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Enamal Tray

Code: CEGEN001

Size avaiLable are as under:

G.I. Trays Enamel Trays
Approximate Size: Sizes avaiLable in inches are as Under:
(a) 6" x 6" (b) 8" x 8" (c) 10" x 12" (d) 12" x 12" (e) 12" x 14" (f) 12" x 18" (g) 18" x 18" (h) 18" x 24" (i) 24" x 24" (a) 6" x 6" (b) 8" x 8" (c) 10" x 12" (d) 12" x 12" (e) 12" x 14" (f) 12" x 18" (g) 18" x 18" (h) 18" x 24" (i) 24" x 24"

Measuring Tapes

Code: CEGEN005

Steel Tape: (a) 15 meter, 13mm width, (b) 15 meter, 9.5mm width, (c) 30meter, 13mm width, (d) 30meter, 9.5mm width, (e) 3meter, 9.5mm width and (f) 5meter, with bubble, Metallic wire braided, (g) 15meter and (h) 30meter.

Graduated Measuring Jars

Code: CEGEN007

These are commonly used at site for measurement of silt in sand and to measure the quantities of liquid. These are avaiLable in ordinary glass, borosilicate glass and clear transparent plastic, Capacities avaiLable are 25ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml.

Measuring Instrument

Code: CEGEN009

  • Veriner Calipers and micrometer screw gauge.
  • Steel and wooden scales 15cm, 30cm, 50cm, and 100cm.

Laboratory Thermometers

Code: CEGEN011

Chemical Thermometer, made from Superior quality glass with prominent mercury column most accurate for Research Laboratories. Length of each Thermometer are 30cm in following range: 50 C 1/1, 110 C 1/1, 100 C 1/2, 150 C 1/1, 250 C 1/1, 360 C 1/1, 400 C 2/1, 220 F 1/1 and 400 F 2/1.

Soil Thermometer

Code: CEGEN013

Scale 20F to 180F engraved on metal plate fitted on wooden body with brass cone at bottom cones are avaiLable in following sizes: 5cm long, 10 cm long, 15cm long and 230cm long.

Dial Thermometer

Code: CEGEN015

Dial thermometers are useful fro measuring the temperature of soil, bitmen of any hot material when inserting ordinary glass thermometer is risky from breakage point of view. These are essentially Bi-metallic thermometers, Bi-metal element is enclosed in a hollow metallic stem with close fitting. As the temperature rises Bi-metal element expands and activate3s a pointer fixed on the dial to read temperature.

Following sizes are avaiLable:
  • Range 0-300 C with 4" dial and 10mm dia. x 300mm long, S,S.Stem.
  • Range 0-300 C with 2.1/2" dial and 6mm dia. x 180/200/300mm long, S.S. Stem.
  • Range 0-100 C with 2.1/2" dial and 6mm dia. x 200mm long, S.S.Stem.


Code: CEGEN017

  • Room Thermometer, (b) Maximum-Minimum Thermometer Hygrometer.
  • Dry and wet buld thermometer.

Dial Gauge

Code: CEGEN019

Used for taking measuring settlement of soil, used as flow meter in Marshall stability test to measure deformities, strains, displacements in general.

AvaiLable models: (a) 0.01 x 25mm, (b) 0.002 x 5mm and (c) 0.01 x 50mm.


Code: CEGEN021

Scoops are used for transferring soil, cement, aggregate or any other grainy material of powders. They are made from 304 S.S. and fitted with handle. Capacity avaiLable (a) 100gms, (b) 200gms, (c) 500gms & (d) 1000gms. Scoops are made from G.I Sheet also avaiLable in above capacities.

Water Bath

Code: CEGEN023

Rectangular water bath, double walled construction, inside reservoir of stainless steel, outer body mild steel with insulation in between, supplied with lid having one hole of 12.5cm dia. and four holes of 7.5cm dia. Concentric Rings with lids are provided on holes. The top plate and concentric rings are of S.S. Temperature 0 0 0 range 7 C above ambient to 95 C + 1 C by capillary thermostat, inside chamber size 30cm x 25cm x 12cm. These water baths are useful for Laboratory work. Thermometers at extra cost suitable for 230volts AC, ingle phase.

Universal Water Bath

Code: CEGEN025

Single walled body made out of full stainless steel, polished sheet, temperature 7 C above ambient to 0 boiling point of water + 1 C by thermostatic arrangement. These baths are useful for heating Marshal specimen. A false button of S.S having holes is provided over the heating element. AvaiLable in the following sizes and accessories : (a) 12"L x 9" W x 7"H having rating of 750 W., (B) 18" L x 12"W x 7"H having rating 1500W. 1. Pyramid lid for size (a) 12" L x 9" W x 7" H, (b) 18" L x 12"W x 7"H. Supplied without thermometer, suitable for 230volts. A.C. single phase.

Constant Temperature Water Bath With Circulating Pump

Code: CEGEN027

Run by a FHP motor and a contact thermometer to control accurately temperature within + .5 C, Heating is by permanent heater and one booster heater accommodated inside the reservoir. Control panel for heaters, thermostat and circulating pump are provided on the outer wall at a convenient place, working size 37.5c, L x 30cm W x 25cm H. inside S.S.,. outside M.S. rating 2Kw, suitable for 230volts AC, single phase.

Digital Temperature Indicating Water Bath

Code: CEGEN029

Same above but with digital display indicating temperature controller.

Viscometric Water Bath

Code: CEGEN031

Same as above but provided with a glass window on side. Accessories: Viscometer holder for 4 nos. Viscometers and viscometer tray. Note: Water baths having higher capacities can be supplied prices on request.

Laboratory Ovens

Code: CEGEN033

Laboratory ovens are manufactured in different sizes and with different interior material. The ovens are of double walled construction. Outer wall is of Mild Steel, internal chamber is avaiLable in Mild Steel or Aluminum or Stainless Steel. Ovens are well insulated with glass wool.

The heating if form bottom heaters made of nichrome wire, temperature range 50 C to 240 C accurately controlled within + 2 C thermostatically. A three heat control switch provides faster initial heating. Suitable for operation on 230volts, A.C. single phase.

Thermostatic Hot Air Ovens (Bottom Heating)

Code: CEGEN035
Inner chamber Shelves Wattage
12" x 12" x 12" 1 800
14" x 14" x 14" 2 1000
18" x 18" x 18" 2 1500
20" x 20" x 20" 3 2200
24" x 24" x 24" 3 2500
24" x 24" x 36" 3 3000

Thermostatic Hot Air Ovens Three Side Heating (Memmert Type)

Code: CEGEN037

Note: Above Ovens can be supplied with forced air circulation fan at an extra cost. "L" Shaped thermometer or a dial thermometer can be fitted on the front side of the oven at and extra cost. All above ovens can be supplied with electronic digital temperature control cum indicator.

Ordering Instructions:

(1) Select type and size of oven Suffix A for aluminum inside or M.S. for mild steel inside or S.S, for stainless inside.
(2) Further Suffix 'F' if fan circulation required
(3) Prefix 'D' if Digital temperature controller required.
Inner chamber Shelves Wattage
12" x 12" x 12" 1 750
14" x 14" x 14" 2 1000
18" x 18" x 18" 2 1500
18" x 18" x 24" 3 1750
18" x 24" x 36" 3 2000
24" x 24" x 24" 3 2200
24" x 24" x 36" 3 2500

Humidity Control Oven Digital Display (Environmental Test Chambers)

Code: CEGEN039

Double walled, interior made of Aluminum/Stainless Steel. Exterior of Mild Steel finished in paint. Glass wool insulation, full length inner glass door and outside metal door with magnetic gasket and lock. Two perforated removable trays at fixed distance are provided of Aluminum /Stainless Steel. Unit consists of Main switch, fuse, pilot lamps for all controls. DIGITAL DISPLAY Electronic temp. controllers for Dry & Wet bulbs. Humidity by steam injection controlled temp. In case of cooling models by Hermetically sealed compressor coupled with evaporation coil and condenser, safe guard by time delay circuit. Unit works on 230 Volts AC. 50Hz main supply.
S. No. Internal Dim. In cms. (HxWxD) Inner Chamb. Temp. Range 0 Accuracy = 1 C Humidity Range Accuracy +3%RH 0 0 between to 10 C to 60 C
(a) 70x50x50 x Aluminum 10 C above 0 ambien to 60 C Ambiedn to 95%RH
(b) -do- Stainless Steel -Do- -Do-
(c) -do- Aluminum 10 Cl to 60 C 40% to 90%
(d) -do- Stainless Steel -do- -do-
(e) -do- -do- 0 C to 60 C ---
(f) 90x55x55 Aluminum 10 C above 0 ambient to 60 C Ambien to 95% RH
(g) -do- Stainless Steel -do- -do-
(h) -do- Aluminum 10 C to 60 C 40% to 95% RH
(i) -do- Stainless Steel -do- -do-
(j) -do- -do- 0 C to 60 C -do-
(k) -do- -do- 20 C to 60 C -do-

Dead Weight Testers

Code: CEGEN041

The instrument consists of a piston-cylinder unit, screw press, priming pump, priming valve and test connection, all fixed on a rigid steel base. Four adjustable leveling screws are provided for leveling. An easily removable cover is fitted to the instrument. Supplied completer with a set of weights, but without a pressure gauge.

  • Dead Weight Tester - 2 Pressure Range: 6-75kg./cm.
  • Dead Weight Tester - 2 Pressure Range: 100-550kg./cm.
  • Dead Weight Tester - 2 Pressure Range: 600-800kg./cm.
  • Dead Weight Tester - 2 Pressure Range: 800-1000kg./cm.

Flow Cup Viscometers

Code: CEGEN045

Flow Cup Viscometers are useful for determining the flow time of paints varnishes, lacquers and other viscous products. They consist of a metallic container with specified dimensions and volume, incorporating and orifice. The sample flows through the orifice and the variations in running time indicate the variations in viscosity of the product, due to blending and dilution.

Flow Cup Viscometer

Code: CEGEN047

As Per IS: 3944

Consists of a cup of gun metal, with a stainless steel orifice. A skirt is provided at the bottom to protect the orifice from damage and another one is provided on the top, for preventing overflow of fluid. Supplied complete, with a stand, with leveling screws.
S. No. Type Orifice Diameter (in mm.) Viscosity Range (in stokes) Designed for
ASI--1021.1 No. 2 2.380 Upto 0.5 Sprit Lacquers
ASI--1021.2 No. 3 3.170 0.4 to 1.2 Ligtht Oils
ASI--1021.3 No. 4 3.970 0.8 to 2.5 Heavy Liquids
ASI--1021.4 No. 5 4.760 1.5 to 5.0 Heavy Liquids
ASI--1021.5 No. 6 7.120 Above 4.0 Very Heavy liquids

Wiley Mills

Code: CEGEN049

Wiley Mills are useful for preparation of materials for analysis with minimal loss of moisture of volatile constituents. The basic shearing action makes the Wiley Mill Satisfactory for many materials which cannot be reduced by other mechanical means. The shearing action of the cutting edged prevents changes in the sample, such as temperature rise, moisture loss, liquefaction, contamination etc., caused by other methods like crushing and abrasion. The fan effect of the blades provides increased through put and quick clearing of the chamber.

The mill was originally designed for grinding fertilizer materials, animal hair, hoofs etc., but has now been adopted for leather, dry plant stem tissues, leaf tissues, soybeans stems, tobacco, plastics, bones. Cotton seeds, drugs and various other materials.

Wiley Mill (Intermediate Model)

Code: CEGEN051

Consists of a polished cast iron chamber for 40mm. diameter x 22mm. deep, with two stationary blades. A rotor with four blades revolves at high speed, to provide a unique shearing action. A hopper, provided for feeding the material, has a throat diameter of 14mm. Samples introduced through the hopper are swept around the rotor, until cut to sufficient fineness, to pass through the sieve top, and then on the delivery tube, which forms the bottom of the chamber. Three sieves of mesh sizes BSS20, 40 & 60 are supplied. A glass jar, placed at the bottom, received the milled powder. A glass jar plate forms the face of the chamber and permits observation during the operation. By removing the glass, access is possible for cleaning. Supplied complete with a glass receiver, a wrench for adjusting fixed blades and a cleaning brush. Complete with a 0.25 HP motor, an electrical chord and plug. Wired for 230 V. 50 Hz. Sph.

  • Set of 2 nos. stationary blades - Model: ASI-1022.1
  • Set of 4 nos. revolving blades - Model: ASI-1022.2

Wiley Mill, Stainless Steel (Intermediate Model)

Code: CEGEN053

Same as above except that all metal parts in contact with the sample, including blades. The rotor, the chamber walls, the delivery tubes and the receivers are of stainless steel. Supplied with a 0.25 HP motor, electrical chord and plug. Wired for 230V. 50 Hz. Sph

Wiley Mill, Heavy Duty

Code: CEGEN055

Similar to 1022 except that the milling chamber is of 200mm. diameter x 75mm. deep. Four steel blades on the rotor. Act in conjunction with six steel blades on the frame. The mill is supplied with three standard size sieves of 0.5mm, 1mm. and 2mm. Wired fro 440V. 50hz. 3Ph.

  • Set of 6 nos. stationary blades - Model: ASI-1024.1
  • Set of 4 nos. revolving blades - Model: ASI-1024.2
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