Geological Field Equipments

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GOFE0003 - Geologist's Hammer

Indian All steel with plastic covered handle very Superior

GOFE0013 - Geologist's Hammer Usa Estwing

Made with Nylon Vinyl Shock Reduction Grip - The Head and Handle are forged in one piece and have a fully polished head.
Code Weight Size
GOFE0013-A 392 gm 11"
GOFE0013-B 616 gm 13"
GOFE0013-C 672 gm 11"

GOFE0023 - Brunton Compass

For topographic or preliminary Survey on Surface or Sub-surface with carry case.

GOFE0033 - Clinometer Compass

7:5 cm with brass sight magnetic needle mounted or jewel graduated dial with case.

GOFE0043 - Goniometer

For Measuring Solid Angles

GOFE0053- Sample Trays

Sample Trays for Putting Specimens, made of Mild Steel, Powder Coated with Space for Labels

Size: 10x8cm

GOFE0063 - Streak Plate

Streak Plates, White, both are 50 x 50 x 7 Unglazed. Streak plates are used to identify minerals, each mineral gives off a different colour which is not necessarily the same colour as the rock. For example, Amethyst can be identified by a white/grey streak.

Size: 50 x 50 x 7

GOFE0073 - Hand Lens

Hand Lens (FIELD LENS) 10x field lens has excellent optics and superb quality, yet offers excellent value for money.

Size: 10x
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