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Gynecological Examination

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Advanced Fundus of Uterus Examination & Evaluation Simulator

Code: BIOMA0462


  • With normal physiological changes of the postpartum women, provide assessment of postpartum fundus of uterus and massage skills training;
  • Hip joint is movable and can be placed correct body position.
  • Realistic anatomical landmark of united bones of toes;
  • Interchangeable Uterus:
    • Normal uterus
    • Postpartum uterus of the first hour
    • Postpartum uterus of the second day
    • Postpartum uterus of the second week
    • Callous uterus with good contraction
    • Soft uterus without good contraction
  • Expansion of vaginal orifice
  • Easy to separate the labium minus and expose the vagina,
  • Lear energy of cunnus

Episiotomy Traning Simulator

Code: BIOMA0467

Vaginal Culdocentesis Simulator

Code: BIOMA0472

The model consists of cortex, fixed abdominal visceral organs, uterus, uterine-rectal concave haematodocha, vagina, rectal water sac and the stand. The cortex is used as the cover of the whole model; the devices used in belly are to fix functional visceral organs on their own actual locations. And four parts (uterine-rectal concave water sac, rectal water sac, uterus and vagina) are inlayed into the device. The stand can hold the whole model and keep its breech up, which makes operation simple. The uterine-rectal concave haematodocha and rectal water sac are of cystic structure where to connect two drainage tubes to have liquid infused into.


  • The simulation model is made from advanced materials with correct anatomical positions, soft and elastic skin, true feeling and real pathological tissue;
  • Penetrate into median fornix posterior, which is1 cminferior to the joint of cervix and vagina mucosa, parallel to cervical canal with a No.7 puncture needle, and light red liquid extraction means successful centesis;
  • If puncture isn't operated according to the conventions, e.g. if the operator pierces into the rectum, there will be yellow liquid extraction, which shows puncture failure;
  • If operator doesn't insert the needle according to the convention but pierces bilaterally without destination, it will hurt surrounding organs, which shows puncture failure.

Vulva Suturing Training Simulator

Code: BIOMA0477


  • Right posterior incision, left posterior incision or median incision can be selected to exercise perineum cutting and suturing.



Gynecological Examination Simulator

Code: BIOMA0482


  • Palpation of normal and pregnant uterus
  • Bi-manual pelvic and tri-manual pelvic examination
  • Vaginal examination
  • Contraceptive instrument insertion and removal
  • Observation of uterus, ovary, fallopian tubes, and ligament teres

Advanced Gynecological Examination Simulator

Code: BIOMA0487


  • It is including all the functions of GD/F30S.
  • Hysteroscopy checking
  • Laparoscopic visualization checking, can observe the Uterus, accessories, round ligament, uterine and other structures
  • It can place the female condoms, contraceptive sponge, cervical cap and other contraceptives.
  • Cervix, uterus can be replaced

The components:

The normal and abnormal uterus and accessories model can be bimanual and triple diagnosis checking.
  • Normal uterus and accessories (the front uterus wall is transparent, so the IDU can be placed and took out.)
  • Normal uterus and accessories
  • Uterus associated with significant flexion, forward.
  • Uterus associated with significant back flexion, back forward.
  • Uterus associated with right ovarian cysts tubal.
  • Uterus associated with right hydrosalpinx
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Uterine inflammation associated with the right accessories uterine malformations.

Normal and abnormal cervix model:

It is used for checking the parts by gynecatoptron
  • ) Normal cervix
  • Chronic cervicitis
  • Acute cervicitis
  • Cervical cyst inflammation Bohnert
  • Cervical polyps
  • Cervical adenoma

Normal and abnormal cervix model :

It is used for checking the parts by Hysteroscopy
  • Normal uterus
  • Endometrial polyps
  • Endometrial hyperplasia
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Early uterine body cancer
  • Advanced uterine body cancer
  • End uterine cancer
  • Pregnant uterus model
  • 6-8 weeks of pregnancy the uterus
  • 10-12weeks of pregnancy the uterus
  • 20 weeks of pregnancy the uterus
  • Simulation of post partum 48 hours uterus
  • The process of placing and taking out the IDU

Advanced Embryo Development Process Simulator

Code: BIOMA0492


  • Be placed in the beautiful rigid box, divided into 9 different process of embryo development
  • Videos vividly describe the embryonic development, the magical process of embryonic growth and reveal the mysteries of life.

Transparent Curettage Simulator

Code: BIOMA0497

This model is designed for learners to learn artificial abortion curettage in clinical practice. It allows beginners to learn the anatomy of obstetrics and gynecology, and practice dilation, curettage, urethral catheterization and other related operation. And it is useful for classroom teaching.


  • Transparent casing, solid, beautiful and visible of the pelvic internal structure, operation steps can be observed if they are correct;
  • Good flexibility of vagina, vaginal speculum can be used, soft and elastic uterine material, realistic shape
  • Soft touching feeling of genitals, simulation shape, correct structure of the labia majora, labia minora, urethra, vagina;
  • Realistic internal anatomical structure: uterus, fallopian tube, ovary, bladder, ureter
  • Around 6-7 weeks of gestation sac can be seen in the transparent uterus;
  • Urethral catheterization operation , female bladder irrigation
  • Uterine dilator and curet can be inserted into cervix
  • With basement support and can fix the uterus in the right position
  • Transparent curettage demonstration model: anteversion position ,horizontal position, and retroversion position
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