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Code: MATH0466

This identities is provided with magnet at back to demonstrate on magnetic board. Measure Size 41 x 41cm


Code: MATH0471

This identity is provided with magnet at back to demonstrate on magnetic board. Measure Size 41 x 41cm.


Code: MATH0476

This is a demonstration model of (a+b)3. Made up of plastic easy to show the complex identity by detachable set of 8 pieces.

Algebra Kit (Foam)

Code: MATH0481

Algebra can be taught more efficiently with the use of algebra tiles. Algebra tiles are square and rectangular tiles that visually represent the parts of an algebraic equation. They make learning basic algebra faster since students can interact with equations by moving the tiles around. Set consists of 10 pcs.

Interlocking Cubes

Code: MATH0486

This set of 625 plastic cubes in 5colors connect on all six sides. Easy for little hands to connect and twist apart. Can be used to demonstrate Cubic identities, volume and also endless built-up concepts for fun learning. Set of 625 Cubes.

Student Identity Kit (A+B)2, (A+B)2, A2-B2

Code: MATH0491

Measure 15 x 15cm

Algebra Tiles

Code: MATH0496

Many students struggle with factoring polynomials. Polynomials are a number of mathematical terms that can be added, subtracted and multiplied. For example, 5x2+3x+9 would be a typical polynomial. Algebra tiles are manipulative devices that students can use to work math problems. These Algebra tiles come in the shapes of squares and rectangles. Using algebra tiles in teaching polynomials allows students to practice working with polynomials with a hands-on approach. The tiles provide a visual representation of the problem that then can be worked by manipulating the tiles. Algebra tiles come with three types of tiles in two colors each, typically red for negative tiles and blue for positive tiles. Set consists of 70 pcs.
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