Digital Multimeter

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3 1/2 Digital Multimeter with Battery Test

Code: ETMDM101001

3 1/2 Digital Multimeter with Temperature and Transistor

Code: ETMDM101004

3 1/2 Digital Multimeter with Capacitance

Code: ETMDM101007

3 1/2 Digital Multimeter with Temperature and Frequency

Code: ETMDM101010

3 1/2 Digital Multimeter with Temperature (Auto Ranging)

Code: ETMDM101013

  • Auto ranging hand held 3½ digit Digital Multimeter with large LCD display incorporating latest technology
  • This Digital Multimeter can measure AC Voltage, DC Voltage, AC Current, DC Current, Resistance, Temperature
  • Additional Features include Diode Test, Transistor check, Continuity check, Low Battery display, Data Hold Maximum Hold, Battery check and Auto Power Off
  • This Digital Mulltimeter has a built-in holster for anti sliding

  • Voltage DC - 200mV/2V/20V/200V/1000V - ± (0.5%+3dgts)
  • Voltage AC -
  • Ampere DC - 200µA/2000µA/20mA/200mA/2A/10A
  • Ampere AC - 200A (Resolution : 1mV / 1A)
  • Resistance - 200O/2KO/20KO/200KO/2MU/20MU
  • Continuity - Test On off warning
  • Low Battery display - v v v v

Maximum Display
Display Size 63mmX32mm

Power Supply AAA 1.5V (2 batteries)

3 1/2 Digital Multimeter with Battery Test

Code: ETMDM101016

Special Features:
  • Emissivity (Adjustable)
  • Laser Target
  • 0C/0F switch
  • Measured MAX, AVG, and DIFF
  • Distance Ratio : 12:1
  • Low battery display
  • Auto off in 10m mins

  • Model 16981 16982 16983
  • Range -32°C-550°C -26°F-1022°F -32°C-1050°C -26°F-1922°F -32°C-1350°C -26°F-2462°F
  • Accuracy 0°C-50°C(32°F-122°F)±1.5°C(3°F) 50°C(122°F) ±1.5%±1.5°C(3°F) -32°C-0°C(-26°F-32°F) ±2°C(4°F) -50°C-1000°C: ±1.5%/±3°C( ±5.4°F) 1000-1370°C: ±1.5%/±2°C( ±4°F)
  • Repeatibility ±0.5%±1°C( 2°F)
  • Display Resolution 0.1°C ( 0.1°F)
  • Response Time 500ms
  • Emissivity 0.95(0.01-0.10)adjustable
  • Spectral Response 6.5-18um
  • Distance to spot 12:1
  • Laser Target v
  • Backlight v
  • Max,Min Hold v
  • AVG/DIFF v
  • Data Store Hold v
  • Power 9V
  • Weight 145gms
  • Body Size 152X130X38mm

Bench Multimeter

Code: ETMDM101025

Digital Insulation Tester

Code: ETMDM101028

Digital Insulation Tester

Code: ETMDM101031

Analog High Voltage Insulation Tester

Code: ETMDM101034

3 3/4 Digital Multimeter

Code: ETMDM101037

3 3/4 Digital Multimeter TRMS

Code: ETMDM101040

3 3/4 Digit TRMS DMM & Insulation Tester

Code: ETMDM101043

3 3/4 Digital Multimeter

Code: ETMDM101046

3 3/4 Digital Multimeter

Code: ETMDM101049

3 3/4 Digital Multimeter

Code: ETMDM101052

3 3/4 Digital Multimeter

Code: ETMDM101055

3 3/4 Digital Multimeter

Code: ETMDM101058

3 3/4 Digital Multimeter

Code: ETMDM101061

4 3/4 Digital Multimeter

Code: ETMDM101064

5 3/4 Digital Multimeter

Code: ETMDM101067

Storage Adaptor & Rishcom-100 Software

Code: ETMDM101070
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