3D Raised Relief Models of Geology

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GEOM0125 - Interior of Earth

A meander is a bend in a sinuous watercourse. When a meander gets cut off from the main stream, a U-shaped oxbow lake is formed.

Size: 70x100 cms

GEOM0129 - River in Action

Showing the stages of river actions in different phases.

Size: 70x100 cms

GEOM0133 - Geographical Terms

Showing ideal features of landscape to reach the formation of particular geographical terms

Size: 70x100 cms

GEOM0137 - Rocks & Volcanos

Showing in detail the (i) Sedimentary Rocks (ii) Igneous Rocks (iii) Metamorphic Rocks (iv)Volcanoes

Size: 70x100 cms

GEOM0141 - Air & Water Pollutionh

Showing the factors that cause Pollution both in the air as well as in the water. Printed in multicolors in actual relief.

Size: 70x100 cms

GEOM0145 - The Volcanic System

Shows different parameters how volcanoes take place& the hanging feature there after.

Size: 70x100 cms

GEOM0149 - Model of Restless Earth

Showing sea floor spreading of crust, subduction zones, the continents Mid-Ocean Ridge.

Size: 70x100 cms

GEOM0153 - Formation of Rocks

Shows the Geological cycle and the process of ever changing contents of earth, which Result in formation of Rocks.

Size: 70x100 cms

GEOM0157 - Glacial Landscape

Shows the landscape before and after glacial action.

Size: 70x100 cms

GEOM0161- Origin of Earth

Shows various stages through which the earth was formed.

Size: 70x100 cms

GEOM0165 - Model Earth Quake

Shows the origin, motion produced & the effects of earth quakes.

Size: 70x100 cms

GEOM0169 - Folds & Faults

Ten different figures of folds & faults in multicolors and actual relief.

Size: 70x100 cms

GEOM0173 - Structure of Earth Model

Showing about the Earth Continents, Rocks & Ocean Floors.

Size: 70x100 cms

GEOM0177 - Story of Earth

Shows the earth's Geological history from the very beginning till today.

Size: 70x100 cms

GEOM0181 - Cycle of Erosion

Shows the cycle of Erosion works, rivers move sediment down streams, widening the valleys & debris is removed from drainage system.

Size: 22x15 cms

GEOM0185 - Deformation of the Earth Folds & Faults

Shows the process of the deformation of the earth & how folds are in size from microscopic structures to large domes and basins.

Size: 70x100 cms

GEOM0189 - Glacial Systems

Shows how the Ice flows under the pull of gravity and the snow is transformed into ice.

Size: 70x100 cms

GEOM0193 - Mass Movement on Earth

Shows how mass movement of erosion of land, under all Geological conditions of the earth.

Size: 70x100 cms

GEOM0197 - Features of the Dry Desert

Shows how be scouring winds work on the land surface of the deserts.

Size: 70x100 cms

GEOM0201 - The Earth's Interior

Showing mineral resources is a volume of the Earth's crust.

Size: 70x100 cms

GEOM0205 - Weathering Model

Shows how climate precipitation and temp. alongwith mechanical & chemical process decomposes both Rocks & Soil shows how the weathering process works.

Size: 70x100 cms

GEOM0209 - Cyclones and Anticyclones

Showing Cyclones and Anticyclones on Earth

Size: 70x100 cms
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