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Aggregate Testing Lab Equipments

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Thickness Gauge

Code: CEAMG001

As Per IS: 2386 (Part-1)

Used for determining the flakiness index of aggregates.

Specifications: It Consists of a frame with a sliding panel. The panel slots of different standard length and widths accurately cut.

Length Gauge

Code: CEAMG003

As Per IS: 2386 (Part-1)

For determination of the elongation index of aggregates.

Specifications: Consists of a hard wood base with vertically mounted metal studs as specified in the IS 2386 (Part I).

Cylindrical Measures

Code: CEAMG005

As Per IS: 2386 (Part- III)

Determines bulk density or unit weight of aggregates.

Specifications: Calibrated cylindrical measures of sheet iron with handles. Consists of 3 measures one each 3 liters capacity, 15 liters capacity and 30 liters capacity. Complete with one tamping rod, round, 16mm dia. and 600mm long, one end rounded.

Metal Measures

Code: CEAMG007

As Per IS: 1199-1159.

For the determination of the unit weight of aggregate.

Specifications: Made from sheet iron, complete with handle, capacity 10litres or 20litres.

Density Basket

Code: CEAMG009

As Per IS 2386 (Part-III)

For density tests on aggregates as per procedure laid down.

Specifications: Made of brass with stainless steel wire mesh 6.3mm size ruggedly constructed. Approximately 20cm dia. x 20cm. high. Complete with handle.

Riffle Sample Divider-1

Code: CEAMG011

As Per IS: 1607-1960

Used for sampling aggregates, ores, refractory materials, pigments, powdered coal, soap, cement etc.

Specifications: It consists of a sheet metal box mounted on legs and fitted with a series of chutes of equal width which discharge the material alternatively in opposite directions into separate pans. The chutes of the riffle are steep enough to allow rapid flowing of the material:- The instrument has 14 Nos. chutes of 13mm width and is complete with two receivers.

Riffle Sample Divider-1

Code: CEAMG013

As Per IS: 1607-1960

Same as above but with 16Nos, chutes of 5mm width, complete with two receivers.

Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus

Code: CEAMG015

As Per IS: 9376, 2386 (Part-IV)

For measuring of resistance of aggregate to crushing.

Specifications: Consists of M.S. Cylindrical container 150mm + 0.5mm dia. x 130mm to 140mm high with base plate 200 to 230 mm/sqr x 6mm thick. A plunger of 148mm + 0.55mm dia. x 100 to 115mm high. Supplied complete with tramping rod, 16mm dia x 600mm long, one end rounded. And 1 No. metal measure 115 + 0.55mm dia. x 180 0.5mm high.

Note:- On special request Aggregate Crushing Value apparatus having 75mm dia. or 300mm dia. cylinder size can be supplied.

Aggregate Impact Tester-1

Code: CEAMG017

As Per IS: 2386 (Part-IV) 9377

For determining the aggregate impact value.

Specifications: The instrument consists of a circular base with two vertical guides. The hammer of weight 13.75 + 0.25kg can be raised to fall freely down the vertical guides. The height of fall can be adjusted through 380+ 5mm. The hammer is provided with a locking arrangement. The hammer falls freely to the base and is removable for emptying. Supplied complete with metal measures 75mm dia. x 50mm high (for specimen preparation) and tamping rod 230mm long x 10mm dia.

Aggregate Impact Tester-1

Code: CEAMG019

Same as above but fitted with automatic blow counter.

Specific Gravity And Water Absorption of Aggregates

Code: CEAMG021

As Per IS: 2386 (Part-III)

This set is used for specific gravity, apparent specific gravity and water absorption of aggregates.

Specifications: The outfit comprises of- 1No. Semi-self indicating balance, capacity 5 kg, accuracy 0.5gm, provision is made in this balance to suspend density basket under material pan. Balance is supplied with necessary set of weights. This balance is mounted on an angle iron frame stand. 1 No. Density Basket. 1 No. Air tight container of capacity similar to that of density basket 1 No. Water tight container to suspend density basket. 1 No. G.I. Tray of area not less that 650cm sq. 2 Nos. Absorbent clothes 75cm x 45cm.

Deval Attrition Tester

Code: CEAMG023

As Per IS: 2386 (Part-IV) ASTM D 2, D 289.

For the determination of resistance of aggregates to wear by abrasion.

Specification: It consists of two hollow cylinders closed at one end and provided with tight fitting covers at the either end. These cylinders are mounted on a shaft at an angle of 30 degree with the axis of rotation of the shaft. The shaft rotates at 30-33 rpm through a reduction gear operated by a motor and is provided with a revolution counter. Complete with abrasive charges consisting of 12 Nos. Hardened steel balls of 48mm. dia. Suitable for operation on 440Volts, 3 Phase, 50 cycles. A.C. Supply.

Dorry Abrasion Testing Machine

Code: CEAMG025

BS: 812.

For testing aggregates for resistance to abrasion.

Specifications: It consists of a disc rotating about a shaft connected to a reeducation gear box coupied to a motor. The disc rotates at 20-30 rpm. Under the rotating disc is a tray with an outlet to facilitate the removal of sand. Two conical hoppers are mounted on a bracket fixed to the circular tray. An arrangement is made for start and stop the flow of sand. Two holes are provided for mounting two specimens simultaneously. Two containers with weights are supplied to keep the specimens pressed against the rotating disc. Suitable for operation on 220Volts, 50 cycles, A.C. supply.

Pull Mill For Grinding Lime Mortar

Code: CEAMG027

Specifications: It is of weided steel construction, having an in internal diameter of 12 inch x 13.5 inch long (volume 1 cu.ft.) and is made of 5/16 inch thick steel plate. The drum is supported on heavy duty ball bearings on the two ends. It has an opening of 4 inch width along the full length of drum. An air and water tight cover is provided to close the opening after the specimen has been put inside the drum. The speed of rotation is 28- 30rpm. The pug mill has an arrangement for being held in any position. A revolution counter for recording the revolutions of the mill is fixed on the machine. Twelve ¾ inch dia. steel balls are also supplied with the unit. It is fitted with a ½ H.P. electric motor to operate on single phase, 220/230 volts A.C. supply.

Los Angles Abrasion Testing Machine

Code: CEAMG029

As Per IS: 2386 (Part IV) ASTM: C 131, AASHP T 96.

Used for testing crushed rock, crushed slag, crushed and uncrushed gravel for resistance to abrasion.

Specifications: The machine consists of a hollow cylinder mounted horizontally on a study frame on ball bearings. There is an opening which can be closed with a dust tight cover to facilitate charging and discharging the drum with the material under test. A detachable shelf which extends throughout the inside length of the drum which catches the abrasive charge and does not allow it to fall on the cover. The drum is rotated by an electric motor through a heavy reduction gear at a speed of 30-33 rpm. A revolution counter is fitted to the frame. A tray is supplied for collection of the material at the end of the test. Complete with abrasive charges consisting of a set of twelve hardened steel balls, approximately 48mm dia. Suitable for operation on 440volts, 3 phase, 50 cycles, A.C. supply.
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