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PCB Art Work Film Maker


It is a tabletop unit which serves as a negative making contact printer as well as an illuminated Artwork table for Circuit Artwork taping and Inspection of Films and Negatives.

The user can directly make Negatives for IX scale artworks. It has a working area of 300 mm x 250 mm (12"x10") with diffused light and a push button operated exposure.

  • The overall dimensions are : 380 mm x 230 mm x 330 mm
  • Electrical Power : 230V/ 50Hz, 5A Socket required

Artwork Table (Illuminated)


Tabletop artwork and PCB inspection table with bottom illumination and diffused light.

  • Max working area : 350 mm x 450 mm (14"x18")

PCB Shearing Machine


Benchtop Guillotine type shearing machine to cut PCB's and Laminates. Compact structure with central handle allows ease of cutting.

  • Width : 300 mm (12")
  • Size : 400 mm x 350 mm

Photo Resist Dip Coating Machine


The machine is table top and compact. A single operation unit designed for coating of laminates with Photo resist. The machine ensures uniform controlled thickness of Photo resist on copper clad.

  • Max Board Size : 250 mm x 300 mm (10"x 12")
  • Rectangular Tank Capacity : 2 liters
  • Dips one PCB at a Time Electrical Power : 230V/ 50Hz, 5A Socket required

Double Sided UV Exposure Machine


A tabletop double sided exposing unit for high resolution exposure of PCBs. The new small footprint takes minimum space & power.

  • Maximum Size : 300 mm x 250 mm (12"x10")
  • U.V. Tubes : 2 x 4 (imported) actinic tubes with single/ double side Option
  • Chokes : Electronic Type
  • Timer : Provided
  • Electrical Power : 230 V -50Hz, 5A Socket required

Dye & Developer Machine


A unique tabletop unit which gives you the convenience to dyeing and developing PCBlaminates both in 1 machine. A diaphragm pump agitates the developing solution chamber. A separate bye chamber is also provided.

Technical Specifications

  • Max. PCB Size : 250 mm x 300 mm (10"x10").
  • Tank Capacity : 2 Ltr. For Developer solution, 2 Ltr. For Dye solution.
  • Air pump : Diaphragm type compressor pump.
  • Mechanical Time : Provided to operate air pump.

Roller Tinning Machine


It is a table top unit for Tin/ Solder coating of PCB's This coating also improves the solder ability of the PCB. The machine is ideal for polytechnics & engineering colleges.

A hand operated flywheel allows easy coating of boards.

  • Maximum PCB Width : 250 mm ( 10")
  • Maximum PCB Thickness : 6 mm
  • Solder Bath Capacity : 5 kgs
  • Heaters : 2 x 500 Watts
  • Rollers : Silicon Coated
  • Bearings : Teflon
  • Electrical Power : 230V - 50 Hz, 5A Socket required

PCB Etching Machine


For fast single and double sided PCB etching. Full PVC structure.

  • Useful etching area : 250 mm x 300 mm (10" x 12"
  • Tank Capacity : 20 Liters. Includes a heater and air flow compressor. All construction materials are corrosion free.
  • Heater : Titanum non-corrossive with thermostat control
  • Timer : Provided
  • Electrical Power : 230/50Hz, 5A Socket required

PCB Drilling Machine


A compact tabletop High speed PCB drilling machine with a Quick change Chuck

  • Drill holding by precision chuck with lapped jaws
  • Mains operated DC motor Direct drive ( no belt and pulley)
  • 3 Step Speed Control and Illumination of work Area

Technical Data

  • Motor Speed : upto 20,000 R.P.M.
  • Range : 0.6 to 3.0 mm
  • Base : MetalT
  • Working Area : 280 mm x 170 mm
  • Electrical Power : 230/ 50Hz, 5 A Socket required

PCB Curing Machine (Oven)


Tabletop unit for curing of liquid photoresist, pre-heatingsubstrates etc. A timer controlled heating system allows fastand efficient curing. Complete metal construction.

  • Max : 250 mm x 300 mm (10" x 12")
  • Heating : Heaters with thermostat controls
  • Fan : For air circulation
  • Timer : Provided
  • Shelf : Included
  • Electrical Power : 230/ 50 Hz. 5A Socket required
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