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Manufacturers/Exporters of Scientific and Laboratory Instruments & Educational Science Lab Supplies.

Manufacturers and exporters of all types of scientific & laboratory instruments including all types of Physics Lab Instruments, Physics Experiments Equipments, Biology Lab Equipments, Human Anatomy Models, Chemistry Lab Instruments, Geography Teaching Products, Educational Charts and Models, and Microscopes and Slides, Laboratory Glassware & Plastic-ware, Specimens, All types of Educational Teaching Aids/Educational Science Lab Supplies etc. We have complete range for Physics, Chemistry & Biology. Our Products are being exported to many Countries all over the Globe. Our prices are very competitive and the quality is of International Standard. Our is a 100% Export Oriented Unit and ISO 9001 approved too.


Corporate Profile School Product Product Spectrum Scientific Instruments

Biology Lab Equipments

Biology Lab

Physics Lab Equipments


Chemistry Lab Equipments


Laboratory Glassware

Laboratory Glassware

Lab Plasticware Products

Lab Plasticware

Geography & Geology Product

Geography & Geology



Human Anatomy Models

Human Anatomy Models

Nursing Training Models

Nursing Manikins/Training Models

cpr training simulator

CPR Training Simulator / Manikins)

Gynae Models

Gynae & Obstetric Models/Manikins

Dental Training Models

Dental(Stomatology) Training Models

Human Torso Models

Human Torso Models

Skeleton Models

Osteology(Skeleton/Joints Models)

Laboratory Microscope

Lab Microscopes

Glass Microscope Slides

Microscopes Slides

prepared slides for biology

Prepared Slides

School Lab Microscopes

School/College Lab Microscopes (Biological)

School Educational charts

Educational Charts

Biology Microtomes


Laboratory Measuring Instruments

Lab Measuring Instruments / Laboratory Balances

Lab Projectors


mathematics laboratory Equipments

Primary Science(Geometry/Maths Lab Equipments)

Laboratory Centrifuge Machine

Centrifuges Range of Products

Force and motion physics

Force & Motions (Physics)

Physics heat kits

Heat (Physics)

Types of waves physics

Waves (Physics)


Sound (Physics)

Electric meter physics

Meters (Electricity Physics)

Magnets & Magnetism Lab Equipments

Magnets & Magnetism (Physics)

Solar Energy

Engineering Models & Equipment

Engineering Teaching Aids, Models & Equipments

Trainer kit for Electronics lab

Electronics Lab Trainer / Educational Trainers

Test & Measuring Instruments - Engineering

Test & Measuring Instruments - Engineering

Automobile Engineering & I.C. Engine Lab

Automobile Engineering & I.C. Engine Lab

Civil Engineering Educational Models

Civil Engineering Models

Civil Engineering Lab Equipments

Civil Engineering Lab Equipments

science laboratory Equipments

Science Lab Instruments/Equipments

Analytical Laboratory equipments

Analytical Lab Equipments

Blood Bank Laboratory Equipment

Blood Bank Instruments

Laboratory Shakers

ophthalmic Surgical instruments

Ophthalmic Equipments

Laboratory Porcelain Labware

Porcelain Labware

Platinum Crucible

Platinum Labware

School Lab Furniture

Laboratory & School Furniture

Oil Testing Instruments

Oil & Petroleum Testing Products

Soil Testing Kits and Equipment

Soil Testing Equipments

Farm & Agricultural Equipment

Agriculture Equipments / Instruments

Dairy Product Machinery Equipments

Dairy Equipments

Clean Air Systems and Equipments

Clean Air Equipments

Micro Pipettes - Instruments

Biotecnology - MicroPippettes

Industrial Chemicals


Weather Instruments for Meteorological

Meteorological Instruments (Weather & Climate Testing)

pharmacy lab equipment

Pharmacy Instruments

Environmental Instruments

Environmental Instruments

>Whiteboard & Boards

Whiteboard & Boards