Plant Physiology

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Code: BIPL0004

This apparatus allows the student to measure transpiration with minimal risk of breakages. This is used for laboratory and field use. This apparatus can also be used to measure humidity by connecting a porous pot to the third outlet. This apparatus has only one glass component (the capillary tube) and is mounted on a strong backing plate. It consists of a capillary tube with millimeter scale connected via. 3-way tap to a syringe. The cut shoot is connected to the third outlet. Very clear picture are shown given below.

Potometer Ganong's

Code: BIPL0008

The whole apparatus is mounted on wooden base by clips. A plant shoot is sealed into a stopper which fits the end tube and the whole apparatus is filled with water, the open end of the capillary tube, which is graduated in millimeters, dipping into beaker of water. The position of the air bubble may easily be adjusted by opening the glass stopcock to admit water from the reservoir.

Potometer Farmer's

Code: BIPL0012

For measuring the rate of uptake of water by a cut plant shoot. The apparatus consists of a central reservoir with a three whole stopper holding a capillary tube graduated in millimeters, funnel with stopcock and a short length of 10mm glass tubing, to hold the plant shoot.

Osmosis Kit

Code: BIPL0016

This is designed for demonstration of osmotic pressure at an elementary level in biology. A semi-permeable is attached to the wide end of a funnel having an indicator tube. The funnel is fixed in the reservoir. Supplied with teat dropper pipette.

Respirometer Simple

Code: BIPL0020

A complete unit for comprising rates of absorption or revolution of gases by small organisms, during respiration. The apparatus consists of two stoppered boiling tube connected by three way taps to either limb of a graduated manometer. One tube holds the organism and has a syringe for altering the level of liquid in the manometer during setting up. The other tube acts as a control thermobarometer. CO2 given off by the respiring organism is absorbed by potassium hydroxide in the experimental chamber resulting in a change in the level of liquid in the manometer tube. Complete with wire baskets for supporting organisms.

Photosynthesis Apparatus

Code: BIPL0024

For the measurement and collection of gas evolved by aquatic plants during photosynthesis. The gas evolved can be measured by the calibrated capillary tube and drawn off for analysis by plastic syringes. Mounted on a plastic board.

Simple Auxanometer

Code: BIPL0028

To show the growth of the plants and the effects of the environment on the rate of growth. It comprises of light weight metal pointer, counter balanced by mass hanger and masses, with a large easily readable scale. Supplied complete with mass hanger and stands.


Code: BIPL0032

Based on heavy metal stand to run 30 hours in vertical and horizontal position, with clock movements based on heavy metal stand.

Clinostat Electrical

Code: BIPL0036

For demonstration of heliotropism and geotropism. Germinating seedlings are pinned to the cork table which is rotated by an electric motor at 4 revolutions per hour. The motor is spindle mounted and may be clamped by the thumbscrew so that the place of the table can be set at any angle between horizontal and vertical. An Acrylic cover is provided for the cork table to shield the seedling from droughts. Diameter of cork disc 100 mm.
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