

Wall Thermometer

Code: MATH0536

To measure the temperature of place in shade and in sunlight to compare them and verify the conversion formular for Celsius to Fahrenheit.

Step 'N ' Count with Measuring Counter

Code: MATH0541

Step 'n' Count makes easy Measuring distance and length and it will becomes easy and fun using this real-world tool. The adjustable arm and Non-slip rubber tires allow for accurate readings makes it comfortable for any size student to push-and for any teacher, too! A sturdy counter allows accurate tracking of distance covered, and easy-to-read in meters.

Chemical Thermometer

Code: MATH0546

To Measure the temperature of ice, tap water, milk and sand. Students will be able to measure that at a particular time different things absorb different amount of heat and thus show different temperatures. Students become skilled in taking temperature of different things.

Rain Gauge

Code: MATH0551

Students can compare rainfall of different seasons for a place and can conclude how wet a place is. The set of raingauge is provided with matel case having removeable lid to collect rainfall and a plastic calibrated rain gauge jar duly marked in centimeters.

Jug & Beaker Set

Code: MATH0556

For better understanding of volume and its conversion concept, a maths lab required a set of Jug & Beaker. These durable polypropylene set come in calibrations of 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 milliliters for volume experiments.

Kitchen Balance

Code: MATH0561

A kitchen scale is useful tool for maths lab for weight measurement and there coversion. set the scale to zero, this mean turning a knob to set the dial indicator ti the zero mark. It has pan on top to measure liquids, solids to observe the reading.

Spring Balance

Code: MATH0566

Tubular spring scales feature a clear plastic tube case that lets students view internal working components. 1 kg capacity

Fill 'O' Fun Weighing Scale

Code: MATH0571

Perfect for exploring basic measurement concepts. Measure, explore volume and compare solids and liquids with this sturdy balance. Using visual teaching aids like platform scales and a pan balance can help illustrate measurement concepts needed to solve math problems. Teach weight, measurement and grams with this strong, durable, plastic balance. Features two detachable buckets for easy clean up. For accurate measurement there is a sliding compensator for zero adjustments.

Balance with Bear Family Weight

Code: MATH0576

Students can measure liquids or dry items, estimate, compare and contrast. Includes storage drawer in the base and two removable 400ml buckets with marked measurement indicators, Add bucket lids to use as a platform balance. Set of weight provided with Balance.

Dish Balance with Weighted Number & Weights

Code: MATH0581

This durable plastic junior-size balance lets students measure and compare number. Two plasic pans allow students to measure weights and they can see what they are measuring and relate visual and measured observations.

Bucket Balance

Code: MATH0586

Students learn weight and measurement with this super-durable plastic balance. Removable, easy-to-grip, 1/2-litre buckets make it easy for small hands to pour and measure. Features compensator with sensitivity to one gram.Capacity 500 ml.

Pan Balance

Code: MATH0591

Perfect for measuring and comparing up to 2kg in the 1,000ml (1 liter) pans. Made of durable plastic with sliding compensators for zero adjustment. Includes five each of 5g and 10g plastic stacking weights.

Number Planet

Code: MATH0596

To Demonstrate Number concepts visually, let students explore in Math lab or in classroom. Introduces number relationships and operations including addition, subtraction, value comparisons and early algebraic concepts. This manipulative is so versatile that teacher can use this as Number balance, Pan balance, Spick abacus and frame counting abacus. This balance is provided with assorted Plastic beads, Spicks, Two pan with hangers, Weight set, Plastic stand , connector and Base.

Hexagonal Weight Set

Code: MATH0601

This set includes twenty 1g, twenty 5g, ten 10g and four 20g weights.
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