Base Ten Blocks

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Base Ten Block

Code: MATH0001

Students learn math lessons faster when they can see a visual demonstration of the lesson using base ten math manipulative. Based on the centimeter cube, Base Ten Blocks are valuable and versatile manipulative for any mathematics lessons. Base ten block help students understand place value and measurement concepts related to surface and volume. Set includes 100 unit cubes, 20 ten rods, 10 hundred flats, and 1 thousand cube.

Base Ten Stamp Set

Code: MATH0006

Rubber stamp is replicas of Base 10 blocks. Includes one unit, one rod, one flat, and one cube stamp. Each stamp is mounted on a wooden handle. Teacher can make different worksheet by take stamp impression on blank paper to give student. Set includes one unit, one rod, one flat & one cube stand.

Magnetic Base Ten Block

Code: MATH0011

Teaching math with base ten manipulative allows kids to do hands-on exercises and makes learning basic math skills easy. These proportional foam magnetic pieces are the perfect visual aid for teaching base ten basics. This base ten math manipulative set includes 100 single units, ten 10-unit rods, ten 100-unit squares and one 2-dimensional graphic of a 1000-unit cube. Perfect for helping young students learn counting, grouping, place value, numeration, and multiplication. The magnetized foam pieces are easy to grip and place on magnetic whiteboards. This classroom demonstration tool is also useful for hands-on learning in small or large groups. Set includes 100 single units, ten 10-unit rods, ten 100-unit squares & one 2-diamensional graphic of a 1000-unit cube.

Classroom Base Ten Set

Code: MATH0016

Class room Base Ten manipulative to engage students in concrete demonstrations of place value and base ten concepts in Group activity. Set supplies for class of 20-25 students with 400 individual units, 80 rods, 40 flats, 4 Pcs Thousand cubes. Total set of 524 Pcs.

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