Classroom Maths Kits

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Maths Kit Junior-I

Code: MATH0111

Consisting of:
  • Solid Figure Set
  • Geometrical Instrument Box
  • Measuring Tap
  • Jug & Beaker Set
  • Wall thermometer
  • Wall thermometer
  • Chemical thermometer
  • Kitchen Balance Geoboard
  • Abacus
  • Fiber Dummy Clock
  • Skip counting Board
  • Designer Fraction Patter of Triangle
  • Patteren of triangle
  • Game OF Place Value
  • Magnetic Fraction Disk
  • Transparencies Set of 10
  • Chart of arithmetic
  • PVC chart (set Of 3)
  • Half Meter Scale
  • Plastic Moulds
  • Set of cup
  • Junior Pythagoras theorem
  • Geometrical Stencils
  • Set of Pearl Marbles

Maths Kit Junior-II

Code: MATH0116

Consisting of:
  • Abecus
  • Jr.Abecus
  • Power2
  • Sit & Set Tangram
  • Base & Place Value Kit
  • Fraction Square
  • Algebra Identity (Set of 3)
  • Decimal Plate
  • Roman Number Kit
  • Number with Plate
  • Pythagoras Theorem
  • Triangle Kit (Group activity set of 5 kits)
  • Geometrical model (ht 3"X1.5 Base)
  • Cosigner Strips (Group activity set of 5 kits)
  • Magnifying Measures
  • Metric Wheel
  • Geometry Kit
  • Time & Work Kit

Maths Kit Senior-I

Code: MATH0121

Consisting of:
  • Geoboard
  • Magnetic Fraction Disk
  • Set of Marbles
  • Pythagoras theorem (Magnetic)
  • Dummy Cheque book & Pay in slip
  • Menstruation Kit
  • Derivation of Pie (Magnetic)
  • Optical Square
  • Sextant Model
  • Cross Vertical Staff
  • Standard Measuring Tape
  • Rain Gauge
  • Magic Circle
  • Cup Set Volumetric Scale Printed
  • Charts on Poly art Set
  • Mathematic Charts
  • Algebra Cubes Plastic

Maths Kit Senior-II

Code: MATH0126

Consisting of:
  • Magnetic Fraction Disk (circular)
  • Ring Of theorem.
  • Hollow Sphere (transparent)
  • Hollow Cylinder (transparent)
  • Conic Section
  • Angle Sum Property of Triangle
  • Angle Sum Property of Quadrilateral
  • Exterior Angle of Regular Polygon.
  • Volume Relation between Cone and Cylinder.
  • Volume Relation of Square Prism And Pyramid
  • Pythagoras Theorem
  • Ratio Of Area Of Similar Triangles
  • Combination of cubes and sphere(transparent)
  • Formation of Tetrahedron
  • Polyhydrons and There Net
  • Unit Cubes
  • Construction of Parabola
  • Vector
  • Angle Quadrilateral
  • Clinometer Compass
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