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GOGL0002 - Political Globe

Political Globe with Steel/unbreakable ABS plastic graduated arc. Available Languages -English & Hindi

20 cms. Diameter, 32cms. Height
30 cms. Diameter, 46cms. Height
40 cms. Diameter, 59 cms. Height

GOGL0012 - Illuminated Globe

Physical Relief with light off and Physical Cum Political with light on, with unbreakable die casted steel base and arc in attractive cardboard box. Available Languages -English & Hindi

20 cms. Diameter, 32cms. Height
30 cms. Diameter, 46cms. Height
40 cms. Diameter, 59 cms. Height

GOGL0022 - Outline Globe

This Globe has coastal outlines, national boundaries, lines of longitude and latitude and the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn printed in black outline, on a white background. 30 cms. Diameter, 46cms. Height

GOGL0032 - Antiquity Globe

Shows the latest political boundaries with capitals & other important cities & towns with illumination to high light the Globe & make it attractive.

20 cms. Diameter, Golden/Black
30 cms. Diameter, Golden/Black
40 cms. Diameter, Golden/Black

GOGL0042 - Pioneer Globe

A Political Globe With Physical Shading. Available In English, French & Arabic

20 cms. Dia
30 cms. Dia

GOGL0052 - Emily Globe

Commodore Globe With 'Emily' Wooden Base, Diameter 50cm

GOGL0062 - Erika Globe

Commodore Globe With 'Erika' Aluminium Base, Diameter 50cm

GOGL0072 - Uranio 3D Globe

2 in 1 globe, light off physical World, light on Political World, Metal looking silver color base and half meridian. Magnifier included. Diameter 30cm

GOGL0082 - Celestial Globe, Diameter 30 cms

GOGL0092 - Illuminated 2 in 1 Globe

These globes show the physical map but as soon as the light is switched ON they become political.This bulb is replacable.

26 cms. Diameter, 43cms. Height
30 cms. Diameter, 48cms. Height
37 cms. Diameter, 55cms. Height

GOGL0102 - Classic & Explorer Globe

"CLASSIC: Blue Ocean, Political & Physical Combined

EXPLORER: Antique Globe"

GOGL0112 - Classical Globe

Illuminated 2 in 1 Geographical globe mounted on a revolving solid brass meridian on 95 cms height wheels allow easy movement.

GOGL0122 - Transparent Star Globe with Earth inside, Diameter 32cm

GOGL0132 - Celestial Globe Illuminated, Diameter 32cm

GOGL0142 - Novatech Political Globe, Diameter 16cm

GOGL0152 - Giramando Globe, Diameter 11cm

GOGL0162 - Magnifier Globe, Diameter 11cm

GOGL0172 - Sharpen Globe, Diameter 11cm

GOGL0182 - Terrain 3D Globe, Diameter 32cm

GOGL0192 - Star Globe, Diameter 14cm

GOGL0202 - Inflatable Globe

20 cms. Diameter, 32cms. Height
30 cms. Diameter, 42cms. Height
38 cms. Diameter, 55 cms. Height

GOGL0212 - Floating Globe, Dia 16 cms with LED light arc & base Self revolving & leviating

GOGL0222 - Model of Earth Internal Structure, Diameter 32cm

GOGL0232 - Earth's Layer Model

This model shows the layers in side the Earth. It is in seven detachable parts which indicate the interior of the Earth. The different colors are used to show the various layers. When we take off the upper part i.e. Earth crust, we shall see inner core along with all layers in a single view. But we may detach all the layers one by one and find the periphery of each layer.

GOGL0242 - Model of Moon, Diameter 16cm

GOGL0252- Logitudinal & Latitudinal Model

This model can show the direction of Earth rotation, the earth axis, the two poles, polar circle, tropics of capricorn and cancer, meridian and paralled, latitude & longitude. Diameter 32cm

GOGL0262 - Model of the Sun, Diameter 32cm

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