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Digital Research Pathological Microscope RXL-DIGI

Code: BIMC0573

  • Optical System: Chromatism Reduction/ICS Infinite Correction.
  • Observation Head: Binocular 30 Inclined, IPD 52-75mm, Anti Mould Design.
  • Eyepieces: WF10x/18mm,WF16x/12mm, High Eye Point Eyepiece.
  • Digital Research Pathological Microscope RXL-DIGI Objectives: CRCS Semi-Plan 4x, 10x, 40x (Spring) And 100x (Spring, Oil).
  • Imaging Device: Built-In 1/3" Colour Digital CCD High Resolution Camera.
  • Nosepiece: Reversed Quadruple Revolving Nosepiece with Positive Click Stops.
  • Stage: Low Co-Axial Mechanical Stage 142mm X 132mm With Movement 70mm X 50mm.
  • Focussing: Tension Adjustable Co-Axial Coarse & Fine with Shuttle Control.
  • Condenser: Centrable Abbe Condenser N.A. 1.25 with Diaphragm & Filter Holder.
  • Illuminator: Koehler with Halogen Lamp 12V-20W & Continuos Adjustment.
  • Power Source: 110/220 Volts Variable Voltage with BIS & CE Standards.

Digital Stereo Zoom Microscope RSM-DIGI

Code: BIMC0577

  • Optical System: Par Focal Flat Field Continuous Zoom.
  • Observatin Head: Binocular 45 inclined IPD 52-75mm with anti mould.
  • Digital Stereo Zoom Microscope RSM-DIGI Eyepieces: Focusable WF 10X/22mm, WF15X/16mm, High point design.
  • Objectives: Flat Field 1:4 Zoom with continuous zoom
  • Imaging Device: Built-in 1/3" Color CCD High Resolution Camera
  • Magnification: 10x to 60x with WF 10x and WF 15x
  • Working Distance: 100mm with pay load of 2 Kgs. approx.
  • Resolution: 720x576 pixels (PAL), 720x480 pixels (NTSC)
  • Focussing: Rack and Pinion with tension knobs on rigid stand
  • Light Sensitivity: >= 0.8 Lux F 1.2 5600 K.
  • Incident Illumination: 12V/20W.
  • Transmitted Illumination: 12V/10W.
  • Power Source: 110V/220V with CE Standards.

Digital Liquid Crystal Microscope RDMS-100

Code: BIMC0581

  • 3.14 MEGA pixels. Show in real time, function for photo taking and video capture.
  • Reticle customize, Convenient to orientation and go on simple measurement to observe, can choose the line type and color.
  • 8.4 TFT LCD display.
  • Built-in min. 8 MB MMC memory card
  • Support high-capacity memory card; SD/MMC, the maximum 512 MB.
  • Photo playback, 4x digital zooming.
  • AV output, Show in step
  • Time mark in step
  • Video recording and video re-playing function.
  • Multi-function LED illuminating system.
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