Chemical Storage Cabinet


Chemical Storage Cabinet

The storage cabinet is ideal to store Toxic laboratory solvents & chemicals inside the laboratories, P. P. trays are provided for long life of shelves, ,Doors are provided with 5mm toughened/ Safety glass , In some of the critical chemical application, Exhaust port on top along with blower is been provided & their size can be altered as per Requirement.

  • For storing devices and chemicals in accordance with DIN EN 14727
  • Not suitable to store the flammable liquids, gas cylinders and self-igniting or self-decomposing substances.
  • Not permitted for storing acids and alkalis

HANDLE:The Aluminum flush type handles without joints are resistant to chemicals and easy to clean. Our suspended cabinets are fastened to the service spine or wall without a visible gap.
HINGES, LOCK:We do provide"Hattich / Hafele" German make Hinges, Lock & Sliders, to get the long life service.
SURFACES ARE WELL PROTECTED:We do provide the Epoxy duly powder coated sheet with minimum coating layer of 80 Microns.

  • Storage Panel: Min. 20 SWG Sheet.
  • Storage Door/ Shutter Panel: Min. 22 SWG Sheet.
  • Adjustable Shelves: Min 20 SWG Sheet.
  • Inner lining Sheet (For, Chemical Storage): Phenolic Resin Laminated Construction.
  • Adjustable Shelves (For, Chemical Storage, Chemical Storage Unit): Poly Propylene
Code Std. Sizes mm
LABFR0001 900/1200mm (L)x 450mm (W)x 1800mm (H)

Chemical Storage Cabinet

The Chemical Storage Cabinet is ideal for storing toxic solvents and chemicals inside the laboratories.

  • Cabinet is made of Galvanized sheet duly powder coated.
  • Storage Shelves are made of PCGI or PCGI Shelves lined with thick P.P. Sheet (option) and door has a see through TOUGHNED GLASS.
  • An exhaust port (Option) can be connected to a blower to remove odour and toxic fumes outside the laboratory through a duct (Option).
  • Available in ventilated / ducted as well as non ventilated models also.
  • Supplied with spillage trays.

Code Chamber Size (W×D×H) mm
LABFR0009a 1000 × 600 × 1800
LABFR0009b 900 × 550 × 1500
LABFR0009c 800 × 500 × 1200
LABFR0009d 800 × 450 × 900
LABFR0009e 600 × 400 × 700
  • Exhaust ducting per running feet (for ventilated system only)

Chemical Storage Cabinet

CHEMICAL STORAGE CUPBOARDS are available with hinged glass doors or complete metal hinged doors. Chemical cupboards are provided with four adjustable shelves. Complete unit is finished with epoxy powder coating. This Cupboards can be provided alongwith suitable exhaust vent to pull out the fumes generated inside the cupboard.

Code Size mm
LABFR0019a 900mm (L)x 300mm (W)x 1800mm (H)
LABFR0019b 900mm (L)x 450mm (W)x 1800mm (H)

Chemical Storage Cabinet

Chemical storage cabinets These Chemical storage cabinets are made of good quality stainless steel along with 5 shelving options.

These shelves are adjustable and can be fixed at desired height as per the storage needs.

  • Material - Stainless Steel
  • Shelves - 5 adjustable Shelves
  • Size - As per client
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