Specimen Studying Tools


Herbarium Press


Heavy duty wooden planks finished in paint are used as pressure plates. Provided with flynuts for putting sufficient pressure. Size 45 x 30 cms.

Herbarium Press For Field Use


Light and Handy. Made of wooden frame. Pressure can be applied by means of story belts provided on it. Size 45 x 30 cms.

Botanical Vasculum


For collection of botanical specimens from field. Made of 22 SWG aluminum sheet. Handle and adjustable holder strap provided for easy handling. Exterior well painted and interior provided with 2 mm. cork sheet.

Insect Storage Box


For pinning and storing insects. Comprises of a fine polished wooden board with glass cover. The bottom is lined with thick sheet. Inside glazed white with art paper. Doubled walled and perforated fumigation chamber provided. Size 45 x 30 x 7.5 cms.

Entomological Pins


  Code Size
1. BIST0017-A 12, 15 and 18
2. BIST0017-B 26 and 30
3. BIST0017-C 38

Insect Spreading Board


Wooden, covered with non scaring, synthetic sheet suitable for repeated pinning without leaving pin marks. Groove smoothly adjustable in width for various sizes of insects up 12 mm.

Animal Cage Polypropylene


Polypropylene, provides excellent shelter for different animals species in the laboratory. The metallic top provides proper ventilation and has provisions for feeding the species.

  Code Size
1. BIST0025-A 29 x 22 x 14 cms.      Water Bottle 125 ml.
2. BIST0025-B 43 x 27 x 15 cms.      Water Bottle 250 ml.

Insect Collecting Net


Ring made of iron wire supported on anodized aluminum pipe handle with fine rubber grip at end. Length of handle 75 cms. fitted in ring through 5 cm. wide cloth rim. dia. to bag at free end 25 cm. Ring dia. 30 cm.

insect collecting net


Ring made of iron wire supported on handle with fine rubber grip at end, length of handle 75cm. 75 cm. long net fitted in ring through 5 cm. wide cloth rim. Dia of bag at free end 25cm. Ring dia 30cm. This is available in aluminum handle, iron handle and wooden handle.

Butterfly & Grasshopper Net


Soft nylon mesh of netting will not harm insects. With 36" long aluminium handle and 16" diameter aluminium bow.

Fish & Butterfly Net


Light weight, with collapsible 23" long handle and deep bag. Folds for easy storage.

Plankton Net


35" long collection bag made of strong bolting netting cloth suspended by muslin reinforcement and mounted an a strong wire ring dia. 12". Three braided strong leads attached to swivel front. Lower end is provided with 2" opening with strong cloth pocket for tying the collection vial.

Insect & Larva Collecting Net


Bag diameter 16 inch made of muslin to catch the smallest specimen with 36 inch aluminium handle.

Aquatic Net


Strongly built for sweeping up of aquatic fauna and useful as a general utility aquatic net. Net ring and handle can be separated for easy carriage. Strong 'D' shaped ring frame dia. 12" with stout handle.

Corcyra Egg Sterilization Chamber


Sterilization chamber made of mild steel and is divided into two equal parts by horizontal partition. Each partition provided with a drawer which has a semi circular base. In the inner surface of the semicircular base the drawer is provided with longitudinal flanges of 2mm thick and 9cm apart. These flanges prevent the egg bearing cards to glide one over the other from the curve surface. The ceiling of each drawer is provide with UV tubelight. Each tubelight is connected with a timer. Capacity: 150 cards 50 cards 25 cards
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