Dissecting Lab Tools


Hand & Table Microtome


The Hand & Table Microtome is used to cut thin sections of Microscopic materials, such as specimen parts of plants and animals. It is Considered as the basic form of a microtome permitting microtomic cuts by hand in a quick and accurate way. The microtome is suitable for practical courses in microscopy, for field work during excursions, for school education and for a serious amateur of biology.

Razor Steel


The Razor is made of surgical quality steel with 75mm cutting edge.

Dissecting Scissors


Stainless Steel, Fine points and open shanks.

Dissecting Scissors Straight


Stainless Steel, very fine points for delicate work, closed shanks, overall length 125mm.

Dissecting Scissors Blunt Ends


Stainless Steel, Closed Shanks, Overall length 125mm.

Dissecting Scissors Curved


Stainless Steel, fine point, close shanks, stainless steel and overall length 110mm.

Bone Cutters


Nickel plated steel, heavy duty construction, with return spring and locking arm, overall length 120mm.
Code Size
BIDT0027-A Bone Cutter, Economy
BIDT0027-B Bone Cutter, Superior

Needle Steel Handle


Code Size
BIDT0031-A shown Needle Steel with arrow made of stainless steel.
BIDT0031-B shown Needle Steel Staight, throughout handle. Length of both are 95mm.

Needle Hardwood Handle


Picture shown a Needle Hardwood Handle length 33mm. mounted in 100mm.

Forceps (Different Types)


Made of Steel. There are different types of Forceps are given below:

Code Size
BIDT0039-A Forceps Pointed End
BIDT0039-B Forceps Toothed Tips
BIDT0039-C Forceps Blunt End
BIDT0039-D Forceps Curved
BIDT0039-E Forceps Extra Long

Forceps Diposable


Pack of 12

Forceps Watchmaker'S


Stainless Steel with very fine, straight ends. Overall length 105mm.



Stainless Steel with blunt end Needle.



Stainless Steel Handle length 113mm. Blade length 45mm.



Stainless Steel Handel length 113mm. Blade length 45mm.

Scalpels Handles


High quality steel handles, slotted to accept blades.

Scalpel Blades


Sterllized, surgical quality steel blades for use with above handles. Supplied in metal foil packing.

Dissecting Set, Fourteen Instruments


Biological dissecting instruments set consisting of 14 instruments, all made of stainless steel. The set contains the following instruments.

2Scissors 2Forceps
4Needles 1Scalpel
1BP handle with blade 1Razor
1Magnifying glass 1Chain and hook
1Blow pipe  

Dissecting Set, Simple


Biological dissecting instruments set consisting of 7 instruments housed in velvet lined plastic pouch. The set contains the following instruments.
  • 2Scissors
  • 2Forceps
  • 1Needle Pointed
  • 1BP Handle with blade
  • 1Needle, Plastic handle

Dissecting Trays


Made of Stainless Steel, without wax. Size are available in given below:
Code Size
BIDT0079-A 20x15 cms.
BIDT0079-B 25x20 cms.
BIDT0079-C 30x20 cms.
BIDT0079-D 35x25 cms.
BIDT0079-E 38x30 cms.

Dissecting Trays


Made of Glavainized sheet, rust proof, without wax. Size are available in given below:

Code Size
BIDT0083-A 20x15 cms.
BIDT0083-B 25x20 cms.
BIDT0083-C 30x20 cms.
BIDT0083-D 38x30 cms.
BIDT0083-E 46x30 cms.
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